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Indian hair oil

Despite the poor ecology and difficult living conditions, which do not contribute to personal care at all, the hair of oriental beauties looks really luxurious. The head of the inhabitants of India is envied by many Europeans. Together with cosmetologists, they are actively trying to find out the secrets of the inhabitants of the East.

About the secrets of Indian beauties for hair care, see the following video:

One of these secrets is natural Indian oils. This is a high-quality and, most importantly, natural cosmetic product that perfectly cares for curls, making them healthier and accelerating the growth process.

Varieties and Benefits

Oils from India have recently been collecting positive reviews from girls and women. Let's see what makes them so special and why they really work, turning dull curls into thick and well-groomed curls.

Amla oil

One of the most popular remedies is amla oil. This plant is often called Indian gooseberry. Its fruits really resemble such berries, only of a larger size. Amla is a source of vitamin C and other substances that are beneficial for the skin and hair.

Oil is extracted from the fruits of this plant, which in India is used to create a huge number of different cosmetics. They help improve the structure of the hair and accelerate the process of their growth. And long curls already need additional care and, most importantly - nutrition. In this case, the same amla oil helps to provide good care and hydration. Using it, you will make your hair more voluminous, radiant and thick. And in adulthood, this miraculous supplement helps prevent the appearance of gray hair too early.


This product has long been popular not only in the countries of the East, but also with us. This cosmetic product is used both for the body and for the face, and, of course, for hair. On the hair, the effect will be noticeable immediately after application - they will become more dense, well-groomed and neat. Coconut oil helps deal with split ends and hair loss.

This product also protects against sudden changes in temperature or environmental influences.

The positive effect of this tool is justified by the fact that coconut oil is rich in fatty acids, vitamins and other useful elements. Such a composition does not need any synthetic additives, so manufacturers do not use them.

Golden almonds

This remedy is less common. Get it when processing sweet almonds. The resulting product is also rich in vitamins, protein and various macronutrients. The main property of this oil is that it activates hair growth. At the same time, overgrown locks become strong and healthy in appearance. Hairstyle after using such a tool becomes really well-groomed and attractive without any noticeable effort on your part.

Healing Brahmi

Brahmi is another popular Indian plant that is often found in local forests. When it is processed, oil is obtained that is useful for the epidermis and hair. Using it for self-massage of the head, you will make your hair more healthy and thick. Remember that you can achieve the most noticeable effect only by rubbing the product into the scalp, and not just lubricating them with the tips. After you have completed your massage, you can leave the oil on your hair even for the whole night. It is believed that this will have a positive effect not only on your hair, but also on the nervous system. Brahmi has calming properties and allows you to get rid of migraines and insomnia.


This product is obtained from jasmine extract, which grows only in India. The resulting oil is quite thick, so it is not used in its pure form. The waxy consistency is diluted with additional components, and as a result, the very famous Chamelia oil is obtained. For cosmetic purposes, it is used quite often, including for hair care.

This useful product tidies even completely lifeless and tired locks. Recovery takes place in all respects - the scalp becomes cleaner, the roots are thicker, and the tips are healthier and stronger.

This liquid remedy is also often used for a useful procedure - aroma combing. For this process, you will need a comb with teeth made from natural bristles and a few drops of such oil. Combing your hair is worth five minutes. After that, the hair becomes stronger and healthier. Chamelia oil is also found in the composition of simple cosmetics - shampoos, balms or masks.

Popular remedies

If you decide to use Indian oils to care for your hair, it is better to choose quality products from famous brands. An example of such brands is Navratna, Maharadja and others. Let's look at a few options that you can use without fear of harming yourself.


One of the main comprehensive tools is Vatica. It includes a set of the most popular and high-quality oils: coconut, lemon, brahma and amla. Such a rich combination of useful components makes the product truly universal. Vatica is a tool that suits everyone and helps to cope with most of the existing problems: from dullness and brittleness, to dandruff.

Buy this oil from trusted suppliers - in good cosmetic stores or on sites well-known to many. In this case, you do not run the risk of encountering a fake and being disappointed in the miraculous power of this product. Also, oil must be used in accordance with all the rules, as it is written in the attached instructions. Only in this way will you get the most out of your care product.

If you are wondering what results should be expected after its application, then here is the answer. Oil nourishes dull and overdried strands well. So, it is well suited for those who often dry their hair or experiment with their color. Vatica allows you to protect your hair from exposure to chemical elements, but at the same time fixes the color, which means that your chosen shade will stay longer than usual. Also, this tool resists hair loss.


Another popular and multifunctional oil is Sesa. It consists of a whole bunch of various useful and nutritious elements. In addition to five oils (lemon, coconut, sesame, sandalwood and squeezed wheat germ), a complex of eighteen Indian herbs is added to it. All this together is much more effective than individually. The components of this tool enhance the effect that each of them has on the hair and scalp.

As a result, the hair looks as healthy and well-groomed after just a few uses. The recipe for this cosmetic product is quite ancient, which means that it has really been tested by time and by more than one generation of beauties. Therefore, if you have problems with dry scalp, brittle or damaged strands, then Sesa will come to your aid.

Choose one oil or a whole complex for yourself, and make sure in practice that the eastern secrets of beauty really work.

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