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Saline Scrub for the scalp

Scrubbing is a popular procedure, without which it is difficult to do when taking care of yourself. But girls rarely use scrubs to clean their scalp. This is fundamentally wrong, because a properly selected scrub will help not only cleanse the epidermis and relieve dandruff, but also clean the hair rods, thereby accelerating hair growth.

What it is?

A good salt scrub is best for cleansing the head. Here, just fine particles of salt act as solid cleaning particles. They remove accumulated dirt and dead cells from the skin.

To create a salt scrub, you can use both sea salt and ordinary table salt. But in the case of the second, choose not too fine salt. Fine particles will dissolve too quickly and will not have the desired cleaning effect.

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What are the benefits

Salt scrub is a remedy that not everyone knows about. But those who have tried it on themselves confirm the effectiveness of this mixture and leave mostly positive reviews about the product. Salt scrubs for hair and scalp allow you to cope with many problems at home. First of all, they, of course, cleanse the epidermis of unnecessary dead cells.

Also, this product helps to clean the pores on the head and thus improve blood circulation. Due to this, hair begins to grow faster. The overgrown locks are thick, strong and shiny.

Large-sized cleanser helps cleanse hair of all kinds of chemical residues. This cleansing product gently cleanses the accumulated cosmetic residues from the hair rods. So, if you used a shampoo, balm or mask that did not suit you, then just such a scrub will help to restore the hair to your well-groomed appearance.

Due to the fact that the pores are cleansed, your curls begin to grow faster. This is also an important advantage.

Salt scrubs are very simple in composition, therefore, if you can’t find the right option on the shelves of your stores, or just prefer natural cosmetics, then they can always be prepared right at home.

Popular recipes

At the heart of the salt scrub, of course, is salt. As already mentioned, it can be both marine and cookery. But it can be supplemented by other cleaning particles. For example, sugar, finely ground bones, coffee grounds or baking soda.

Additional cleaning particles enhance the effect. It is best to choose salt and sugar, because they, unlike ground stones or coffee, dissolve easily under the influence of warm water. So, you do not have to think about how to wash them.

Let's look at some popular recipes and see how to choose the right scrub for your hair type and existing problems.

With clay

If you have oily scalp, then you will benefit from a blue clay scrub. It can be found in many pharmacies and cosmetic stores. The clay base is supplemented with coarse salt. For two tablespoons of clay you need six tablespoons of salt. The dry mixture must be filled with a small amount of water.

The mixture should ultimately be thick enough not to drain from the hair. A scrub is applied to the scalp with massaging movements. In order for the composition to have the desired effect, the scrub must be held on the head for at least ten minutes before rinsing.

With butter

Salt scrub supplemented with oil will also be beneficial for the skin. It is best to choose olive oil, although if necessary it can be replaced with coconut or burdock.

In the same mixture, add a tablespoon of honey and cognac, as well as the yolk of one egg. All these components must be mixed to a homogeneous state and applied to the head, distributing it over the skin with massage movements. This scrub nourishes the hair, so it will be a real salvation for your ringlets in the winter season.

For growth

As already mentioned, salt scrubs help accelerate hair growth. To do this, prepare a special composition. It is not suitable for all girls. It is strictly not recommended for those who have very sensitive skin.

For such a scrub, you will need to mix a third of a glass of salt with two tablespoons of ground pepper and cinnamon. Dilute the resulting dry mixture with any oil you have. A scrub is applied to the hair with massaging movements. If it starts to cause you discomfort, then you need to immediately wash it off. You can get rid of these unpleasant sensations with the help of herbal decoction.

After a few weeks of use, you will notice that your curls have become longer and thicker. And cinnamon will also provide a pleasant aroma that will stay with you for a long time.

Sugar salt

A popular scrubber is a mixture of sugar and salt. Supplement this composition with base oil, and apply on the head. This simple recipe can be a little complicated. Complete the mixture with edible or cosmetic oil (grape, olive, almond or peach, for example). In this case, the tool will become more effective. In addition, the oil will soften the effect of abrasive particles and the skin will not scratch so much.

You can also try diluting the salt and sugar mixture with any shampoo you use. Such a scrub is used almost like a shampoo and does not last long on the head.


Finally, it is worth mentioning the most gentle of scrubs. It is suitable for sensitive scalp and brittle hair. The recipe is not at all complicated - add table salt and sugar with kefir or any other sour-milk product. The mass will turn out quite thick and tender. Such a composition will cleanse the skin, but will do it as carefully as possible. And kefir also nourishes the hair, making it stronger, stronger and more alive after just a few uses.

The main thing to remember when using salt scrubs is that they dry the skin. Therefore, it is undesirable to use this cosmetic product too often. Limit yourself to one or two times a week. The cycle of cleansing the head with salt scrubs should be limited to two months. If you use them longer, it will only harm you.

But with the wise use of such cleansers, you really improve your hair, get rid of dandruff and make your scalp well-groomed and not subject to peeling.

And now the video - salt scrub recipes for the scalp.

Watch the video: How To Detox Your Scalp & Hair Using SALT Therapy To Make Hair Grow Faster-Beautyklove (February 2020).


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