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The subtleties of choosing a dandruff shampoo

At least once in a lifetime, every person is faced with the problem of dandruff. It can be both in adults and in children. The main assistant in the fight against it is shampoo. And in order for the acquisition to be truly effective and successful, we will tell you about the subtleties of choosing a dandruff shampoo to consider.


In fact, Dandruff is a dead exfoliating skin that appears due to improper care, skin fungus, or a genetic predisposition. It is not so difficult to get rid of this problem, the main thing is to competently approach its solution and, first of all, to the acquisition of an appropriate therapeutic agent.

Dandruff shampoo has the following distinctive features from conventional cleansers:

  • Normalizes the regeneration of scalp cells. In this case, dandruff could appear due to improper care of the curls and due to the use of too stiff accessories for the care of strands.
  • Heals the fungus. Conventional shampoos are intended only to cleanse the skin of the head and the hair itself, this time, this product performs not only hygienic functions, but also therapeutic, and sometimes preventive ones.
  • Due to the well-balanced combination, shampoo does not easily treat the scalp, but also eliminates seborrhea, and also enhances hair growth and density, which is especially true for women with problematic hair or for those who seek to grow beautiful and healthy curls.

Each cleanser for strands has its own individual characteristics, thanks to which you can distinguish high-quality goods from low-quality ones. Shampoo against dandruff was no exception.


Each individual product of this type, depending on its price, efficiency and manufacturer, has different characteristics. In accordance with them and depending on the cause of dandruff, it is necessary to choose the right remedy for its treatment.

So, all the currently existing means to combat this disease are divided into:

  1. Exfoliating. Their action is aimed at promptly cleansing the scalp from its dead particles. However, such a tool does not eliminate the very reason for their formation.
  2. Antifungalare able to destroy the fungus, which caused the appearance of this disease. In addition, such shampoos have a firming effect on curls and are often able to enhance their growth.
  3. Made on decoctions or extracts of medicinal herbs. The vast majority of such drugs can eliminate dandruff at the initial stage of its appearance. In addition, they are best suited for children.
  4. Antibacterial Dandruff Shampoos, destroy various harmful microorganisms that contribute to its appearance, and protect against its re-formation.

In general, all products of this type sold today are divided into two large categories: therapeutic and preventive. In the first case, they are used for the most effective and safe treatment of hair, their restoration and scalp. And in the second case, it should be used periodically, so as to prevent the occurrence of seborrhea and protect yourself from fungal infection.

In general terms, a really good dandruff shampoo should not only suit your hair type, but also prevent the growth of fungus and harmful microorganisms, and it should also clean the strands well and protect them from the reappearance of dandruff.


Depending on the manufacturer, as well as the additional functions that the tool performs, its composition may include the following substances:

  • Tar is the main component of many dandruff shampoos; as a rule, a product obtained from a birch tree is used. Tar shampoo effectively fights pathogens, and also contributes to the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands.
  • A good substance that can not only eliminate dandruff, but also strengthen curls, and also cure some diseases of the scalp is aminexil.
  • To eliminate excessive dryness of the skin, which is one of the causes of dandruff, add to this tool panthenol.
  • Widespread and shampoos with zinc. Its presence provides a deep, thorough, and, most importantly, gentle cleansing. In addition, it normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands.
  • As antifungal ingredients use clotrimazole or ketoconazole. You can use shampoos containing these additives only if the cause of dandruff is a fungus. Cyclopirox is also an excellent antifungal agent, but at the same time it can only be found in products manufactured in professional hair care and treatment lines.
  • Shampoos incorporating salicylic acid and sulfur, belong to the category of exfoliating products. They effectively clean the scalp from dead skin particles and at the same time have a slight disinfecting effect.
  • To further soften the hair and give it shine, the manufacturer can add to his therapeutic product olamine pyrocton.

In addition, the composition may include extracts, infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs, vegetable or essential oils, and, of course, preservatives. Although the latter category of additives is minimized in such products, they are all relatively harmless to hair.


Manufacturers of shampoos aimed at combating seborrhea, very responsibly approached their creation. Therefore, on the shelves of shops and pharmacies, these products are presented in a very wide assortment.

Medicines are usually used to treat seborrhea resulting from a fungal disease or a hereditary predisposition. Such shampoos perfectly eliminate dandruff, prevent its reappearance, and also disinfect, cleanse and regenerate the scalp.

Dandruff can be of two types, and therefore shampoo to combat it is also available in two variations to combat oily or dry seborrhea. The products intended for the treatment of dry seborrhea contain a large amount of nutrients and oils, but in the products intended for the treatment of oily seborrhea, antibacterial substances occupy a large proportion.

  • Dry shampoo, or rather, some of its varieties are also able to cure seborrhea of ​​any kind. However, experts still do not recommend getting involved in the use of this product and advise using it no more often than once every 14 days and only if absolutely necessary.
  • Shampoos from the mass market category, are the most popular product used in the fight against dandruff. Unlike professional and therapeutic agents, this product has less effectiveness and cannot be used as a full-fledged therapeutic agent. Such products are best suited to prevent seborrhea.
  • Solid shampoo It is also an effective tool in the fight and prevention of seborrhea. It is an ideal choice for women with very thin and brittle hair. It contains many essential oils in its composition, which not only eliminate dead skin particles, but also improve the overall health of curls.

Shampoo should be selected, taking into account not only the structure of the strands, but also the cause of dandruff, its amount and appearance. But it’s not enough to purchase a suitable product, it is also necessary to apply it correctly.

Instructions for use

Professional and therapeutic hair cleansers differ in use from preventative shampoos. So, the first category of products must be applied to wet roots and thoroughly massaged for two and a half minutes. Then the foam is distributed along the entire length, and the shampoo is left on the hair for another 5-8 minutes. At the end of the procedure, the hair is washed with plenty of cool water.

Shampoos against dandruff from the second category are used, as well as usual means, that is, they are applied to the head, foam on the hair and washed well. But in both cases, it is not recommended to apply additional balms or masks on the strands, directly on the scalp. They can significantly reduce the effectiveness of therapeutic or prophylactic effects. To achieve the maximum and quickest result of getting rid of seborrhea, it is best to use the products intended for this purpose, for example, pastes or sprays, but in strict accordance with their instructions. It is preferable to use products that are in the same series and manufactured by the same manufacturer.

Some people believe that the more often you use shampoo, the faster you can get rid of seborrhea, this opinion is the most erroneous. The maximum allowable frequency of use of such a tool is twice every seven days. At the same time, it is not recommended to use any other hair cleansers that are not intended to eliminate dandruff during this period.

How to choose

To purchase a remedy for eliminating seborrhea should be, listening to these recommendations:

  1. Choose a tool necessary based on the type of hair and type of dandruff.
  2. Be sure to consider the cause of dandruff. So, if it appeared due to a fungus, it is necessary to purchase a shampoo with antifungal effects. If the cause of seborrhea is any disease, then bactericidal shampoo should be preferred. And for those who improperly cares for their hair or has too greasy curls that have caused dandruff, the ideal choice is a regular nourishing shampoo aimed at combating dandruff and its prevention.
  3. Before making a choice in favor of a therapeutic or prophylactic agent, it is necessary to visit a trichologist (specialist in hair problems) or a dermatologist. This is especially true when the product is purchased for children.

Choosing a shampoo for a child that helps fight dandruff requires a particularly careful approach. Do not forget that seborrhea is still a serious disease and should not be taken lightly. Dandruff can occur in young girls or boys, not only due to improper care of curls, the presence of a disease or infection, but also as a result of vitamin deficiency, an increased agent and a general weakening of immunity. Therefore, at the first signs of seborrhea, you should definitely visit not only a dermatologist and trichologist, but also a pediatrician.

For the treatment of seborrhea in this case, it is absolutely necessary to use children's medical shampoo, professional products and mass-market products are not acceptable in this case. A specific drug will be prescribed by a doctor and it is also worthwhile to realize that the same shampoo is not recommended for teenagers and young children at the same time. The causes of seborrhea can be various and the approach to its treatment should also be individual. In addition, therapeutic shampoos have age restrictions.

To purchase professional shampoos, as well as medical ones, is necessary in drugstores or in specialized well-known stores. The risk of acquiring a fake in this case is significantly reduced. You can purchase preventative shampoos in the store you are used to, or you can also purchase them at almost any pharmacy.

Product Overview

All types of shampoos aimed at effectively combating seborrhea, mean strengthening and general healing of hair, as well as reducing their loss. The following products are the most popular and effective today:

  • Shampoo "Dandruff", is an ideal choice for those who suffer from fungal seborrhea. Due to the presence of ketoconazole in the composition, this tool effectively destroys dandruff, disinfects the scalp and helps to calm it. With the proper use of this shampoo and with the passage of the full course, not only dandruff disappears completely, but the curls become more thick, soft and voluminous.
  • Ideal for restoring fat metabolism in the scalp, as well as eliminating oily seborrhea Shampoo "Sulsena". This remedy can be used both to treat dandruff and to prevent its occurrence. The product line also includes a special paste of the same name, which also fights against dandruff and excessive greasy curls.
  • Dermatological shampoo "Fitoval"allows you to eliminate seborrhea, psoriasis, itching and burning of the scalp. It has an excellent antibacterial effect, nourishes and softens the strands. In addition, this therapeutic product intensively moisturizes the hair, strengthens it, and most importantly, it is an excellent assistant in the fight against fungal infections.
  • One of the most famous means for cleansing strands and preventing the occurrence of seborrhea, as well as its elimination, is Head & shoulders. The line of products of this manufacturer includes many products for the care of curls of any type, while all products without exception have the ability to eliminate dandruff. The manufacturer made sure that owners of any type of hair were able to choose the right shampoo for them. Funds from Head & shoulders Ideal for combating oily seborrhea and its prevention.
  • Shampoo for dandruff and hair loss Keto plus, perfectly copes with seborrhea caused by fungal infections, and also he intensively nourishes the strands, enhances their growth and completely stops excessive loss.
  • Bioderma NODE DS + Anti-recidiveis an excellent therapeutic and prophylactic agent. Completely destroys seborrhea, eliminate hair loss, reduces their sebum. It is an excellent bactericidal and antifungal shampoo.
  • The Faberlic brand also decided not to stand aside and launched Expert Pharma. This product is a universal enhanced analog of many preventative shampoos. Its use allows not only to prevent the appearance of dandruff, but also to strengthen curls, give them shine.
  • Estel brand, which is famous for the release of high-quality products for the care and coloring of curls, offers customers exfoliating shampoo for dandruff. With the correct use of this product, the result of the application is healthy and beautiful hair, scalp without itching and peeling, as well as the absence of hair loss.
  • The domestic brand Chistaya Liniya presented smart shampoo No. 4 with burdock extract to customers for trial. According to the manufacturer, this product actively fights seborrhea, removes excessive greasiness, enhances blood circulation and strengthens hair follicles.
  • The best-selling pharmaceutical treatment dandruff shampoo is Nizoral. This is one of the best tools aimed at combating seborrhea caused by various types of fungi.

Preventive measures

But no matter how effective and high-quality dandruff shampoos may be, it is still easier to prevent its appearance than to try to eliminate it later.

First of all, it is necessary to carefully monitor the cleanliness of not only the strands, but also the accessories for their care, you should regularly wash and disinfect combs, hairpins and elastic bands. At the same time, you need to change hair brushes every four months.

Curl care experts recommend drinking a multivitamin course every six months, especially for strands, this will allow to nourish them with all the necessary substances from the inside.

Improper nutrition and abuse of harmful and very fatty foods can also lead to seborrhea. Therefore, the right menu and a sufficient amount of fresh air will prevent dandruff.

We should not forget about regular massage of the scalp, as well as the use of funds for the care of curls, appropriate to their type.


Buyers, without exception, note the high effectiveness of medical and professional shampoos intended for the treatment of seborrhea. According to them, the best bonus from the use of such funds is to strengthen the hair, the appearance of shine and radiance. In addition, such products show their effectiveness after the first use. The number of scales on the head is significantly reduced, the itching of the skin is reduced, and any unpleasant sensations on the head also disappear. Customers consider the ease of use of such products, their economical consumption, as well as a pleasant aroma to be a great advantage.

Perfectly helps in the fight against seborrhea shampoo, which includes tar. According to many buyers of all ages and both sexes, a real good shampoo must have this component in its composition, it is it that copes with any kind of dandruff, and also has excellent bactericidal properties.

If we talk about shampoos from the mass market category, then many people question their effectiveness. Indeed, well-known brands produce high-quality products for cleansing hair and scalp, normalize fat metabolism and strengthen hair. Such dandruff shampoos are really able to prevent its appearance, but they are unable to remove it completely from the hair and destroy fungi and harmful microorganisms from the scalp.

The correct choice of dandruff shampoo, its use in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and the passage of a full course of treatment, is the key to beautiful and healthy curls, Moreover, we have provided you with a rating of the most effective means. And if you are not familiar with seborrhea, then you need to use preventive shampoos once every 3-4 months. After all, proper care will help to avoid getting acquainted with this unpleasant problem.


When treating dandruff, the main thing is the care and choice of a shampoo for dandruff, about all this in the next video.

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