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Comb for hair extensions

Beautiful and long hair is what many women dream about. But not everyone can grow them. Here extended hair will come to the rescue. And in order for them to please their owner for a long time, it is necessary not only to properly care for them, but also a special comb should be purchased.

Faithful care

Do not forget that the right choice, care and use of a comb for hair extensions is not all. It is necessary to follow a comprehensive approach to hair care, and then they will retain their appearance for a long time after the salon, and the first correction procedure will be required no sooner than 12 weeks later.

First of all, forget about using a hair straightener, hot curling iron, and also a hair dryer. Now your curls will always dry naturally.

After the procedure, the first washing of the head is allowed only after two days. At the same time, the washing itself should take place as carefully and accurately as possible. The strands should not be allowed to become entangled with each other.

It is strictly forbidden to use shampoos and conditioners that are designed for dry hair. Stylists and hairdressers strongly recommend the purchase of special professional tools. In addition, you can often buy immediately and a comb for hair extensions from this series.

You can not tilt your head down during the procedure, you just need to be kept keeping your head straight. The best option is to wash your hair in the shower.

Before you go to bed, you need to make sure that the curls are completely dry. And in order to keep the capsules intact, it is worth braiding the braid at night or collecting hair in the tail.

Why do i need

If you are the owner of unnatural hair, then first of all you need to abandon the use of the usual hair brush. A special accessory for hair extensions is what you need.

It should not be too stiff and have round balls at the ends of the teeth. It is advisable to give preference to one that will be made from natural materials. Such a comb should carefully untangle the hair, otherwise their amount on the head can be drastically reduced.

There are several special accessories for combing hair. The final choice will depend on personal preferences and the length of the grown curls.


It’s best to get two different combs right away. One of them should have one row of teeth, and the second several. The first accessory should be used to carefully separate the tangled strands and a trident comb is best for this. By the way, the trident comb is also great for extended eyelashes.

But as a second accessory, you can choose a special comb or brush.

  1. The brush has a special double bristle and the usual semicircular shape. One part of the bristles is quite rigid and allows you to untangle tangled hair without damaging the capsules, and the second is soft and these bristles not only smooth out curls, but also enhance their shine. Moreover, they themselves can be made from both natural and synthetic materials, and can be combined at all. The best option would be a brush with natural bristles. The handle and back of such a brush are usually made of plastic or wood.
  2. Combs are usually used when it is necessary to put in order not only extended, but also natural strands. It is better to give preference to those made from mixtures of carbonate or silicone. They will most carefully help put your hair in order.

Stylists advise to make a small test before making a choice. To do this, the accessory you like should be held on the inside of the hand, slightly pressing. If there are no traces on the skin, you can make a purchase.

Terms of use

In order to preserve for a long time the salon beauty of the grown curls, when combing it is recommended to observe the following rules:

  1. Never try to comb your curls wet, even if they are slightly wet. After washing, let them dry completely on their own.
  2. You should start putting your hair in order from its ends. For greater convenience, you can collect strands in the tail.
  3. All movements should be slow and accurate. Hard jerking is unacceptable, otherwise the capsules will burst and the hair will fall out.
  4. Use combing accessories at least twice a day.
  5. On the first day after the curls have been built up, it is strictly forbidden both to wash the curls and comb them.

But do not forget that the accessory itself must be properly looked after. Only in this case will it serve you for a long time and will perform its functions well.

How to care for a brush

Regardless of the type of accessory purchased, you must follow the basic rules for caring for it. They are:

  • Once a week, be sure to wash the accessory in warm water with the addition of a soap solution.
  • The comb, unlike brushes and combs, needs to be treated every three days. It is best to use a special mixture for this. To obtain it, you should mix 500 ml of soapy 2% solution with two tablespoons of ammonia.
  • Do not wash and rinse combs, brushes and combs in too hot water. Because of this, their structure deteriorates, and they become more rigid, which means that the hair can suffer from their use.
  • After each use and before each use, it is necessary to clean the accessory of hair, particles of dirt and dandruff.

Follow these rules is not difficult, and most importantly, that their implementation will save the beauty of your curls.


Currently, such special accessories for hair extensions are available from various manufacturers. On average, the price of one product ranges from 500 rubles to 2000 thousand. We want to introduce you to the most popular products among buyers:

  • Scarlet line invites its fans to purchase a brush made from natural pig bristles. She has a very comfortable handle, and her bristles can tidy even the most tangled hair.
  • Company Hair talk released a universal comb for sale, which is suitable for use not only by those who have grown their curls, but also by those who have their own. In addition, he buys the versatility of this product, because it can be used for hair that has been grown by any technology.
  • A good option for the court of buyers was provided by such a company as Lady victory. The comb produced by her has very soft teeth. That allows you to very carefully put the curls in order, and keep the capsules intact.
  • British firm Tangle teezar released a whole line of various combs, combs and brushes for owners of extended strands. In the series are presented both exclusive Dizaneir accessories and ordinary ones. The special structure of this product allows you to use it to care for extended, natural, thin and dry curls.
  • Oval brushing off Kiepe august also attracted the attention of buyers. At a relatively low cost, it not only allows you to quickly comb even tangled grown strands, but also protects curls from electrification.
  • Inexpensive and exclusive combs are also represented by the brand from Israel Moroccanoil. Among professional products, this can be safely attributed to inexpensive. But thanks to the ceramic basis of the accessory, it is not only convenient and pleasant to use, but also perfectly combes your hair and also smoothes it out.
  • Such a famous manufacturer as Braun, also today engaged in the production of these products. To the court of buyers, he did not provide an ordinary comb for hair extensions, but an electric one. It allows not only to tidy up tangled strands, but also to gently straighten them without harm.
  • One of the budget options for such special combs was introduced by the brand Dewal. The cost per unit of goods is from 200 rubles. At the same time, products are suitable for combing dry, thin and hair extensions.
  • Manufacturer Janeke also did not miss the opportunity and gave customers a chance to purchase inexpensive combs for their artificial curls. Despite its rather low cost (from 300 rubles), the products are in no way inferior in quality to the more expensive ones.

Usage Reviews

Already many representatives of the fair sex with accrued curls on their own experience realized that it is impossible to do without using a special comb for their hair. All of them note that regardless of the manufacturer, combs for hair extensions are really effective. They allow you not only to put your chic curls in order, but also to create a styling, further smooth them and give shine.

In addition, many girls note that the use of a special accessory eliminates the need to constantly worry about the safety of capsules during combing. Indeed, special products are intended for gentle care not only for the strands themselves, but also for the capsules.

It should always be remembered that a high-quality comb is not just a beautiful accessory for the care of curls. He is also an indispensable assistant. Without its use, it would be impossible to accurately untangle the strands without harm to them, straighten the curls, enhance their shine, and most importantly not harm the hair and capsules. Therefore, if you already have hair extensions or you just want to carry out the extension procedure, be sure to take care of acquiring this important item.

The following video tells how to care for hair extensions.

Watch the video: How to Comb Hair Extensions when Wet. Instant Beauty (February 2020).


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