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Micellar water: benefits and harms

Appearance story

Micellar water is a new, relatively inexpensive and economical means for washing and removing makeup. According to the manufacturers, a bottle of 400 ml is enough for 200 applications. Unique water for washing has a fairly simple composition and this is its genius. It does not have alcohol and soap, but at the same time, it copes well with facial cleansing.

The main principle: to attract similar to yourself - this is how micelles dissolved in water work. Small balls of fat are hidden inside the micelle, hairs are located around them, which when they meet with fat cells grab them and do not release them back.

Miracle water was invented in France: at first its necessity was dictated by the care of young children and seriously ill people, so the drug was sold exclusively in a pharmacy. As it turned out, water did not cause allergies and irritation at all, even when caring for the delicate skin of infants. Wise mothers, before washing the micellar water of the infant, tasted some water on themselves. Having received a magical result, they began to acquire a means for caring for their own face.

Having learned about this, perfumers later established a mass production of micellar water and began to sell it everywhere.

Pros and Benefits

Like many new remedies, micellar water evokes many rumors and myths about its qualities. Let's try to figure out where the truth and reality, and where - fiction. According to cosmetologists, the indisputable advantages include the following qualities of water for washing:

  • good cleansing of the skin from dirt and makeup due to micelles in its composition;
  • does not cause skin irritation and overdrying due to the lack of soap and alcohol in the product;
  • gently and gently cares for the skin around the eyes during cleansing;
  • moisturizes the skin due to plant components and panthenol in the composition;
  • balanced composition does not clog pores and does not require rinsing;
  • eliminates oily sheen due to the correct ratio of soluble fatty acids;
  • neutralizes harmful toxins on the skin.

An overview of different manufacturers of micellar water, see the video:

In addition to these qualities, the “micellar” is simply indispensable during travel and on walks, at work and after training, it can be used during the heat to refresh the face, and in the evening, when you need to quickly get rid of makeup and go to bed, it will turn difficult a long procedure for removing waterproof cosmetics at a pleasant moment in the instant movement of the cotton pad.

Myths and Reality

What is it for?

Frequent opinion: Since micellar water is used for especially sensitive skin without consequences in the form of irritation, it can fight skin rashes.

Truth: The composition of the water is concise - it does not have therapeutic and antiseptic components, therefore, skin problems must be dealt with using other means specially designed for this.

Frequent opinion: Instead of micellar water, you can use tonic, lotion or thermal water, these are similar cleansers.

True: Tonic, lotion, thermal and micellar water have completely different compositions, therefore they serve for different purposes. The lotion contains alcohol, so with frequent use it will dry the skin. But tonic and thermal water do not cleanse the skin, but only tone and moisturize it, restoring the acid-base balance.

Frequent opinion: After using micellar water, the skin becomes so soft and delicate that it can even be used in the fight against skin aging.

True: The presence in the products of some manufacturers of hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes the skin well, does not give reason to say that it’s enough to nourish and restore the lipid balance of the epidermis due to age-related changes.

How to use

Frequent opinion: "Micellar" is not suitable for oily skin, because it contains fatty acids, and after use leaves a feeling of stickiness.

True: If you use high-quality micellar water specially designed for oily skin, there will be as many fatty acids in it as there is enough to attract excess sebum from the face to the sponge, and in addition, it will refresh and tone the skin due to micronutrients.

Frequent opinion: Micellar water can refresh your face, but it can’t cope with waterproof cosmetics: you need oil.

Truth: One of the main purposes of micellar water is to remove grease-based makeup. This requires only a few seconds longer to hold the cotton pad on the eyelashes.

Is there any harm to the skin?

Frequent opinion: Among the minuses of a micellar product is a feeling of tightness and peeling of the skin.

True: This is only possible if the tool is selected incorrectly or it is of inadequate quality. For very dry skin, there are special varieties with a high content of fatty acids and moisturizing ingredients. Perhaps a gentle remedy will cost a little more than usual.

Excessive use of micellar water during the day can also cause harm to the skin: in this case, the product can slightly dry the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to use it optimally twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.

Frequent opinion: Micellar water is harmful to sensitive skin, it causes an allergic reaction and irritation.

Truth: You need to be more critical in choosing a product and choose the most simple natural composition without fragrances and preservatives, or consider which component is allergic to and exclude it when choosing.

Controversial issue

Frequent opinion: Micellar water must be washed off the face.

True: Rare micellar water does not require rinsing, even if such information is available on the package, therefore:

  • rinse off with thermal water or tonic;
  • clean your face with homemade products.

Why micellar water should be washed off, see the next video.

Use products from trusted manufacturers in accordance with our rating.

Quality and Benefit Rating

1st place: Bioderma

According to consumer reviews, micellar water from this company is considered the best, but also expensive. Its price ranges from 1100 rubles per 250 ml vial to 1900 rubles per 500 ml. But it instantly removes waterproof makeup from the eyes and dust from the face: all this is immediately visible on the sponge. The tool is suitable for any type, it includes natural ingredients. After cleansing - there is no irritation and dryness, complete comfort, you do not even need to use a moisturizer.

2nd place: L'Oreal

It differs significantly from the previous one in a more pleasant price: about 200 rubles per 250 ml. But it is practically not inferior in quality, and the skin after it is clean and fresh. The only difference is that it takes a little longer to remove the resistant carcass from the eyes: about 10 seconds.

3rd place: Garnier

Testing showed that after use, the product leaves a very pleasant feeling on the skin. It removes simple cosmetics easily, lasting - a little longer than L'Oreal: about 20 seconds and change a pair of cotton pads.

4th place: Nivea

It costs about 130 rubles. The skin after it breathes, there is a feeling of comfort. The only negative, compared to previous brands, removes makeup worse: you have to change a few cotton pads to cleanse your face. All of these tested products are suitable for any skin type and do not leave a sticky and oily film on the face.

Watch the video: Is Garnier Micellar Water Dangerous?! PHMB review (March 2020).


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