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Powder for problem skin

Caring for problem skin is always a difficult task. So that cosmetics do not harm the epidermis, the powder for problem skin should be very high quality, non-irritating and clogging pores.


Many dermatologists, at the time of exacerbation of skin-related problems, advise girls to replace dense tonal bases and creams with light powder.

Lightweight antibacterial powder with a cream base will help girls with combination or problem skin to hide all the flaws. The main advantage of powder cream is that it has a matting effect. Apply the product to the skin with a dry brush or a damp sponge.

Light friable powder with flickering particles is suitable for winter.

Indeed, in the summer, oily skin itself is prone to excessive shine. In the hot season, opt for dry matting powder, which will hide the flaws, but will not focus on them. A good option for everyday use is also a compact cobbled powder.

The modern solution in the world of cosmetology is high-quality baked powder. It can be recognized by its light texture, which lays on a face in a thin layer. Such antiseptic powder is consumed quite slowly, so you have enough for a long time.

But the best option for problem skin is, without a doubt, a mineral coating.

It very carefully conceals enlarged pores, signs of rosacea, reddish vessels, pimples, acne and rashes. In this case, the matting composition is completely harmless. The fact is that the composition of this cosmetic product does not include chemical elements, but useful minerals.

Composition and properties

The composition of high-quality powder includes ingredients that do not clog the enlarged pores, but only nourish the skin and make the face more healthy externally. Using correctly selected powder on problem skin will allow you to put it in order. Compact powder for combination or oily skin makes the surface of the epidermis cleaner and helps to cope with the problem of unattractive oily sheen.

Which one to choose

When choosing cosmetics for your face, you need to pay attention to several parameters at once. First of all, such a product should be labeled "non-comedogenic" on the label.

But when you see this word, do not immediately buy the product. Read through the composition to make sure that there are no oils. But the presence of antibacterial components on the contrary should please you. After all, this means that during the day your skin will be protected from all kinds of bacteria and germs.

Good powder should also have at least a minimum level of sun protection - SPF-15. In this case, you can feel comfortable in the heat without any additional creams and lotions.

It should also be borne in mind that even budgetary powder should be hypoallergenic. If you are disturbed by extraneous odors, then the product will definitely not suit you. The best thing, of course, is to opt for light mineral powder. Such a masking foundation will create a thin layer on the surface of the face that hides pimples, acne and irritation. Enriched with zinc and minerals, this powder will definitely benefit you.

How to use

Perhaps all the girls from childhood know how to powder a nose. But if you have problem skin, then you need to take into account some features of your epidermis.

In general, the powder is divided into two main varieties: compact and crumbly. The second option is used at home. The fact is that it must be thoroughly shaded, and the powder base is not very convenient to use. It is applied to the face with a brush. But compact powder is easy to shade with the included sponge.

But before proceeding with the application of powder, make sure that your skin is as clean as possible.

To do this, you can use a scrub (both purchased at a pharmacy and cooked at home). After this procedure, treat the skin with a cotton pad moistened with tonic or micellar water.

The fact is that if you have any peeling on your skin, then the powder will only emphasize them. Therefore, cleanse the skin of dead particles and only then apply a powder foundation to it. You need to do this with a wide brush. Blend the powder over the skin in smooth circular movements. You need to move from the central part of the cheekbones and to the neck.

Rating of the best brands and reviews

Now whoever doesn’t release powder for problem skin: Korean brands, luxury brands and budget companies. But some products have gained so much popularity that almost everyone knows about them, at least a little interested in cosmetics. Let's look at the top of popular companies that produce tools that can be used even despite the presence of acne, rashes and other problems.


Clinique powder is a guaranteed quality skin care product. This tool will help you make your face tone even. A thin layer will hide small redness, signs of rosacea, enlarged pores and a slight oily sheen. At the same time, the result will stay on the skin for a whole day.

Clinique is a brand that appreciates the quality of all the elements that make up their products. Therefore, buying such a powder, you can be sure that it will not only not harm you, but also treat small rashes. The right combination of components makes the product matting and nourishing. So, the makeup in the end looks natural and natural.

Review blogger's Clinique Stay-matte powder - in the video.


Noteworthy are products from Vichy. Mineral compounds cleanse the pores and saturate the code with useful trace elements. Products from Vichy even out their complexion in just a few brush strokes. They can be used even without foundation in the base.

Vichy company positions itself as one of the leading manufacturers of cosmetics for skin health improvement. In just a few weeks of regular use, such a cosmetic product will make your face closer to perfection. This fact confirms the huge number of girls and women who have seen this in practice and shared their experiences with friends.


Perhaps the most budgetary tool from the whole list is Essence antibacterial powder. This powder with a light texture is perfect for young girls and adolescents with problem skin. With it, you can get a beautiful and even complexion without spending too much money and time.

And compact Essence products in convenient packaging will be an indispensable complement to your travel cosmetic bag. After all, with this tool you will look well-groomed and natural even after a sleepless night or a long and exhausting journey.


Finally, one of the best products is worth mentioning - powder from the famous Chanel fashion house, which everyone associates with luxury and quality. Cosmetics from this brand are no exception. These luxury products are quite expensive, but they really work.

By applying a thin layer of Chanel on your face, you will immediately feel like a completely different person. And your reflection in the mirror will definitely please you. The friable product is applied to the skin with the help of a spectacular puff of cotton velvet. It is best of all brushes or sponges that allows you to capture the amount of funds you need and apply it to the face, aligning its color.

This product is perfect for both young and mature skin. In any case, this luxury cosmetics will give you a natural healthy glow.

As you can see, a good remedy for problem skin care and masking imperfections does not have to be prohibitively expensive. Choose an antibacterial powder suitable for the price and composition, and see for yourself.


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