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How to apply powder?

Powder is used as a fixing element for makeup. Its use allows you to hide skin imperfections, eliminate bumps and even out the tone of the face. There are several types of it, and various tools for applying the product help to achieve a certain effect: fix makeup or remove oily sheen.


In the Middle Ages, powdery powder consisted of a large number of components, both natural and not very. The first consisted of cornmeal, potato starch. And even lead was added to others to make the skin pale. She really brightened, but at the expense of sending toxins.

To date, the compositions have changed a lot and include:

  • cereal flour;
  • red clay or kaolin;
  • potato starch;
  • potassium oxide;
  • flower flavors;
  • oil extracts;
  • trace elements and vitamins.

Depending on the type of powder, silk fibers and mineral salts can also be found in the composition.

Such cosmetics have their own characteristics: due to the consistency they can be used and applied in different ways, can fix makeup and can make the skin dull.

Advantages and disadvantages

Powder is a dry powder. And it differs in that adhesion components may be present in its composition, which helps to fix on the skin for a long time. The pigment in the composition has a high concentration, due to which the skin becomes not only dull, but also velvet.

Main advantages:

  • Makeup looks natural. When using certain tools for applying funds (for example, brushes), you can easily achieve a professional level of applying makeup;
  • greasy shine is eliminated. The composition of the powder (especially for oily skin) always contains aggregates that absorb excess moisture and fat on the surface of the epidermis;
  • allow the dermis to breathe. Due to the decrease in the composition of preservatives, the powder restores oxygen metabolism in the skin. Such cosmetics contain the least chemical additives;
  • can be used in the hot season. Excessive moisture on the skin for such products is not a problem - they are just created to inhibit sweating (without clogging the pores). Due to the powder, you can easily correct makeup or restore the natural tone of the face, as well as remove excess fat from the dermis with just a few touches.

However, there are also disadvantages:

  • complexity of use. On some areas you can apply more makeup, on others - less. In the absence of skills in using the brush, makeup may look messy;
  • uneven application. When you reuse the powder, it can clog pores, roll and lie down in parts. To prevent this from happening, you need to wet your face with a napkin before fixing makeup;
  • emphasizing the deficiencies of the epidermis. Some powders tend to clog in the lines of wrinkles and accumulate around dry areas of the dermis. This is impossible if you apply makeup correctly;
  • time consumption. Since the cosmetic base is applied in several layers, more time is spent on basic care;
  • certain types of powder are harmful for combination skin. When using compact powder, the makeup rolls and fits on the dermis unevenly. Care should be taken to select the type of skin.

Overall, powdery foundations are a great way to achieve a natural, even complexion. Funds are especially popular with young girls.


From the moment the powder was invented, not only its composition changed, but also the possibilities expanded. At the moment, there is a large selection of them on the cosmetic market. Manufacturers suggest choosing a tool for the most individual needs.


It is a dense texture that is pressed. As a rule, it has several shades, and can cover a dense layer of skin. Differences of such a powder: small size, packaging (placed in the hand), a mirror coating on one side and a small sponge in the kit.

Such powder should be selected a tone lighter than its skin tone, otherwise it will lie in an uneven layer.


It has the softest, finest texture of all types. This product is in the form of loose powder, with the help of which it is easy to create the most natural coating for the skin. It gives the dermis a radiant appearance and easily adjusts the tone of the face. Also, due to its texture, it is completely connected to the tonal base. It is the best way to fix makeup;


It can easily replace the tonal foundation on the face. Often used for quick make-up, it is better than the rest of the species to mask the deficiencies of the epidermis. As a rule, it lays in a dense layer. To apply such powder correctly, you need to practice, otherwise the bumps of the dermis may appear. Sometimes used as a sculpting counterpart. When buying a light tone, the powder may have a bleaching effect.


It can be found both in compact and in friable version. Powder with reflective particles gives a natural radiance to the skin, which is necessary for evening makeup. Lighter than the rest of the types applied to the skin. However, it should be used with caution on oily and problematic dermis: it can enhance oily sheen and clog pores.


The composition of cosmetics includes special ingredients that dry inflammation. Such a tool not only masks redness, but also relieves irritation. The antiseptic base is suitable for oily and combination skin types. Makeup artists advise after applying this foundation to use a layer of regular powder.


Powder bronzer gives the skin a tint of tan. It is used in the summer to give the skin an effect of tanning or to remove minor inflammations and irregularities. The tool also eliminates age spots. Sometimes it looks like mosaic powder (with several shades).


Such cosmetics are sometimes called transparent. It is used for any shade and type of skin. Its composition contains quartz components, due to which excess fat and moisture are instantly absorbed, and greasy shine is eliminated. Transparent powder differs from the rest in that it has a neutral tone, is not able to cope with the masking of dermal defects, but perfectly aligns its tone. Sometimes used as a highlighter.


This type of powder consists of a large number of small balls of various shades: from the darkest to lightest. Due to this, the color is saturated and natural. The tool can fix makeup, and sometimes it is used as a blush.


It has the most natural composition of all types of cosmetic foundations. Its active ingredients are mineral salts and natural oils that allow the skin to breathe. In addition to the healing effect, the powder has a corrective effect and copes with the imperfections of the epidermis.


The composition includes a large number of minerals and vitamins. Such powders have a filter that protects the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight. Thanks to antioxidants, the tone of the face is evened out, and pearl components give it a natural glow.


The very first stage for a successful purchase is determining the necessary shade. The best is when the shade of the powder matches the complexion of the skin, but this is rarely the case. To correctly determine your shade, you must follow simple rules:

  • apply a small amount of the product to the wrist and see how natural it looks on the skin in daylight and artificial light;
  • for a more accurate determination of the color palette, a small amount of powder must be applied to the chin, observing the condition of the skin and its color.

Simple recommendations:

  • with regular visits to the tanning bed, it is better to purchase bronze powder;
  • in the absence of any tan on the skin, pink shades should be avoided - they make pale skin unnatural. In such cases, you can look at the amber shade of the product;
  • for girls with a dark complexion, you need to use a dark base. They set off the tan and go well with tonal foundations;
  • for evening makeup, you should use a powder foundation a tone lighter than usual;
  • compact powder can make white skin a few tones darker, so you need to choose a shade carefully;
  • upon unsuccessful purchase, such cosmetics can be used to visually adjust the shape of the face.

With irregularities on the face and facial wrinkles, you need to buy light shades: they will give a natural radiance to the skin and smooth out the dermis.

Powder Tools

The choice of application tools is quite large. Tools should be selected for each type of powder separately. This gives the most comfortable and correct use of any foundation fixing makeup. It happens:

  • tassel. When buying such a tool, you need to choose natural materials of manufacture. It is best to apply dry bases with a brush - it is especially good to use it to distribute loose powder. In this case, the face is covered with an even, thin layer. The small brush is a wonderful sculptor of an oval face;
  • sponge It is used to distribute compact and creamy powder over the epidermis. With a sponge, you can apply a denser layer than with a brush. Due to this, a uniform texture is created that hides the deficiencies of the epidermis. You need to shade the product gently, without stretching the epithelium, and even better - just pat it on the face with a roller;
  • puff. Using it, you can apply any makeup quickly and easily. The puff can only be used after cleaning, since a large amount of pigment settles on the villi.

General recommendations

In order for the powder to lay evenly on the skin, it is necessary to take into account not only its tone, but also the composition. Most products are designed for certain types: one is able to mask irregularities, the other can eliminate oily black. But it is important that the composition does not contain artificial dyes and parabens.

If there is excessive work of the sebaceous glands, then it is necessary to apply dry or crumbly type powder to the face. The mineral product will make your face radiant and even out skin tone.

The powder is developing, transparent - it will help to correct the bumps of makeup or can be used as the main skin matting agent.

A few effective tips for use:

  • to prevent rolling of the powder, before applying it is necessary to use a base or moisturizer;
  • it is better if the tone of the powder is slightly lighter than the color of the skin;
  • for uniform distribution should use special tools: brush, powder puff or sponge;
  • wait 20 minutes before using the powder: it is necessary that the nourishing cream is completely absorbed;
  • sequentially distribute the base over a clean face: first on the center of the forehead, nose and chin, and then on the cheeks and cheekbones;
  • Before quick make-up adjustments, wet your face with a napkin.

Application rules: step by step instructions

Each type of powder has its own subtleties of application. With the help of special devices you can distribute the product in the best way.

Compact powder is the most popular face base for girls. It allows you to adjust makeup anywhere quickly and effortlessly. For its uniform use, a brush or sponge is most suitable.

To create a matte effect on the skin and radiance, it is necessary to apply a thin layer of powder: take quite a bit of the substance and distribute it with patting movements throughout the face.

Transparent powder can be used after foundation. You need to distribute it along the massage lines with a brush, lightly touching the skin. After that, you can easily apply blush on your cheeks.

If necessary, hide strong imperfections or age spots, apply a more dense layer of powder. For a natural coating, it is better to apply the powder with a wet sponge or apply the product on top of the applied cream - this is called the wet method. Makeup artists recommend completing such makeup with a brush, tapping it on problem areas, as when applying a tonal foundation.

The use of loose powder requires compliance with some rules:

  • it is necessary to wait until the tonal base is completely absorbed;
  • Feathering cosmetics is best done with a wide brush: this way the skin will become smooth and velvety;
  • dial means should be in circular motions, easily touching the powder base;
  • the excess powder must be shaken off the brush and only then applied from top to bottom throughout the face.

In summer, it is best to use mineral-type powder. It is useful for the dermis. To apply it easily, you need a lot of dexterity or special tools for distribution on the skin: puff or kabuki brushes. Such cosmetics should be applied first on the cheeks and cheekbones, and only then on the central part of the face. The skin should be completely dry.

Having scooped up a small amount of powder on the powder, you should apply it in a circular motion on the face. Powder with smears should be applied to the expanded pore dermis to prevent clogging.

You can use a creamy base on long trips. It is allowed to apply it even with fingers, only apply patting movements. It is necessary to cover the face from the center of the forehead to the temples, then go to the cheekbones and only then to the chin. On the nose, the drug should be applied in the last place.

How much is

The cost depends on several indicators: on the brand, composition and type of powder. Average cosmetics figures are shown below.

Compact powder is considered one of the most economical in consumption and low cost. For example, you can find funds from 120 rubles per package (Vivienne Sabo and RubyRose). However, brands of the brand "luxury" (Clinique) offer a tool at a price of 1000 rubles.

Good friable powder is sold at a price above 1100 rubles, regardless of brand. This indicates the presence of nutritional and caring components in it.

Cream powder can be found in a qualitative composition in the price range from 400 to 1200 rubles. However, you should familiarize yourself with the components: there should be no perfumes and dyes in the composition.

Flickering cosmetics should be properly filled: particles should be barely noticeable and complemented by a mineral complex. Given these factors, the cost of powder is overstated. High-quality brands are presented in the price from 1300 to 4000 rubles.

The best composition of antiseptic powder is oils and anti-inflammatory components. The tool can be found even in a pharmacy, and the average price is from 440 to 1,500 rubles.

Bronzing given its name, it has a large number of dark pigments, which means that they must be natural. Otherwise, an allergic reaction is possible. Natural ingredients are slightly more expensive than artificial additives, therefore high-quality powder bronzers have a price of 1000 rubles.

The average cost of clear powder is 800 rubles.

Ballpoint costs from 350 rubles. Such cosmetics is a budget analogue of bronzing cosmetics.

Mineral agent has very different prices (the manufacturer and the consistency of cosmetics are taken into account). For example, you can find mineralized powder for 400 rubles from budget brands, and it is possible for 3400 rubles from a luxury brand.

A rejuvenating powder foundation can cost from 300 rubles.

Rating of the best

"Luminys Baked Face Powder" by Pupa

It has a large number of positive reviews, and the active components are special oils. Powder can be used for dehydration of the dermis.

The consistency of the product is light, slightly porous. The color that she gives the skin - marble, consists of two or three mixed shades. Thanks to this combination, you can easily mask irregularities and transform your face with natural radiance. Does not accentuate cavities and peeling. But because of the oils, its use for oily and problematic skin types is not recommended.

The main advantages:

  • hypoallergenicity;
  • hydration;
  • average price.


  • not applied on combination skin;
  • bulk packaging.

The average cost is 730 rubles.

"Silver Shadow Compact Powder" by Chambor

This cosmetic line has a small package size, but holds a large amount of funds. Swiss quality weighing 33 grams falls into women's pens for a long time. Here is a truly compact powder.

The tool is suitable for the epidermis with excessive work of the sebaceous glands. It quickly absorbs greasy shine, eliminates bumps and gives a fresh, rested look to the face. Cosmetics do not clog pores, but may emphasize slight peeling.

The main advantages:

  • large volume;
  • solar filter spf 15;
  • additional powder compartment in the package.


  • bright fragrance;
  • makes peeling noticeable.

The average cost is 830 rubles.

"Teint Compact" by Clarins

The French company Clarins produces a powdery tone. Its use is possible both by the dry method and wet with the help of a sponge (it is included in the kit). Activated by wet application, it instantly absorbs moisture and allows the skin to shine. It is not afraid of rain and does not roll on the skin in hot weather.

The structure is fine-grained, but not dusty. Smoothes pores and evens out facial tone. According to the manufacturer, it lasts up to 15 hours.

The main advantages:

  • sunscreen;
  • mirror in the set;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • durability.


  • inconvenient packaging;
  • during normal application emphasizes irregularities;
  • high price

The average price is 2550 rubles.

Mineral cosmetics Benecos

The German brand, which is popular due to its ecological composition. The company does not conduct animal tests, is certified, and as part of - only organic.

Mineral mattifying powder is easy to apply and airy, does not clog pores and hides black spots. Her aroma is practically absent. Also, the product is tested for allergic reactions.

The main advantages:

  • average price;
  • natural ingredients;
  • prolonged use.


  • no mirrors included;
  • not suitable for problematic dermis.

The average cost is 750 rubles.

"Powder Translucent" by Max Factor

Fine powder is suitable for the final touch of makeup. Small particles are laid on the dermis in a thin layer, eliminating shine. The composition contains oatmeal (it reduces pores), so the tool is suitable for problematic epidermis.

The kit has a special dispenser, and the powder itself is consumed economically and keeps on the face for a long time.

The main advantages:

  • low cost;
  • sustainability;
  • there is a dispenser;
  • does not dry the dermis.


  • has only one color;
  • no mirrors included;
  • great packaging.

The average cost is 450 rubles.

2 in 1 by Fleur

It is a budget analogue of expensive compact powders. It lays down in an even layer, does not create a mask effect on the face and has a pleasant cost. Disadvantages include unnatural facial tone and underline peeling. The average cost is 230 rubles.

Interesting fact: there are powders for various purposes: for nails (for example, from a company Patrisa nail) and hair (brand Taft) They perform other functions, but also have a fixing effect.


According to the reviews of girls, you can find high-quality powders in any in any price segment. The main thing is to choose the right shade and watch the composition. Many people like friable powder - they are able to easily fit and hold on to the skin for a long time - for example, powder Benecos and Max Factor. Others emphasize the importance of hiding flaws, and here is the favorite - "Teint Compact" from Clarins.

Many advise: do not gently save on powder. By purchasing cheaper cosmetics, you can only worsen the condition of the skin.

You can learn how to apply powder correctly from the video.

Watch the video: How to Use Powder and Not Look "Powdery". Melissa Alatorre (April 2020).


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