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Micellar water BioDerma

Micellar water of this company is the best among manufacturers and is noted among women as the highest quality. Most reviews about her are positive.

Bioderma Lotion (or water) is a novelty in face moisturizing cosmetics. Women discovered it recently. This tool was loved by all, almost without exception. As demand grows, girls are more and more interested in this solution, wondering: why is this tool necessary and what result does it give? What are the beneficial properties of Bioderma water? The answers to these questions can be found below.

Types and benefits

Bioderma has no analogues in the cosmetics market. Micellar water has its own advantages, and several types are presented on store shelves. Let's try to figure out what types of lotion are, and what is unique for each type of micellar water.

The composition of the product includes micelle molecules. Particles are small bubbles with a solid core and a shell with bristles. The molecular structure is active on the surface of the skin, trapping dirt, grease and cosmetic residues. All impurities are drawn into the micelles, neutralizing all irregularities and removing dead skin particles. Micellar water also contains a number of beneficial nutrients that are needed for problem skin.

A bit of history: Bioderma was first released as a cleanser for sensitive skin. After that, the company delivered the release of micellar water to cleanse the skin of infants, and as soon as the buyers felt the benefit, the manufacturers released lotions for all skin types.

Bioderma water is suitable even for oily skin. The main advantage of this solution is to remove inflammation and irritation on the skin. In addition, the tool is often used in professional cosmetology during the recovery period.

A micellar solution called "Sensibio" was created for the dermis with a disturbed water-salt balance - it removes impurities, eliminates acne and prevents inflammatory processes inside the cells.

Bioderma "Sensibio" is also suitable for thin, irritated skin - the development company assures that the water can cleanse the epidermis of small children: allergic reactions are completely absent. This composition is also used for deep cleansing of the skin - micellar water completely eliminates makeup, even waterproof cosmetics. Many girls claim that the product can be used both as a cleansing gel and as a moisturizing tonic.

Useful properties of Bioderma "Sensibio Micelle Solution" (now called Créaline):

  • gently cleanses the skin due to the effect of microscopic emulsification;
  • it is used for skin subject to redness and irritation - it soothes and protects against aging;
  • can be used to remove cosmetics - safe to use for sensitive areas of the skin;
  • normalizes water and energy metabolism in cells;
  • nourishes, smoothes and maintains the vitamin balance of the epidermis;
  • has a neutral pH.

The pluses of this tool also include the absence of alkali and alcohol, as well as the rejection of fragrances and artificial colors.

The next view is Bioderma "Sebium H2O". This solution can be used for oily and mixed skin and remove makeup every day. Beauticians often prescribe such a lotion for the treatment of acne and other skin diseases.

Useful properties of Bioderma "Sebium H2O":

  • has an antibacterial effect;
  • gently cleanses the face of cosmetics (even persistent), eliminates dirt through microscopic emulsification;
  • moisturizes and normalizes the water-salt balance of the skin;
  • normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • includes a fluid complex, due to which the pores are narrowed and bacterial inflammation is neutralized.

Separate advantages: as well as on the whole line, there are no perfumes and hard alcohols in the solution, which eliminates comedones and excessive oily skin.

Another micellar solution - Bioderma "Hydrabio H2O" is used only for skin prone to allergies. It contains components that are designed to soothe irritated skin. Extracts of green plants and tropical foliage prevent the formation of small inflammations on the skin.

Advantages of the Bioderma "Hydrabio H2O":

  • protects the upper layer of the skin from negative effects;
  • nourishes the deep layers of the epidermis, thanks to the oils included in the composition of the product;
  • has a more nutritious composition - the skin becomes soft and radiant.

Positive aspects: the product has a lavender aroma and cleanses sensitive skin. The disadvantages include poor removal of waterproof cosmetics (due to fatty acids).

Ingredients Composition

Bioderma micellar solution is produced in plastic packaging. The solution is similar to ordinary water. In pharmacies, there are bottles of one hundred, two hundred and fifty and five hundred milliliters. The dispensing cap is designed as simple as possible for convenient use.

The pink cap is used for Sensibio, and the green cap is for Sébium H2O. A blue cap is available from Hydrabio H2O. This is done specifically so that the buyer can easily distinguish one type of micellar water from another. In composition, each of the species varies slightly, however, the basis of the tool is one:

  • Vitamin PP - includes the regenerative properties of the skin, due to which the healing processes of micro-cracks and wounds occur much faster;
  • ethylene glycol - moisturizes the deep layers of the epidermis;
  • panthenol molecules - remove peeling, prevent irritation and even out complexion;
  • sodium citrate - an artificially derived component that provides the optimal pH of water for the skin;
  • a component of the Kinkgo Biloba tree is a natural vitamin that helps saturate cells with oxygen, speeding up blood circulation. Active molecules include metabolism, helping to cleanse cells of toxins;
  • glycol-propylene - cools the surface of the face, soothes, prevents itching and redness. Due to this component in the composition, a protective film forms on the skin, which delays the action of micellar particles in the skin;
  • zinc is a safe molecule of an altered form, stimulating the production of collagen in cells. Due to this, the effect of pulling up and rejuvenating the epidermis is created;
  • copper sulfate - a natural antiseptic that eliminates bacteria and cleanses pores;
  • xylitol is sucrose obtained from fibrous plants. It supplies water to the epidermis and simultaneously holds it in the deeper layers of the skin. Thanks to this, the internal metabolic processes of the skin are supported;
  • ramnose component - rejuvenates cells from the inside;
  • cetrimonium bromide - an artificial ingredient that has an antioxidant effect and promotes the "breathing" of the skin.

How to use

It is not worth washing your skin. There is a certain method that works best. Since micellar water is designed not only to rinse the face, but also to clean and care for the dermis, it is better to use a cotton pad with the product.

A napkin or cosmetic roller (which is more convenient for you) must be dipped in water, after which - smoothly process the face along the contours, gently touching the skin around the eyes, remove any makeup residue. It is better to attach a cotton pad and just hold it so that the active particles absorb all the impurities, greasy shine and dust.

In this way, cosmetics are easily washed off, further purification with plain water is pointless - since micellar particles completely clean the pores of impurities.

To remove shine and restore the sebaceous glands, you can use ice cubes of micellar water. In the freezer, you must leave the molds with the product for two to three hours. After that, ice cubes are ready for use.

Frozen water can wipe the face completely, avoiding the sensitive area of ​​the eyes, since the skin does not tolerate temperature extremes. After such a cleansing, the lotion does not need to be washed off - a special film is formed that protects the face, opening the pores. The dermis is transformed, there is a tone and fit.

The advantages of a micellar agent:

  • cleansing and simultaneous care;
  • restoration of internal metabolic processes of the skin;
  • universal application;
  • quick makeup remover.

Side effects of use

Bioderma is a solution that is as safe for the skin as possible. Thanks to numerous studies in this area, it has been proven: the lotion acts on the dermis beneficially, without side effects. User reviews and observations also confirm this fact. Smooth and soft skin - this is exactly the effect that is achieved due to the Bioderma solution.

However, some skin effects do exist. If used improperly, partial destruction of the lipid layer of the dermis is possible. In this case, the skin may become more sensitive and subject to external environmental influences. However, these are exceptions to the rules rather than frequent cases.

An allergic reaction is also possible. The first symptoms can be felt like a tingling sensation of tightness or burning. Side effects may be accompanied by swelling and mild itching. If this response arises from the body, you need to stop using micellar water as a means of purification. If there is intolerance to any component, then in case of sharp reactions it is better to consult a doctor.

Professional opinion

Soft and radiant skin is the dream of every girl. Cosmetic companies use the needs of women to look beautiful for their own purposes. Beauticians and dermatologists can clarify whether micellar water is warranted.

Experts explain that the use of this tool on an ongoing basis is impractical. The recommendation is: it is better to rinse the skin with plain water after such a lotion. The micellar solution, nevertheless, has residual fragrances that can affect the protective layer of the dermis - or rather, destroy it. Due to what, the skin can not cope with its protective functions, peel and blush.

That is why dermatologists remind that it is better to use plain water for washing. Micellar solution is not suitable for everyday use.

Reviews and cost

Price is one of the main factors in the selection of the necessary cleanser for the face. The cost of one bottle of Bioderma "Sebium" may differ slightly from the price of Micellaire "Solution" or "Hydrabio". However, they have one price range. The price depends on the cosmetic store, city and supplier.

The average cost per bottle of 100 ml is 350 rubles. A larger size will cost more - 750-850 rubles. Prices for a 500 ml product already range from 900 to 1250 rubles. Dermatologists advise you to buy small volumes first, only after the healing effect to use large bottles (at a price it is more profitable to purchase large volumes at once).

The reviews that girls leave are positive. They emphasize that the product copes with its functions perfectly: at the same time quickly and deeply cleanses pores, removes cosmetics. As most emphasizes, with regular use of micellar water, the face shines with health.

Bioderma "Sensibio" has proven itself among lovers of healthy and natural cosmetics. Micellar water is for irritated dermis. The main advantage for girls is the ease of use and a small price tag, this applies to large volumes (500 ml).

However, some girls emphasize side effects: although the remedy copes with pollution on the face, it is also annoying, and sometimes the use of the solution does not affect the health of the epidermis. The choice of cosmetics for face care is individual, so it is impossible to fully predict how the remedy will work.

In this video we will talk about what micellar water is, how to use it.

Watch the video: Micellar Water. Bioderma VS Garnier Arna Alayne (March 2020).


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