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Shampoo Le Petit Marseillais

Men always wonder why women pay so much attention to choosing the “shampoo” for their hair. And this is not surprising, because this is far from an easy task, as it might seem at first glance, since each representative of the fair sex wants to have luxurious and shiny hair and therefore does not take the first product from the shelf of a cosmetic store. Next, you will learn more about hair products of the famous brand Le Petit Marseillais.

Then and now

The brand Le Petit Marseillais, which means “little Marseille”, appeared in France in the last century and was originally engaged in the production of traditional French soap, and a little later various shower gels and hair products appeared on sale. In our country, the products of this brand appeared relatively recently, only in 2012 and since then have been very much appreciated for their excellent quality and fairly affordable prices.

Read more about the shampoo of this brand in the next video.

The well-known logo of the brand means a small Marseille sailor who carelessly looks away.

I would like to note that the French city of Marseille is not only the homeland of soap, but also a huge port, with which the Le Petit Marseillais logo is personified, which is why these products are associated in France, and we also have, first of all, real Provence origin.

Product Features

Le Petit Marseillais products attract customers because of their natural composition and the divine aroma that fragrances every remedy for this brand, whether it is gel, soap or shampoo. The brand takes its hair care products very seriously, because it appreciates the true female beauty. All products undergo clinical trials and are absolutely safe to use, as they comply with European standards.

In addition, Le Petit Marseillais products beckon with their aromas from Provence and the Mediterranean.

And in order to feel them, you no longer have to pack your bags to distant lands. A huge advantage of the products of this brand is not only high quality and affordable prices, but also a variety of products for a variety of hair types and your preferences.

Product Overview

The brand Le Petit Marseillais offers a wide range of products for a wide variety of hair types and problems with them that most often concern the female population. As well as funds for natural and colored curls. Next, we will consider the main series of tools that you can purchase from this brand.

For normal hair. In this series of products you can find the following wonderful shampoos:

  • "Flax and milk of sweet almonds." This product gently moisturizes the hair and nourishes them with everything necessary thanks to flax extract and almond oil in the composition. After use, you will get healthy, radiant and smooth hair.
  • "Apple and Olive." Ideal for daily use, the composition contains valuable extracts of olive and apple, as well as vitamins. This tool will gently cleanse the curls and scalp, as a result of which you will get healthy, shiny and strong hair. There are no parabens in the composition.

To achieve the best effect, it is recommended to use conditioner and a mask from this series for normal curls with shampoo.

Shampoo for fine hair "Extract of three colors and grapefruit" will give volume and shine to your curls without any weight. There are no parabens in the composition, but there is a valuable extract of camellia, poppy and grapefruit. This product is made in Italy according to all European standards.

A series of products for colored hair includes the following hair care products:

  • Shampoo "Blueberry and safflower oil" very carefully cleans curls, gives them a healthy look and preserves the shade. The oil in the composition of this product is very appreciated for its nutritional properties, and blueberries have antioxidant properties that are also useful for our hair.
  • Shampoo "Pomegranate and Argan Oil". It will help maintain the brightness and color of your hair for a long time. This tool gently cleanses the hair thanks to its herbal cleansing base, without washing the shade of your curls, in addition, nourishes and saturates with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. There are no parabens in the composition.

Shampoo for all hair types "Almond milk and linden flower" It helps to relieve dullness of hair, makes it soft, shiny and healthy, in addition, it will simplify the process of combing and prevent the appearance of tangles. The composition contains a useful almond milk of plant origin, which moisturizes the curls, making them soft and obedient.

Shampoo and conditioner for oily hair Le Petit Marseillais have a wonderful and natural composition, which includes white clay and jasmine, famous for their beneficial properties.

Clay will gently cleanse your curls and normalize the fat balance on the scalp, and the aroma of jasmine will help you relax and take a break from the daily rush, and jasmine will gently moisturize and smooth your curls. There are no parabens in the composition.

The line of products for dry and lost hair will delight you with the following shampoos:

  • With "shea butter and argan". This tool will contribute to the accelerated recovery of even the most damaged hair, a rich composition will return them to their former married strength, shine and elasticity. The product is made on the basis of plant origin and therefore gently cleans your strands, nourishing and moisturizing them with useful components.
  • With "shea milk and honey". This shampoo is ideal for brittle and prone to dry hair, which need additional nutrition and hydration. This tool will clean the curls along the entire length, make them soft, obedient and elastic. The composition is rich in extracts of natural ingredients that have a comprehensive effect on the care of your hair. The useful and nutritious properties of honey have been known to us since antiquity, and shea milk has not only a soothing effect, but also a delicate relaxing aroma.

Expert Advice

To get the desired effect, famous stylists and simply experts in the field of hairdressing and cosmetology recommend using the products of the same brand and series to achieve the best effect. This is the only way you can get healthy and shiny hair. The use of funds of different brands often does not give a result due to the many differences in composition and much more, therefore it is recommended to take this issue quite seriously.


Very many representatives of the fair sex leave conflicting reviews about the means of this brand. Most often, the declared results that the manufacturer promises us after using their products are in doubt. Many girls note that after using shampoo with dried grapefruit shampoo they did not receive, but they were very pleased with the aroma.

However, women praise a series of products for damaged, weakened and brittle hair.

Shampoos and masks from this series really helped restore hair and restore its natural shine and vitality. But how many girls - there are so many opinions, most often you can choose your own remedy only by testing it on yourself, and not reading the reviews. The products of this brand are really distinguished by their good composition and affordable price, but, unfortunately, shampoos from Le Petit Marseillais are not suitable for all beauties.

Watch the video: تجربتي مع مجموعة le petit marseillais للشعر المجعد والجاف بزبدة الشيا وزيت الارقان (April 2020).


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