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Mineral powder

Mineral powder is a popular cosmetic product that has a natural composition and is great for problem and dry skin. Modern women prefer organic cosmetics, because it solves problems, but does not create them. This is especially true for owners of oily and porous skin, prone to rashes. Pay attention to natural cosmetics is recommended for women with hypersensitive skin.

Advantages and disadvantages

Mineral cosmetics is the very first type of cosmetic products used by women of Ancient Egypt. The Nile River provided them with mineral ingredients: ocher, metal oxides, and others. Minerals in their pure form, crushed to a powder state and form the basis of mineral cosmetics. Externally, mineral powder is no different from ordinary. It is transparent, white, matte or beige in appearance. The difference is only in the speed of application (no preliminary adjustment and tinting is required), and in the expense of the product (very little mineral makeup is required).

How to achieve the perfect effect with mineral powder - in the video.

The natural components contained in the mineral cosmetic product remarkably mask the flaws: redness, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes. Organic composition is a natural antiseptic that does not cause allergies. The composition of this mineral powder should not be alcohol, nor talc, nor dyes, nor preservatives. It contains only lead and iron oxide, a diamond component and other caring substances.

Minerals have antiseptic properties, so they do not need preservatives.

Iron oxide replaces artificial colors in mineral makeup. They do not cause harm, since they do not clog pores and do not cause allergic reactions. In addition, cosmetics with minerals are sunscreen. Zinc oxide reflects the sun's rays, perfectly protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

Mineral powder is suitable for owners of sensitive skin, it is matte, differs in the usual form and method of application. It can be applied to the face even after deep peeling. The product has a light structure that fits easily, does not clog pores, perfectly mask flaws. Minerals are natural absorbents that prevent acne. Organic cosmetics are the perfect foundation for natural makeup.

Powders are mineral and "containing minerals."

In order for cosmetics to be rightfully called mineral, it should not be included in oils, wax, talc, perfumes, parabens and other preservatives. The selection of mineral-based powders is currently not small. Mineral cosmetics is gaining popularity, because it is multifunctional and has no contraindications.

In recent years, she made a splash. This is a great alternative to traditional cosmetics. Many manufacturers began to produce organic products that care as much as possible, suitable for owners of oily skin, as well as girls with sensitive and problematic skin. Visually hide the imperfections has become much easier with the help of mineral cosmetics, because it reflects and scatters the light, makes the skin visually smooth.

Using mineral makeup, women are simultaneously struggling with premature aging. Mineral ingredients are used in the form of a compact or friable powder, foundation, blush, lip gloss or lipstick. When choosing a powder, pay attention to the packaging: it should indicate that only natural inorganic dyes are included.

Dermatologists recommend mineral makeup for sensitive, oily and problem skin.

Titanium dioxide - retains moisture and hides its imperfections; zinc oxide protects from sunlight; silicon improves the production of collagen and keratin, strengthens skin cells and increases vascular elasticity; magnesium - prevents premature aging. Iron oxide and boron nitride are natural hypoallergenic pigments that give the effect of internal glow and create a variety of shades that are close to natural. In addition, the composition of the mineral powder protects the skin from the negative effects of the environment, gives it a radiance, makes it soft and silky to the touch, retains moisture, helps hide wrinkles.

How to choose

When choosing a quality mineral powder, pay attention to several factors: the manufacturer and composition of the product. A company producing decorative cosmetics can say a lot about the quality of the mineral product. Brands that respect themselves and their customers develop not only efficiently working, but also safe mineral powder. It costs more than products of unknown brands, but guarantees quality and composition without talc and parabens.

If you want to find a powder that would give the skin a radiance, give preference to products that contain aluminosilicates. Mineral powder with exotic minerals (silver, platinum, citrine, aquamarine, amethyst or tourmaline) will improve the quality of the skin. If the selected product does not fulfill the tasks specified by the manufacturer, most likely it is not mineral, but ordinary powder.

You will learn how to make up using mineral powder from the next video.

This product is excellently recommended for dry, oily and combination skin.

Women with dry skin often face early signs of wilting. To preserve youth and prevent the appearance of wrinkles, diamond powder, which is one of these decorative cosmetics, helps. She successfully fights age-related changes. An organic remedy visually rejuvenates the face, masks the first signs of aging.

What mineral powder to choose and how to apply it you will learn from the next video.

Girls with problematic skin often encounter such difficulties as selecting the right cosmetics that would hide imperfections and not aggravate them. In this situation, a compact or friable moisturizing mineral powder will come to the rescue, which can not only smooth out an imperfect relief, but also improve the general condition of the skin. The unique formulas used by leading manufacturers of decorative cosmetics are designed to easily hide any imperfections under a weightless layer. A matting agent created especially for problematic skin is especially good for cosmetic problems. It fights greasy shine, does not cause discomfort and does not clog pores.

A comparison of mineral powders of popular brands is in the next video.

How to apply

If you use mineral powder, then choose blush and shadows on a powder basis - cream ones do not fit on the mineral base. This makeup requires less than usual, due to the high density. Using organic powder is easy, it is well applied, does not crumble. Impose the product in circular motions from bottom to top. Beauticians and makeup artists recommend using a brush with natural pile for application.

You will learn how to apply mineral powder from the following video.

For mineral makeup, do not use sponges, it is good if the brush has a short pile, rounded at the tips.

Such a brush does not scratch the face, it is softer than usual, it applies the product in an even layer, adjusts the saturation of the shade. Choose a powder of a lighter shade than usual, since the minerals that make up the cosmetics oxidize and become darker when interacting with air. If the skin has imperfections and redness, first apply a moisturizer for dry skin, or from oily sheen. Wait five minutes until completely absorbed, and then mask the problem areas with mineral concealers.

A master class on applying mineral powder - in the next video.

How to cook with your own hands: recipes

Modern girls are increasingly trying to replace store cosmetics with natural ones made from natural ingredients. Powder is no exception, so in order not to lose such an important part of everyday makeup, you need to learn how to do it at home. Homemade powder cares for face skin, ideal for women of all ages. Pluses of organic cosmetics:

  • Gives the skin a "breathe".
  • Does not overlap pores.
  • Prevents the appearance of acne and oily sheen on the face.
  • Removes dark circles under the eyes.
  • Protects the skin from excessive sun exposure, from dirt and dust.
  • Evens out the tone.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin types.

This cosmetic product is much superior to what is sold in stores, as the composition can be determined personally. Almost every woman knows that there is nothing complicated in preparing home-made cosmetics; she does not require large financial expenses. All ingredients are completely natural, they can easily be purchased at the pharmacy.

Most of the work on powder (80%) is the stage of theoretical preparation, which includes collecting information about the ingredients and preparing a recipe; 15% - obtaining a pigment mixture of the desired shade; 5% - manufacture, mixing of all ingredients. The composition of homemade mineral powder includes:

  • 30% Mikka (an expensive ingredient, its alternative is white clay, talc or ordinary chalk) - 6 mg.
  • 15% silk powder - 3 mg.
  • Mickey "Sericitis" - 6 mg.
  • Silica microsphere - 1.5 mg.
  • 7.5% aquafluid - 1.5 mg.
  • Zinc oxide - 1.5 mg;
  • 2.5% Mikka color of any light color to choose from - 0.5 mg.

Grind all components and mix in a container with a sealed lid. To get a natural shade of the composition, add 3 dyes - red, blue and yellow. You can apply the product after the foundation. The powder is obtained with a beautiful matte effect. All ingredients can be ordered on specialized sites or purchased in the pharmacy network.

Rating of the best

Some of the best luxury mineral powder brands, as well as a list of available manufacturers are presented below. Natural budget cosmetics will even out complexion, hide imperfections and, most importantly, do no harm. Today you can find the perfect remedy for correcting deficiencies at an affordable price.

  • Mary kay. This powdery powder gives the skin a healthy glow, eliminates oily sheen, masks rashes, and creates an even skin color. The crushed minerals in the composition of this product have a healing effect on the skin. The product is not suitable for women with dry skin, as it enhances peeling.
  • Artdeco. Powder of the German brand Artdeco contains marine minerals, calcium and mica, which give the skin a matte and uniform color. It does not contain waxes and oils, so it is ideal for problematic and oily skin. The product hides shine and minor imperfections, and also protects from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. The texture of the powder is pleasant, weightless, with excellent hiding power, it does not clog pores and is easily distributed over the face. With it, the skin looks more rested and fresh.
  • Clinique. The Even Better Compact Makeup powder cream contains vitamins C and E, which reduce pigment spots and mask irregularities, as well as provide protection from sunlight.
  • MAC. This nourishing mineral powder is designed for all skin types. Due to its silky texture and translucent shade, the product is ideal for dry skin, contains shea butter and olive.
  • Pupa. Italian compact powder Like a Doll creates the effect of naked skin on the face and is suitable for all its types. Among the components of the powder there are microparticles of silicone resins that reflect light and make the face radiant, as well as porous silicon. The composition absorbs fat and eliminates shine. The texture of the powder is finely ground. She will not overload makeup and will look natural, matting and smoothing the skin.
  • Nyx. Mineral product from a famous brand. Light and airy powder texture is created to hide imperfections. Great for owners of oily skin, well applied, does not crumble. Harmonious combination of price and quality.
  • Eveline. Basic makeup products should even out tone, hide skin imperfections, give a healthy glow and at the same time look natural. A compact powder with a translucent texture meets all these requirements.
  • Vichy. The composition of this powder is a special water-repellent talcum powder, which allows the product to lie perfectly on the skin and hold steady in any weather. Comfortable texture is well applied, does not crumble.
  • Clarins skin illusion. Good powder with very small particles. The tone of the product adapts to skin color. The composition includes a special complex that has a reflective effect. Thanks to this complex, the product hides small pimples, dark circles around the eyes and facial wrinkles. Suitable for any skin type.
  • L'oreal. Creates a velvet coating on the skin and perfectly mask wrinkles, dark circles around the eyes and rashes. The color of the product adapts to the skin tone. Powder practically does not need to be corrected. It is suitable for girls with problematic oily skin, as well as dry and sensitive.
  • Jane iredale. Organic powder is designed for skin prone to rashes. The product combines the properties of a highlighter and concealer. It dries out acne and hides rashes. Helps eliminate oily sheen and large pores. Not suitable for owners of dry skin.
  • Sephora. Light, friable, matting powder for oily skin. It keeps excellent throughout the day, resistant to any weather conditions.
  • Paese. This mineral product is a cross between powder and foundation. It looks like a regular compact powder, the porous texture of the fluid seems solid, but when you start applying it to the skin, it melts before your eyes and moisturizes. At the same time, evens out the tone, mattifies, hides imperfections.
  • Benecos. Mineral powder is transparent and light, matts and makes the complexion perfect, does not dry out the skin. In addition, the product does not accentuate wrinkles and does not overload makeup.


Mineral powder has established itself as an excellent organic product that fights against dry skin, acne and oily sheen. She precisely "fights", but does not mask shortcomings. Judging by the reviews of women, Belarusian organic cosmetics, including products of famous foreign brands, are one of the highest quality and safest. Minerals are ideal for dry, combination, oily and sensitive skin. The powder gives the skin a healthy appearance, dullness, radiance, saturates with vitamins, nourishes, does not clog pores. Of the shortcomings - it can be expensive.

Watch the video: DIY Mineral Powder Foundation with Sophie Uliano (February 2020).


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