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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Nivea Sunscreen

Nivea has developed a cream that protects our skin from ultraviolet rays, preventing it from “burning out” under the scorching sun. This is not the first year that the brand has been leading in sales worldwide. Nivea sunscreen is in high demand, as it is highly effective.

The brand offers several types of similar products, namely:

  • anti-aging sunscreen for the face, a feature of which is the ability to simultaneously protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and prevent the appearance of wrinkles;
  • for sensitive skin;
  • for kids.

Protection factors

The most popular SPFs in this line of cosmetic products are No. 30 and 50.

Sunscreen series "Nivea Sun" SPF 30 - This is a whole program of adult skin care and reliable protection against ultraviolet rays.

These products provide a high degree of protection as well as a highly efficient system. UVB / UVA-filters. They perfectly moisturize the skin, nourish it with vitamins, make it soft and supple. The rather pleasant aroma of the product resembles an exquisite French perfume.

"Nivea Sun" it is perfectly applied, does not leave streaks and is absorbed almost instantly. The result becomes noticeable immediately after the first application, as the skin becomes moisturized and soft, well-groomed and velvety in appearance, and the feeling of greasy is completely absent.

The bioflavonoids that make up the composition provide effective antioxidant activity. "Nivea Sun" SPF 30 Dermatologists recommend using in the hot period, in the first 4-6 days of exposure to open sunlight.

Dermatological studies confirm that this series is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Another tool "Nivea Sun" SPF 50, blocks 98-99% of ultraviolet rays from getting on the body. If you want an even and safe tan, without sunburn, then it is for you, as it intensively moisturizes the skin, making it soft and silky. The unique waterproof formula allows you to not apply the cream to the body every time after bathing. The lotion and cream of this line has a light texture that is perfectly absorbed and leaves no residue.

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Nivea Sunscreen

Advantages and disadvantages

By analyzing consumer reviews, you can highlight the pros and cons of Nivea sunscreen.

First, let's highlight the pros:

  • Great moisturizing.
  • Pleasant aroma.
  • Economical to use.
  • Water resistant.
  • Convenient packaging.

By cons, some consumers include film formation after application and unnatural composition.

As you can see, consumer reviews speak for themselves: in this cosmetic line there are still more positive reviews than negative ones.

Use correctly

After you have chosen a product suitable for you, be sure to read the rules for its application, which are recommended by leading Nivea experts:

  1. Use the cream every 2-3 hours.
  2. Children aged 3 to 5 years should apply the cream with a strip length of 5-7 cm; from 6 to 10 years - 7-10 cm; adolescents and adults - 10-15 cm.
  3. The cream is applied to the hands, chest, neck and face.
  4. For the back and abdomen, it is recommended to use twice as much cream, as these parts of the body are most exposed to sunlight.
  5. The product should be applied in light, circular movements, rubbing it into the skin.

If you follow all these recommendations, your skin will be soft and silky.

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