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Himalaya Herbals Scrub with Nim

Himalaya Herbals scrub with neem is a means for exfoliating dead epidermal cells, cleansing it of impurities and black spots. The natural basis of cosmetics smoothes the surface of the face and improves color, makes it smoother, and improves the functioning of the sebaceous glands.

Himalaya Herbals has antibacterial properties that protect against acne and blackheads. To eliminate the bacteria that cause acne, a mix of turmeric is used. At the heart of the product is a cream that consists of abrasive small particles having a turquoise color with an admixture of rare brown particles.

Effective cleansing of the face is achieved by gently pinching the skin after applying Himalaya Herbals. It is recommended to leave the cream for three minutes, and then rinse with water.

According to reviews, the face as a result of using a miracle remedy becomes smooth, matte, there is no any tightness and dryness.

The properties

Apricot cleansing scrub is sold in a tube with a 150 ml hinged lid. India is indicated as the manufacturer. The basis of the composition of the cosmetic product is apricot kernel powder with the addition of wheat and apple seeds.

The product helps to scrub the skin, brightens black dots, removes exfoliated particles of the skin, helps to narrow the pores, the surface of the face remains moisturized.

The scrub has similarities to cream in properties, while apricot powder does not resemble powder, medium in softness, due to this, skin is cleansed. It is advisable not to use the Himalaya Herbals more often than once or twice a week, so as not to dry out or scratch the skin.

After applying the cream, the skin becomes very smooth, pleasant to the touch, a little fresh, as if just washed with cold water.

The tool is recommended to be used throughout the year, since it has a limited shelf life. Of the amenities - a hinged scrub lid, thanks to which it opens literally in the blink of an eye. The lid closure is tight and secure.

The consumption of the cream is quite economical, it must be applied with smooth movements of the hand, rubbing it on the face.

Externally, the scrub is white, there are some brown and green spots. The consistency is medium in rigidity, this feature allows you to effectively cleanse the skin. More suitable for superficial rather than deep cleansing.

Who is suitable for

Himalaya Herbals is more suitable for oily and normal skin, and is undesirable for use on the combined surface of the face.

Before using Himalaya Herbals, experts advise to wash your face beforehand, massage it in a circular motion during use, and rinse off the cosmetic mixture with warm water at the end of the procedure.

The basis of the scrub is exclusively natural components that moisturize and fill with moisture every cell of the skin. Please note that the cosmetic product has a specific, but fairly fresh smell. In addition to improving the complexion and its softness, for several uses of the Himalayan Herbals you can get rid of black spots, while a pleasant massage takes place.

The product is best applied in the evening or at night. There are no age restrictions on the use of such cosmetics.

A scrub removes dead particles of the skin surface in a few weeks, they are washed off with water along with a cosmetic product.

It is advisable that during the application of the product on the surface of the skin there are no wounds, since subsequently they can become inflamed. Before applying, make-up must be washed off and the piercing removed.

In general, the scrub perfectly complements various masks, gives the skin a new breath, frees it from unnecessary burdens in the form of dead scales and black dots.

Watch the video: Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Scrub (April 2020).


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