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Anti-redness cream Uriage "Roseliane"

Uriage cosmetics, manufactured in France, is popular with women all over the world. Its basis is thermal water extracted from a spring of the same name. Before the appearance of cosmetics, people came to him who wanted to improve their own health and cure skin diseases. The assortment offered by the company is wide and varied. Sensitive skin girls should pay attention to the Uriage Roseliane anti-redness cream.

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"Roseliane", like all products of the French company, it is made on the basis of water containing beneficial microelements, vitamins, salts and minerals. They have a positive effect on the epidermis.

The composition of the cream from redness Uriage "Roseliane" there are many natural and natural components, green particles to mask redness.

Active ingredients are rose flower wax, ginseng extract, glycerin and cerasterol. The thermal water included in the composition has a moisturizing and calming effect. Reliable protection of the skin from ultraviolet rays provides titanium dioxide. Ginseng extract helps strengthen the vascular walls, increase skin immunity.

Who is suitable for

This series is in high consumer demand. This is a great option for sissies. Redness cream is suitable for people with sensitive skin, prone to allergic reactions and redness.

Regular use of cosmetics issued by a French company can improve the protective functions of the epidermis, eliminate burning sensation, itching and other manifestations of dermatitis.

The cream is intended to eliminate couperose mesh on the face. It protects the skin from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays. Great for use by both adults and children.


Due to its rich composition, the cosmetic product "Roseliane" is successfully used to restore and treat sensitive skin. The cream simultaneously performs several functions:

  • soothes the skin;
  • eliminates redness;
  • helps to improve blood circulation;
  • protects from the negative effects of environmental factors (wind, bright sun, frost).

Features and texture

The volume of the tube in which the cream with a saturated composition is located is 40 milliliters. When pressing the product on it, the product is fed with a thin thread, so that the dosage can be controlled.

The texture allows you to distribute the cream on the face evenly.

The cosmetic product has a pale pink tint. In texture, it resembles a thick medical ointment. The smell of cream from redness is subtle, floral. Despite the light and delicate texture, the product is absorbed into the skin for a long time and lays down with a dense film.


Reviews about the cream against redness Uriage contradictory. Some people argue that the tool helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels, helps get rid of rosacea. Others say that they did not notice the changes.

However, about 90% of those who used the cosmetic product for a long period of time note a positive effect in the area of ​​getting rid of small capillaries and the vascular network on the face. They talk about the excellent toning and restoration of the skin. Women and girls who used the tool note its inefficiency. The cream practically does not slip when applied to the skin. The use of thermal water before using the product will solve the problem of uneconomical use and complex distribution.

The cream from redness Uriage "Roseliane" should be used in conjunction with other means of this series.

Together, they will help relieve the sensation of heat, return comfort to the irritated skin. The cream will serve as an excellent foundation for makeup. Experts recommend using any cosmetic product for couperous, reactive skin for at least three months. At the end of this period, the result will be noticeable - the epidermis will be nourished, moisturized, irritation and redness will go away, a feeling of lightness will appear.

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