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Aravia Paraffin Cream

It is very important for every woman to always remain beautiful, and do not forget that in the pursuit of beauty you need to follow not only fashion trends in clothes, but also in caring cosmetics. The popularity of paraffin therapy is gaining momentum and, as a result, the demand for paraffin creams is growing. A firm such as Aravia is especially popular. In this article, we will find out what remedy it represents and how it is used.

To begin with, we’ll figure out what paraffin is.

Cosmetic paraffin is a chemical substance consisting of hydrocarbons, which makes such products completely unique in its kind. Paraffin affects the skin is extremely simple. It creates a specific layer on the skin, which has a special thermal effect on it. Thus, paraffin perfectly moisturizes the skin and helps it regenerate.

Also, one cannot ignore that such creams include vegetable oils and a complex of vitamins. So the purchase of paraffin cream will never seem like a waste of money. This is the so-called must have, which is needed by every girl who wants to maintain her beauty and youth for many years.

In cosmetology, two types of paraffin therapy are used: hot and cold. In the first case, the paraffin cream is heated before use, and the cosmetologist makes the so-called "paraffin mittens" or "paraffin bath". But due to a number of contraindications, this type of cosmetic service is not suitable for every representative of the perfect gender.

In cold paraffin therapy, the master applies paraffin without preheating, and in this case only the heat of the female body works.


Unfortunately, not every woman is able to constantly go to beauty salons for a new portion of paraffin, because now Aravia paraffin creams are especially popular. The price for the products of this company is quite acceptable, that is, one jar of cream in three hundred milliliters will cost you 350-480 rubles, depending on whether you buy it at a pharmacy, in a store, or order on the company's official website.

Aravia creams contain only natural ingredients: plant extracts, essential oils, vitamins and amino acids. All creams are tested in laboratory conditions and are of excellent quality. All products are certified and meet all international quality standards.

The consistency of the cream is white, oily and quite thick. In order to moisturize both hands, a small amount of cream is enough, which is another advantage of Aravia paraffin cream, because it is enough for a long time and you will not have to visit the pharmacy often in the hope of buying a new treasured jar.

How to apply

We will pay special attention to the method of using paraffin cream. First you need to cleanse the skin with a scrub, then soak in a greasy cream and wait until completely absorbed. After some time, we apply cold paraffin cream on the skin of our hands, put on plastic gloves. You can also warm your hands with mittens. The main question that arises when it comes to paraffin hand creams is whether it is easy to distribute it over the entire surface of the skin. The answer is simple: it is distributed as easily as any thick oily hand cream.

The manufacturer recommends leaving the cream on your hands for 10-20 minutes, then remove its excess with a napkin. If your skin is very dry, then you can go to bed in mittens and in the morning the skin of your hands will delight you with incredible softness. The frequency of such procedures also depends on the condition of the skin.

What promises us manufacturers of paraffin cream from Aravia:

  • The softness of your skin. Indeed, this is the whole essence of cold paraffin therapy - to become a kind of salvation, or even a panacea for dryness.
  • Blood flow improvement.
  • Cleansing effect as well as the elimination of toxins.
  • Anti-aging effectsmoothing out fine wrinkles.
  • If we are talking about the skin of the legs, then paraffin therapy prevent the appearance of corns and trampled.

On the company's website you can easily choose a cream that is right for you. The variety of smells and volumes of the products offered will be a pleasant surprise for you, because Aravia values ​​every customer.


The reviews about Aravia are mostly positive. Girls who have purchased a similar product, emphasize its indispensability in the autumn-winter period, because it is at this time that the skin of the hands is especially susceptible to the destructive effects of wind and cold. Also, customers were pleasantly surprised by the price of the product and, of course, its cost-effectiveness.

It is worth noting that the girls were pleased with the fact that paraffin cream is not washed off with water. This is understandable, because paraffin is akin to petroleum jelly and you can get rid of its excess only with a napkin.

There are really very few negative reviews about Aravia products. The only thing is that this cream should be applied before bedtime or in the evening when you are not going to leave the house, because the paraffin will make your hands rather greasy at first and there is a risk of staining the dull surfaces or you will have problems with slipping objects from your hands.

If we spoke above about the excellent effect of paraffin on the skin of the hands, then the magical effect of paraffin therapy on the skin of the face cannot be ignored.

Everything here is also very simple. The algorithm is the same as when applying Aravia paraffin cream to your hands. It is necessary to clean the skin, soak it with cream and apply paraffin to the face. Best of all, after applying paraffin, wrap your face with cling film, then gauze and put a towel on top. You need to wait as much: 10-20 minutes, depending on the desired result.

Facial skin after such a procedure will noticeably change for the better. Paraffin therapy quickly and without much effort and spending will improve its condition. If you want to dramatically improve the quality of the skin, then you need to conduct a course of 12-16 procedures, with a frequency of 2-3 times a week. Then do maintenance procedures 1-2 times a month. This will help you get rid of dryness, wrinkles, sebaceous plugs and make your skin visibly refreshed.

So, to summarize: Aravia paraffin cream is really an indispensable little thing in your cosmetic bag. When recommending this company, you should pay attention to the fact that:

  • The manufacturer is time-tested and meets all international standards.
  • the number of positive reviews about it guarantees your satisfaction with the purchase. Of course, in stores you can find cheaper analogues of such a cream, but the question is whether they are of proper quality. So, buying cheap analogues, you do it at your own peril and risk.

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