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Shampoos from Israel

Not everyone is given to have luxurious hair from birth, their condition depends on 7% of proper care. The result of exposure to hard water containing chlorine, poor-quality care products, and temperature differences can be corrected with shampoos from Israel, which include the natural components of the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is one of the most saline lakes on earth, located between Israel and Jordan. Its salinity is 300-310%, the mineral content is 260-270%. Mineralized healing mud, clay and silt are extracted from the bottom of the lake, which includes bromine, iodine, potassium chloride, zinc, potassium bromide, calcium, magnesium and other minerals. The water and healing mud contains 21 minerals that are not found anywhere in the world.

In Israel, the production of cosmetics is very developed. One of its areas is the care of the scalp and hair.

Shampoo Properties

According to trichologists, shampoo should be selected according to the type of scalp.

With seborrhea, it is very important to choose it correctly. Israeli shampoos have a healing and restorative effect due to the content of useful Dead Sea trace elements. All natural ingredients have a nourishing, healing, firming effect. The constant use of shampoos with components of the Dead Sea gives health, softness, shine to hair. To ensure maximum care, it is recommended to use shampoo in combination with conditioners, masks and balms.

Variety of Brands

Products Planeta Organica Dead Sea Naturals Series It is considered kosher, which includes natural ingredients without preservatives and chemical additives. The nourishing and restorative properties of shampoo strengthen and accelerate hair growth.

Means for washing hair "Galan Cosmetics" by Sea of ​​Spa Dead Sea supply scalp with vitamins and minerals, promote rapid growth, make them obedient and easy to comb, have a healing effect.

The composition, in addition to the components of the Dead Lake, includes sea buckthorn oil, which provides an acceleration of the regeneration and strengthening of the roots.

Israeli company Dr. Fisher produces medical cosmetics. Based on herbs, it produces care products.

Shampoo and conditioner "2 in 1" for normal hair with pomegranate milk and rose extract give vitality to them. Gives shine and healthy appearance to thin hair - shampoo with cotton and wild berries.

Medical cosmetics Mon platin very popular, exported to 37 countries.

Having started its activity in 1981, cosmetics are very popular and in demand. Careline. Moisturizing and regenerating shampoos for various types of hair, which include Maxi and Dead Sea trace elements, improve the condition and metabolic processes in the hair.

All products are of high quality, hypoallergenic, without side effects, which ensures user safety.

Shampoos give intense hydration "Richair" with avocado oil company Egomania Professional Collection. To control oily hair, you must use shampoo for oily scalp with bamboo extract. These are professional intensive products at affordable prices.

A new line of hair care cosmetics has been released for professionals Kernoxcapable of resuscitating any hair (dry, brittle, with dandruff, bleached). The main active ingredient is niacin with the addition of herbal extracts. The treatment regimen is strictly individual, therefore it is carried out only in salons.

Positive reviews: the procedure lasts for two weeks.

Therapeutic Shampoos Adar anti-hair loss are suitable for daily use for all types of both men and women. Strengthen the roots, accelerate metabolism, nourish the scalp, prevent dandruff due to herbal substances and natural additives.

The company is also working in this direction. Aroma producing more than 250 types of products.

With chemical treatment and thermal exposure, Israeli brand hair restoration products will help Health & Beauty. Treatment shampoos with various oils and mud from the Dead Sea will help restore hairline.

Medical cosmetics highly regarded in Israel Dr.Sea, which includes the natural components of a dead lake. It provides maximum care, nutrition and healing.

From the company's products Shiny You can choose therapeutic and fortified with salts of the Dead Sea for recovery, and shampoos for daily use, providing comprehensive care. Mini-packaging (50 g) allows you to always have it with you.

Ahava is the most popular Israeli cosmetics company.

Restorative properties, nutrition and hydration have shampoos Premier B9, Premier A35. Against hair loss, it is recommended to use a cosmetic Premier B10. Shampoo will help restore hydrolipidic balance of the skin and stimulate hair growth. Premier T7, which includes Dead Sea mud minerals.

World famous brand Moroccanoil, located in the city of Ma'alot in northern Israel, produces hair care products that include argan oil.

Overview of hair products from Moroccanoil look at the video below.

Comprehensive care provides cosmetics care company Natural Formula. The products are created on the principle of "3 in 1" - dandruff control, nutrition and cleansing, the components are vitamin E, microsilicon, wheat protein, grape extract.

Hair, like skin, ages from poor care, frequent washing, blow-drying and dyeing. They become brittle, thin, lifeless. Israeli Anti-Aging Collagen Shampoo Agranicare will return to them density and health.

With constant use, the hair will radiate radiance and silkiness.

Israeli shampoo for irritated and sensitive skin Neta contains 25% natural oils, plant extracts, does not irritate the eyes. Recommended for daily use. It has a calming and healing effect.


Like all medications, therapeutic shampoos, which include dirt and salts, have contraindications for people suffering from hypertension, tuberculosis, infectious and some skin diseases.

How to choose

Useful mineral shampoos are made for men and women. Depending on the characteristics of the hair, it is now easy to choose a shampoo. You can pick it up for dry and oily, brittle and damaged, dyed and weakened hair, for normal and sensitive scalp. A suitable care product should provide maximum care, taking into account the characteristics of the scalp and hair structure. In winter, from the stress of the dermis, you need to use keratin. This is mainly professional cosmetics.

At home, it is necessary to regularly apply hair masks to strengthen and nourish (up to two masks per week).


In most cases, reviews about shampoos in the Israeli Sea are very good. They are an excellent hair care product, it has a truly healing effect. Israeli shampoos are hypoallergenic, composed of natural organic minerals that provide hair with good growth and beautiful appearance.

Good reviews about the "7 Gold" shampoo, which foams well and gives the hair an extraordinary smell, softness and obedience. Due to the natural components, care products have a limited duration of use. If financial opportunities allow, shampoo can be ordered directly from Israel to be sure of the authenticity of the product.

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