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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Tony Moly BB Cream

Tony Moly BB cream is a novelty in the Russian market. Like all products of this company, this cream is designed to care for the skin of the face. Tony Moly is suitable for young skin, and its composition includes many natural ingredients. Let's look at some of them.


Luminous goddess aura

Volume: 45 milliliters. Price: around 1,5 thousand rubles. Suitable for oily, dry and normal skin, as well as for sensitive or prone to allergies. It moisturizes and brightens the complexion. It is presented in two shades: warm and cold.

Not only hyaluronic acid, but also baobab extract, as well as marine collagen, are responsible for elasticity, smoothness and elasticity.

Thanks to all these ingredients, hydration does not stop until the end of the day. The cream also hides various flaws, such as acne, acne and many others. Tony Moly effectively protects the face from the harmful effects of sunlight and is responsible for regulating the sebaceous glands, ensuring the absence of oily sheen. In addition, it does not clog pores and easily rests on the face without creating a sensation of a mask or something like that.

Read more about Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream in the next video.

Dear Me Petite

Volume: 30 milliliters. Price: up to 1 thousand rubles. This BB cream is suitable for any skin. It is available in only one color and is suitable for fair-skinned people. Easily hides imperfections, such as age spots or acne, gives the skin a beautiful matte finish.

The composition includes hyaluronic acid, which can maintain the level of hydration that you need, as well as milk proteins that cause nutrition and rejuvenation.

The tone improves the ingredient adenosine, it also tightens the skin, and arbutin whitens and evens out the tone. The cream contains plant extracts that nourish and nourish the skin with vitamins, so that it not only looks great, but also becomes healthier. And cotton makes it silky and pleasant to the touch. Also in this cream there is protection against ultraviolet rays.

The method of application is extremely simple: do it with massage movements and distribute the cream evenly on the face. This tool is applied easily, there is no feeling of film and heaviness. It also regulates the sebaceous glands and relieves the skin of oily sheen.

This cream is good in that it does not contain any harmful and artificial substances like dyes, talc or mineral oils, and therefore it does not cause irritation and remains safe and hypoallergenic to your skin.


To cream Dear me quite a lot of complaints. They write that it is not suitable for Europeans, since they have wider pores and the cream clogs in them, preventing the skin from breathing. Some note that it is not possible to cleanse the skin of this product with ordinary micellar water - the face becomes dirty and divorced, so you have to use different oily products, such as coconut oil. The product is difficult to use in the summer, because if you tan, the cream will whiten the face, making a big contrast with the rest of the body.

Of the pros about this cream, they say that it perfectly hides flaws and lays down in an even layer.

And with its dense structure it is completely not felt on the face. Many write that it is economically consumed and able to last eight hours, but here it all depends on the type of dermis. Also, it does not cause peeling and discomfort. And yet - it adapts well to skin color.

At Luminous goddess aura more positive reviews. They say that it rejuvenates the skin, if you use it regularly and smells good, and also well camouflages all kinds of imperfections. Many people really like how the cream lays on the skin and looks on it, some kind of "glow" was noticed. Despite the fact that the manufacturer claimed good hydration, many say that it is not enough for dry skin. This is especially true in the winter, when hydration is needed a lot. To remove such a tool will also work out only with the help of oils and nothing else.

Watch the video: K-BEAUTY WEEK: Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream OilyAcne. Anna Luisa (February 2020).


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