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Argan Oil Hair Mask

Fluffy long hair is the calling card of any self-respecting lady. That just does not make the fair sex to maintain his hair in good condition! These are the hours spent on applying lotions and applying masks, experiments with means of various brands, using new recipes. All this can take a huge amount of money and effort. Of course, it’s worth it, because men are easily fascinated by beautiful long female hair, but only women know what difficulties it costs to create and maintain such beauty.

Hair requires daily care, it should be not only clean and silky, but also healthy and strong. There is one wonderful tool designed to solve these problems - this is argan oil.

In the harsh conditions of the vast deserts of North Africa, argan trees grow that store real treasures. They learned to survive for many thousands of years.

This is a special product with wonderful properties and one of the most elite hair care products and at the same time the most expensive and high-quality vegetable oil in the world.

It is used in medical and cosmetic products and is seriously called the elixir of youth because of its miraculous properties.

It is obtained as a result of squeezing nucleoli from fruits growing on a tree. These trees grow exclusively in Morocco. The fruits are not edible, they look like plums, but they are extremely bitter in taste. It is valuable and expensive for objective reasons. The fact is that because of the hot climate and dry soil, argan tree bears fruit only once in two years.

The fruits are harvested by hand. Squeezing the extract is also hard work, fruit seeds are broken with hammers, and no more than two kilograms of raw material is allocated from one hundred kilograms of seeds.

There is oil for cosmetic purposes. It has a light shade and does not have a smell. There is food, it is dark with a rich odor, which acquires during the roasting process. Its use reduces the amount of cholesterol in the body. In its pure form, argan extract is quite expensive.

Please note that real argan oil is made only in Morocco. If the manufacturer appears on the packaging from another country, then with a high probability before you is a fake. I would also like to note that the shelf life cannot exceed two years, even if preservatives are used in the product. Color is not the main indicator of quality. A spoiled product can be recognized by an unpleasant odor.

Nowadays, it can be seen in various balms, face masks, soaps, creams, they treat the skin, and improve the overall health of the body. Manufacturers have long known about its wonderful properties, and add it to various cosmetic products.

But the oil is especially good at hair care:

  • Perfectly moisturizes and nourishes.
  • Restores damaged hair.
  • Keeps a hairstyle in the humid atmosphere.
  • Strengthens hair and makes it soft and shiny
  • Forms a film that protects from the harmful effects of the sun
  • It has a positive effect on the scalp, rejuvenates it and helps to remove dandruff.
  • Increases hair growth and reduces hair loss
  • Restores a healthy look and beauty to hair.


For problematic weak hair, apply oil to wet hair immediately after a shower or bath as shown in the video.

Enough just one teaspoon of oil. Grab a little substance with your fingers and rub it evenly from the roots to the tips. Then you can comb them with a flat comb. At first, the hair will appear oily, but the oil will be absorbed very quickly and the hair will become soft and smooth.

If the damage to the hairline is too significant, then make a mask with argan oil: rub two tablespoons of the oil into the roots and smear it, as described above.

You can mix it with castor and burdock oils. After that, wrap them in polyethylene film overnight, and in the morning rinse off the oil and wash your hair.

The same thing should be done when you want to protect your hair from the harmful effects of UV rays. Put it on your head before washing it, for about half an hour, also for a better effect you can wrap it with a film and tie a towel on top. After just wash your hair with shampoo. Do the same if you want to prevent hair loss and improve their growth, get rid of dandruff. After washing off the oil, wash your head with shampoo, after ten to twenty minutes, wash it with shampoo again, and then with balm.

To achieve a sustainable result, you need to repeat the procedure for applying oil once or twice a week for two to three months. Oil replaces the use of various hair conditioners and copes with its tasks much more efficiently.

Remember how and when to use argan oil:

  • To nourish the hair along the entire length - apply it before washing.
  • To enhance the effect of the mask - rub the oil before applying it.
  • To protect hair from dryness - before drying with a hairdryer and curling iron;
  • To achieve a radiant look - along with styling.
  • You can also apply this healing elixir to the skin, just avoid damaged areas. This will moisturize and rejuvenate her, and this is necessary in urban conditions, with their aggressive external environment.
  • Also, its use increases the length of the eyelashes, they become darker and thicker.

Adequate price

It is secreted by its natural antioxidants, which prevent inflammatory processes on the skin, relieves any swelling, speeds up the healing process of bruises and abrasions, allows you to rejuvenate the skin and slow down the aging process. Moreover, it is worth noting that it contains a unique component of squalene, which prevents skin cancer! In scientific terms, the acids that make up the oil stand up for the protection of cells, keeping them from dehydration. A large number of special proteins create a molecular structure that tightens the skin almost instantly.

Argan oil restores the skin and removes stretch marks, treats burns and weathering, it can also be used for massage, it perfectly affects sore joints.

Users give extremely positive reviews about this tool. The most popular and high-quality is the product line from the company 'Eveline'. Women note that after applying the hair became more obedient and soft, as well as strong. Hair growth has increased. The effectiveness of the mask with argan oil and the fact that it can be combined with other oils, as well as that only a few drops for one mask is sufficient, is noted.

Watch the video: REVIEW: Artnaturals ARGAN OIL Hair Mask! (April 2020).


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