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Editor'S Choice - 2020

L'Oreal Hair Oil

The world famous brand for hair care L'Oreal Professionnal is famous for its amazing oils based on herbal ingredients. The history of the company began with the creation of hair dye - the first in the world that brought the brand worldwide fame. The further development of L'Oreal was closely connected with the care of curls, and today it can be considered one of the best brands, quality and tested by millions of women around the world.


A huge line of products designed to restore, protect and care for hair, and in almost every series there are oils that differ in their directional action and basic elements.

  • Solar Sublime L'Oreal Professional Designed for gentle UV protection during the summer season. In addition to oil, all other care products are presented here: a cleansing shampoo, a protective mask and conditioner for daily use, a spray and even indelible sunscreen for curls.
  • Special care is provided by the professional series. Liss Unlimited L'Oreal Professional, heat-protective oil that moisturizes the hair, retains moisture inside, nourishes, gives the curls a magnificent shine in addition to the protective function against high temperatures.
  • Oils series Mythic Oil by L'Oreal Professional divided into: concentrate for colored hair, for severely damaged and elixir for normal curls. Each of them has a dense texture and is instantly absorbed into the protein structure of the hair, filling it with a valuable composition of fatty acids and rich in beneficial vitamins.

Benefits and Composition

The most famous series of oils Mythic Oil L'Oreal Professionnel is based on organ extract, grape seed oil and avocado extract, which perfectly nourishes the hair and nourishes them with useful elements, the composition smoothes the hair and gives it a natural shine. A whole complex of vegetable oils provides the maximum restoration and strengthening of the structure of curls, for example, avocado extract protects against UV rays, the cotton component of the cold pressed increases the elasticity of the hair due to the preservation of moisture inside it.

Mythic Oil contains colored cranberry extract and linseed oil, which have excellent protective properties against ultraviolet radiation and create a thin film on the surface of each curl - a barrier against external factors.

Mythic Oil is useful for hair type, and even for normal healthy curls it will become a topical supplement in basic care. The fact is that even seemingly beautiful and healthy hair needs additional protection and hydration, especially split ends. For dyed or bleached hair, it is advisable to use Mythic Oil for the ends or from the middle of the length of the hair.

In the composition of the classic Elseve Extraordinary Oil, the main component is lotus extract, the action of which is aimed at nourishing and protecting curls from ultraviolet radiation and other external harmful factors. It is known that oils have the ability to wash the coloring pigment from the structure of curls, so L'Oreal experts create a brand new product for the care of dyed hair "Extra" from Elseve product, which contains 6 unique natural elements: extracts of lotus, Tiare flower, roses, chamomile , Leucanthemum and flax seeds.

An "extraordinary" restorative is created for dyed, bleached, highlighted hair, subject to chemical attack and prone to brittleness, loss of elasticity and former attractiveness.

L'Oreal clarifying oil is used for natural hair in order to lighten it for 2-3 tones; the gradual effect of oil on the structure of the curl allows you to achieve the effect of burnt hair, while restoring their structure from the inside. It is known that clarification is possible with any other oils, which simultaneously improve curls and evenly change the natural shade of hair without visible harm.

Features of choice

The choice of hair oil for the L'Oreal Professional line depends on the type of hair: for colored curls, strictly choose those products where the phrase "for colored hair" is indicated. The L'Oreal brand presents several series with special care for chemically exposed hair, for example, an extraordinary tool for daily use.

For natural (unpainted) curls of any type, Mythic Oil from L'Oreal Professional or an extraordinary oil for dry hair based on 6 nutritious oils is suitable; both of these tools are worthy tools in the daily care of normal, dry, split ends. The Mythic Oil L'Oreal Professional series contains avocado extract and squeeze of grape seed enriched with beneficial lipid acids (including beneficial linoleic acid).

Mythic Oil professional care product for colored or highlighted curls will become a real find for clarified hair; the product is based on a nutrient extract of organs and is well absorbed into the structure of curls, without weighing them down.

To brighten natural hair, it is advisable to use a special product of a well-known brand, aimed at brightening the tone by 2-3 units, that is, obtaining the effect of burnt hair.

L'Oreal Professional indelible thermal oil is available in a special brand series of the same name - Liss Unlimited; the protective composition is presented in the form of a spray and is convenient for daily use before using heating elements like a hair dryer, iron or curling iron. By the way, any product will serve as an excellent thermal protection due to the presence in the composition of components that envelop the hair and preserve its protein structure. It is important to use the product correctly for its correct operation: apply the composition to wet or already dry hair and allow the product to soak - leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

How to use

The use of an indelible product - oil of one of the L'Oreal Professional series (Mythic Oil or extraordinary) is reduced to applying the product to the hair after washing - to the dried curls. There are several rules for using indelible hair products:

  1. Wash your hair first and dry with a towel.
  2. Using a dispenser, apply oil to your hand and gently rub it on your palms, thereby warming up the lipid composition and preparing it for application.
  3. Distribute the product, starting from the middle of the curls and moving to the tips, carefully, without injuring the wet curls.
  4. Leave the oil for 10-20 minutes so that it absorbs well and does not affect the roots (otherwise it will not work to save the volume).

There are several ways to use the L'Oreal Professional oil-based brightening product for curls based on oil:

  1. Before washing your hair, apply a preheated composition and leave it for 30 minutes or more to absorb; To achieve the best effect, brand experts recommend using a plastic hat and a warm towel.
  2. The clarifying oil for curls can be used as a usual care product - apply it to wet or dry hair after washing. This method allows the oil to "work" until the next cleansing and nourish the curls for a long time.

It is recommended to use a professional tool as thermal protection immediately after washing - apply oil on towel-dried hair before blow-drying. During the heat treatment, the curls will suffer less than without the use of a plant product. By the way, if you do not use a hair dryer, but use an iron or curling iron for styling, you can apply the product to dry hair before the procedure for creating an image.


The positive reviews of L'Oreal Paris Professional oils make it easy to choose a product from a huge line of nutritious foods. The most affordable tool is Elsev Extraordinary hair oil, with the properties of 6 valuable oils and excellent effect on curls. The extraordinary product has a dense, pleasant texture, which has a pleasant aroma and is well absorbed into the structure of the curl, enveloping it and giving the curls friability.

The real must-have for girls with any type of curls is Mythic Oil L'Oreal Paris Professional oil, the oils in the series differ in the type of curls, and the girls note that funds for colored hair less wash out the color and vice versa - enhance its radiance and saturation, not makes the hair heavier and makes it friable, as if from a popular advertisement.

L'Oreal Paris Professional series "Nutrition Luxury" is a real delight for the fair sex, who seek luxurious and soft hair. Shampoo, daily conditioner and Nourishing Oil from the Extraordinary series or Mythic Oil work perfectly in combination and give curls a pleasant and healthy weight, good nutrition. In addition, women note the low cost of the product and the excellent price-quality ratio of the whole line.

Sunscreen spray oil in the form of a spray allows you to protect curls in the most dangerous period for them - hot summers. Women are happy to use the Solar Sublime L'Oreal range for UV protection and gentle daily care. They note that the constant use of the product during late spring and summer makes the structure of curls soft, they are easy to comb, gain vitality and resistance to thermal effects like drying with a hairdryer.

An alternative to the professional product L'Oreal Paris Professional women consider hair oil of the famous Kerastase brand to nourish the protein structure and its shine; however, the cost of this tool is twice the aforementioned Mythicl, which works no worse. Consumers call the Londa Professional Velvet curl based on plant extracts a low-cost analogue, which has a high rating among cosmetic products for hair care and works excellently. Londa Professional Velvet has a pleasant unobtrusive aroma and a liquid consistency; consumers note its high-quality "work" on the hair and economical consumption.

I would like to once again note the herbal hair care L'Oreal Paris Professional and its most famous oils - the affordable extraordinary and professional Mythic Oil L'Oreal Paris Professional, which according to reviews are the best European remedies for restoring and nourishing curls.


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