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Rating of face creams after 45 years

A woman at any age is beautiful, but at 20 she is beautiful with her naturalness, and at 45 her beauty is the result of daily, and most importantly, effective self-care. The healthy effect of the skin is mainly influenced by our nutrition. If you correctly compile the diet of your diet, then the need to use various creams will be delayed for a significant period of time. However, if age-related changes have already affected your face, it's okay - the range of skin care products is now so large that it’s not difficult to choose something for yourself.

Features and Benefits

When buying anti-aging cream, you need to pay attention to its composition. Be sure to include such components as:

  • peptides. These are substances responsible for the lifespan of skin cells, as well as for cell regeneration;

  • proteins (translated from Latin - protein) - building material for our entire body. Needed to maintain / restore skin tone;

  • retinoids contribute to exfoliation of dead skin cells, reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands, and also relieve inflammation and redness;

  • liposomes form a protective layer on thinned skin, retain moisture inside the cells and help smooth wrinkles.

How to choose

For a guaranteed result, it is better to contact a dermatologist, consult with him on the choice of the most suitable cream.

If you still decide to choose the cream yourself, then pay attention that they vary by skin type. If you have a fatty or combination type, then you should pay attention to options with calcium and zinc. The cream should include chamomile, calendula or aloe extract. Doctors do not recommend using creams containing fruit acids, as they can leave burns on the face. The optimal amount is not more than 10%.

Be careful when using creams that contain grape, lemon, and apple alpha-hydroxy acid. It is better to limit yourself from using such funds. Do not think that the more expensive the cream, the more effective it is. It is not, a high price is not a guarantee of success. What cosmetics will suit your skin can only be recognized by trial and error.

Top Tools Review

We bring to your attention a rating of the most effective anti-aging creams. It describes the composition of products, the possible timing of the first changes in the structure of the skin, estimated cost.

Do not forget about precautions. It is necessary to apply a small amount of cream on the wrist area. If you feel itching, burning, or redness, rinse off immediately. If during the day no signs of irritation appear on the test area of ​​the skin, you can use this cream.


Garnier is a brand of the French company L'Oreal and offers a line of anti-aging creams for the face, neck and décolleté. Garnier "Active Lifting 45+" is a cream that helps to smooth the contour of the face, improves skin elasticity and tone, as well as smoothes wrinkles. It includes:

  • sea ​​buckthorn oil, which enriches the skin with useful trace elements;
  • living plant cells obtained by complex, biochemical technologies. They help strengthen the texture of tissues and affect their regeneration.

The action of these substances in the complex allows you to smooth out existing wrinkles, increase skin tone, thereby preventing or delaying the appearance of new ones. With the daily use of this product, skin color improves on the third day of use, and changes in skin condition are noticeable after 2 weeks.

Analyzing consumer reviews, we can conclude that this cream is an excellent combination of price and quality, its consistency is convenient for application and does not leave a mask on the face. The average cost of this cream in stores is 150-200 rubles.

Black Pearl

Black pearl belongs to the Kalina concern and is produced on the territory of the Russian Federation. At this age, the structure of the skin deteriorates, it becomes thinner, more sensitive to external irritating factors. Useful polyunsaturated fats leave the cells of the body. All this leads to premature aging of the skin. BiO cream black pearls from 46 years old are designed for women of the corresponding age. It includes:

  • anti-aging natural serum, which smoothes wrinkles and guarantees a lifting effect;
  • combination of vitamins A and E activates the metabolism in the body, thereby preventing the appearance of new wrinkles;
  • grape seed, avocado and shea butter saturate and nourish the skin with polyunsaturated fats.

The manufacturer guarantees an easy effect after 3 days of using this product, and when used in combination with vitamins, the result will not be long in coming ...

The average cost will be 200 rubles.

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Biocon, Ukrainian cosmetics based on natural ingredients. Mainly specializes in the manufacture of sunscreens and lotions, but also produces anti-aging creams. Consider "Anti-aging care 40+ collagen strength", it includes:

  • flower extracts which prevent the appearance of new wrinkles and have an antioxidant effect;

  • leech extract;

  • pentapeptide contributing to the production of collagen.

The tool is recommended for daily use in the morning and evening, applied by massaging movements. The average cost will be 250 rubles.

Clean line

The clean line offers consumers a wide selection of phytocosmetics based on natural plant components. The composition of this cosmetics contains more than 30 types of various herbs:

  • coltsfoot softens and reliably protects;

  • vitamin e rejuvenates;

  • rose petals give the skin an even color and a healthy glow;

  • sea ​​buckthorn enriches skin cells with useful substances;

  • aloe perfectly moisturizes;

  • rose hip protects from negative environmental effects.

Anti-aging face cream "Pure line strength of 5 herbs" has an airy texture, is quickly absorbed, does not create a feeling of a mask and leaves a pleasant aroma. Many women who use this makeup have noticed visible improvements in their skin condition. This is due to the presence of natural components, which, like nothing else, have a positive effect on the condition of the skin.

Despite such positive qualities, one should not forget that cosmetics based on natural ingredients can cause an allergic reaction, therefore it should be used with caution. The average price ranges from 60 to 90 rubles.

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Vichy has developed a line of anti-aging creams:

  • "Vichy liftactiv supreme" for normal skin

  • "Vichy liftactiv supreme" for dry and very dry skin. These creams include retinol and rhamnose, a visible effect is noted after a month of use. The price of this skin care product will be 2300-2500 rubles.

  • "Neovadiol" suitable for people during menopause. The cream has a special texture that allows you to penetrate all wrinkles. It fills them, making the skin more even and smooth. The cream contains apricot kernel oil. The average cost is 2200-2300 rubles.


Bielita-Vitex - Belarusian cosmetics on the market since 1988. It contains natural ingredients. The product does not contain silicones, mineral oils and parabens. Beautiful packaging, pleasant aroma, natural composition and even low price, all this attracts consumers, therefore, this cosmetics is in great demand and reviews about it are mostly positive. This cosmetics perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the face and neck, in addition, removes visible signs of fatigue in the eyes. The price varies from 170 to 192 rubles.


Olay South African cosmetics. The line of "Total Effects" will be optimal for ladies 35+. The cream contains:

  • shea butter and coconut which nourish and moisturize the skin of the face;

  • UV filters protect the skin from exposure to sunlight;

  • green tea extract removes toxins and cleanses the skin from the inside.

The cream also contains innovative substances that help fight all skin imperfections:

  • hyaluronic acid It is a powerful moisturizer, tones the skin and helps to retain moisture in the cells of the skin;

  • peptides increase the firmness and elasticity of the dermis, relieve inflammation and normalize blood circulation. In addition, they refresh and enhance the appearance of the face.

  • nicotinamide slows down the aging process of cells, narrows pores and stimulates the effect of anti-aging components;

  • petrolatum nourishes and prevents dry skin.

The average price in the store is 900 rubles.

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Argo ProBIO 45+ should be used twice a day, and applied with massage movements to cleansed skin. In the composition, you can find both natural and innovative components, such as:

  • biosols, components of essential oils;

  • xanthan allows the skin to be more deeply filled with moisture;

  • resveratrol natural phytoalexin, which prolongs the life of skin cells, protecting them from aging;

  • also included whey, oils and grape seed extracts.

You can buy for 400-500 rubles.

In the next video, you will learn about the rules of comprehensive care for mature skin, as well as other secrets of youth.


Among the many reviews, customers note the effectiveness and effectiveness of the cream. Many people like its democratic value. Also pay attention to the availability of funds - it can be bought at any special store.

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