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Elseve Hair Oil

Every woman since childhood has been dreaming of long thick hair that the opposite sex likes so much and is a real natural adornment. Often, girls refuse to wear long hair, because they need special careful care, otherwise the hairstyle will resemble a bunch of straw. The main problem of long hair is their cross section at the ends, which is an indicator of poor care and any internal problems.

Of course, it’s quite simple to take and cut off all the beauty, and not many modern ladies want to spend a lot of time caring for hair. All kinds of oils help to facilitate the woman’s account and keep her hair in perfect condition. Elseve hair oil is a leader in the cosmetics market.

Features and Benefits

Each girl’s hair needs to be taken care of, but for some, this treatment consists of just washing her hair, making her curls look smooth and silky. For most representatives of the fair sex, simple washing of the head is not a guarantee of the perfect appearance of the strands, so they have to resort to various tricks and seek help for damaged hair.

Extraordinary oil from L'Oreal Paris is an indispensable tool for many girls, especially in polluted environments, heat and dust. Hair reacts very strongly to all weather changes, does not like direct exposure to sunlight and excessive humidity. It is the use of oil that provides curls with additional protection from roots to ends. Among the huge variety of oils from various cosmetic brands, Elsev oil occupies a leading position due to its unique composition and active ingredients.

Many people think that using oil makes hair oily and sticks it together. Unlike oils from other companies, Extraordinary oil is suitable for most types, it can be used both at the tips and along the entire length. But still it is not recommended to use oil for hair prone to oily shine. But dry and dull strands look more vibrant and shiny.

It is worth noting that oil is not a panacea for chronic problems with hair, it is not a cure. You will enjoy the beauty of the hairstyle only when using the tool. It turns out that it provides only a kind of masking of flaws. During the period of using the oil, the curls become silky, obedient, do not fluff. In addition, the strands neatly fit together and are easy to comb.

Convenient plastic packaging with a dispenser ensures economical use and safe storage of the product.


Each cosmetic product is created in order to have a positive effect on the condition and appearance of the strands. But even the most advanced and high-quality oil has its own drawbacks, which are often associated with improper use and are confirmed by some customer reviews. Elseve is no exception. Indeed, a bad effect after using the product is achieved only due to neglect of the instructions for use.

In order to avoid disappointment, make sure that the product is suitable for your hair. As already mentioned, curls that are prone to oiliness, much faster acquire a greasy shine after using the product. Like many other oils, this option is able to give your hair a reddish tint, especially after frequent use. This fact only pleases many, but if you are not among this number of users, then reduce cosmetic procedures to 1 time per week.

In the process of using the care product, it is necessary to change the usual shampoo to a product for washing the head with a deeper effect. In this case, you will not have problems with oil removal. Using a regular shampoo is possible if you wash your hair twice, as the oil penetrates the hair and is quite difficult to remove.

Do not consider Elcev's remedy a panacea for all problems with hair. If your hair is badly damaged, you should first cure it, and then use the oil as an additional care to ensure shine and silkiness.

How to use

Elsev extraordinary oil is called a universal remedy, as it can be used in several cases to achieve various effects. That is why there are several ways to use the tool.

  • To nourish and achieve a restoring effect, it is necessary to apply the product on the hair along the entire length, cover with a towel and leave for ten minutes. After time, the head must be thoroughly washed with shampoo.
  • To protect against the aggressive effects of hot styling, take a few drops of Extraordinary Oil, rub it in your palms and apply to hair. This procedure will soften the effects of the hair dryer or ironing and provide extra shine and softness.
  • To protect the strands from environmental influences, you can apply oil to your hair throughout the day. So your curls will not lose their shine and silkiness.
  • To protect dyed hair, apply Extraordinary Oil the day before the intended dyeing procedure. The tool will soften the hair, provide a more even and easy application of the coloring component.
  • For protection in the cold season, take care masks with extraordinary oil. To do this, apply the product on the hair for half an hour. Such a procedure can be performed before each shampoo.
  • Using Extraordinary Oil helps fluffy and naughty hair to become attractive. If your hair begins to curl during wet weather, apply oil before going outside /
  • Before visiting the beach or just going outside in hot weather, also apply a few drops of oil to your hair. It will help to avoid the harmful effects of sunlight and protect the hair from burnout.
  • If prone to damaged or split ends, apply oil directly to the ends every day. Due to the softening and moisturizing effect, curls will be less susceptible to dryness and cross-section.

Who is suitable for

Despite the fact that Extraordinary Oil is considered a universal remedy for combating hair imperfections, not all representatives of the fair sex can use it. Unfortunately. You cannot solve all the problems with hair using only one oil. But it is ideal for those girls who want to transform and improve their healthy hair.

Hair care is a complex procedure that begins with maintaining the right lifestyle and a healthy diet. Otherwise, no cosmetic procedure will give a positive effect.

When choosing hair care products, it is also worth considering the natural features and structure of the hair. Your curls can be healthy, but by nature they are destined to be dry and fluffy. Extraordinary Oil is the perfect helper in this case. Your dry strands will instantly become shiny and take on an attractive look. In addition, you can get rid of the hated fluffiness.

When using the product, it is worth remembering that it can clog pores, so avoid getting the product on the scalp and do not apply it close to the roots.


Extraordinary oil got its name due to the presence in its composition of unique herbal remedies. Six plants, connecting with each other, form an incredibly effective combination. Each component of the oil does its job and helps to have a positive effect on the appearance of curls.

  • Soda chamomile nourishes, moisturizes and refreshes, promotes growth.
  • Lotus has a protective effect and reduces the impact of the environment.
  • Gardenia moisturizes and strengthens the structure of curls.
  • Sunflower nourishes, moisturizes and gives shine to hair. Sunflower oil is quite oily, which is why the product is difficult to wash off from the hair.
  • Flax seeds provide obedience and facilitate the laying process.
  • Rosehip has an antistatic effect, moisturizes and softens hard strands.

An incredible aroma to the oil is given by the presence of Bisabolol, which has a pronounced floral smell. In addition to all this, the Extraordinary Oil contains ultraviolet filters that protect the curls from the sun. There were also chemical additives, the presence of which is described in detail in the composition on the product label.

You can learn more about Elseve hair oil from the next video.

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