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Face Depilation Cream

Cream for facial depilation has the function of removing hairs without any pain. You can use it at home on your own. The procedure does not take much time, and the tool is used very simply. The peculiarity of the action is that the vegetation is not completely removed - the roots remain in the epidermis, and this allows them not to grow inward, but gradually become softer and thinner.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are several ways to remove hair and excess “facial hair”:

  • laser hair removal - in this case, the internal structure of each hair is damaged. The effect is directly on the bulbs. The procedure is performed in several approaches, and at the last stage, the final destruction of the hair root occurs, which eliminates excess hair forever. However, this procedure is not safe for the epidermis itself. It can cause discomfort;
  • photoepilation - A more gentle method for adjusting the growth of hairs on the skin. In the first procedure, the photo corrector slows their growth, after which it weakens the root, which leads to natural loss. With a regular repetition of this method, the hair completely stops growing. Accompanied by unpleasant sensations;
  • home depilation - relieves the surface of the epidermis from hairs, but leaves the root inside. With frequent use of this method, the hair becomes thinner and their growth slows down.

The latter method is the most economical and safest. And that's why:

  • depilatory cream can be used to instantly eliminate abundant "vegetation". The antennae are removed in a few movements - the procedure takes about 5 minutes, and any girl will cope with facial depilation;
  • the method is completely painless - hair is removed due to a chemical reaction;
  • even unwanted, ingrown hairs on the epidermis can be removed - with mild depilation, ingrown roots can also be gradually eliminated;
  • with this procedure, the hair does not grow inside the skin - This effect is often observed with mechanical hair removal, for example with a razor. It is quite difficult to get rid of ingrown hairs and takes a long time;
  • the epidermis is not injured or damaged - high-quality creams use a gentle chemical composition that acts directly on the hairs;
  • nutrition - In addition to removing vegetation, a depilation cream can look after the epidermis. As a rule, it is enriched with vitamins and minerals.

However, there are also negative aspects of this method:

  • the effect lasts a short period of time - hairs grow back on the fourth day after the procedure;
  • may cause allergic skin reactions - some of the components in the composition have an irritating effect, so before using any depilatory cream it is necessary to check its effect on the skin;
  • epidermis rises - it contributes to the appearance of peeling and signs of aging;
  • can burn - when overexposing the product on the face, a chemical reaction can greatly affect the skin. It also causes eye burns - apply the product carefully, and if it gets into your eyes, rinse immediately with water.

Operating principle

Often mixtures for depilation have an extended spectrum of actions, since their composition is enriched with special oils. In addition, it may include:

  • aloe vera juice - Helps relieve irritation. Penetrates into the dermis and affects the functioning of cells: it activates regeneration and cellular recovery;
  • tocopherol and retinol - vitamins of youth, which support the functions of skin protection, as well as prevent its premature aging;
  • boswellia - has an antibacterial effect, helps to restore the natural protective layer of the epidermis, and also reduces the negative impact of the chemical composition;
  • butter component - charges the dermis with energy, has an antioxidant effect;
  • Shea Butter - protects the skin from moisture loss, helps with dehydration;
  • jojoba extract - soothes and repairs damage.

The remaining components have a rather complex chemical interaction. When applying the cream to the epidermis, the substances react, which completely destroys the structure of the hairs on the face. The main action is due to the fact that the acidity changes to high values, which is used against the growth of hairs.

Most often, the active elements are a sodium and keratin molecule, as well as calcium inclusions. They enter into active interaction on the epidermis, increase its acidity and soften the hairs to a liquid state. After a few minutes, the cream will only have to be removed.

It should be emphasized that with repeated removal, hair growth slows down, or even stops for a long time.

The pros and cons of removing facial hair with a cream are described in the video below.

Who is not recommended

When choosing a product, it is necessary to take into account the composition, components and its active actions. In some cases, a cream can do much better with its functions than a laser or shugaring. You also need to understand that depilatory must have caring ingredients and oil extracts:

  • constituent elements - at the top of the list should be present oils and trace elements soothing the epidermis;
  • product manufacturing and shelf life - It is strictly forbidden to buy and use expired drugs;
  • availability of instructions - an insert with a detailed prescription of the ingredients, method of application and functions of the product must go to the cream;
  • perfume - should be weakly expressed and generally absent.

Since the components of this composition enter into a chemical reaction that dissolves the hairs on the skin, the product has some limitations in use. It can not be used by people who have:

  • epidermis wounds and abrasions (this also includes burns and other injuries);
  • oncological diseases with the appearance of traces on the face;
  • rash and skin diseases, as well as increased fat content of the epidermis;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • individual reaction, severe allergic reactions, as well as skin sensitivity.

Application features

Before applying the product to the face, a number of preparatory procedures should be carried out:

  • cleanse the skin of impurities and completely remove makeup;
  • dry your face or dry it thoroughly with a towel to remove excess moisture;
  • prepare the necessary supplements, for example, a spatula and a caring lotion.

The use of the product itself is quite simple - it must be applied to the epidermis and wait about 5 minutes, then clean the remaining hairs with a special cosmetic spatula cream.

The time frame must be observed. With overexposure, you can get a burn of the epidermis, and if you remove the composition from the face earlier, then the result may not even be.

Precautionary measures:

  • Female depilation cream has a hard composition, destructive for the antennae above the upper lip. Therefore, remove the cream carefully and carefully, and apply carefully;
  • The cream can be used to remove unwanted hair between the eyebrows, on the cheekbones and above the upper lip. After the first application, the hair can grow stronger, you need to repeat the procedure after a few days - gradually you can get rid of the vegetation forever;
  • it is necessary to ensure that the product does not fall on the mucous membranes - eyes, mouth and nose;
  • wash after the procedure is necessary only with warm water.


In order for the tool to act as efficiently as possible and not irritate the epidermis, you should remember:

  • after the procedure it is necessary to lubricate the epidermis with a moisturizer. It is advisable to use one manufacturer;
  • skin after depilation is hypersensitive. Coarse scrubs are not recommended. and face cleaners within 48 hours after the cream;
  • do not apply fruit emulsions with fruit acids - this creates irritation on the epidermis, which contributes to an allergic reaction;
  • do not sunbathe for 6 hours immediately after depilation;
  • if irritation appears after applying depilatory cream, immediately remove it from the face and treat with alcohol-containing product. Only then use a light moisturizer.

Best Hair Removers

"Deep Depil" by Floresan

It is a mild facial hair remover. Peach oil is included in the composition, which prevents irritation and promotes additional care for the epidermis. The product should be applied to the skin with a thin layer on the problem areas and wait about seven minutes. If the hair removal is incomplete, the procedure can be repeated.

The kit includes a special spatula for applying the product on the face. In the class of depilatory funds - "Deep Depil" by Floresan has the reputation of a gentle product that does not injure the dermis.

Use it is allowed once a week.


The brand is especially popular due to the large selection of products. For example, there is a depilator with gold particles, which improve blood flow to problem areas, activate regenerative functions. This product is suitable for sensitive and delicate skin, which needs additional care. The cream is applied with a spatula for five minutes, after which it is removed, and the skin is treated with warm water.

Another depilatory agent contains aloe vera extract. Inside the package are five mini-liners with caring napkins. They can be used after the procedure. Aloe vera helps to soften the dermis, has an antiseptic effect, and therefore prevents irritation. Boswellia vulgaris extract has also been added.

Lady caramel

Depilatory cream is presented in a gentle formula, contains cocoa butter and vanilla, which makes it possible to remove hairs and moisturize the dermis as comfortably as possible. According to most reviews, the epidermis after applying the cream becomes soft and smooth. The cream has one of the most effective and fastest formulations.

After applying it to the skin, you should wait no more than three minutes, and after that - remove the remains with a spatula and wash your face with warm water.


Eveline depilatory is available in two forms:

  • 3 in 1 cream - for gentle hair removal on the face and in the bikini area. Triple action is due to softening, hair removal and nutrition;
  • depilator 9 in 1 - simultaneously moisturizes and nourishes the epidermis. Can be used for any skin type. According to reviews, the effect is achieved in 3 minutes, and after depilation, hairs do not appear on the dermis for about 2 weeks.

The composition includes components such as glycerin extract, beeswax and strong chemical ingredients. Since alkali is included in the cream, it must be used with caution in case of a dermis sensitive and prone to inflammation. The advantages that girls celebrate are quick results and affordable prices.

Of the disadvantages distinguish - the possibility of an allergic reaction, as well as a burn.

Sally hansen

The company produces a whole set - a special lotion is applied to the cream after the procedure, in which there is vitamin E.

The depilator has a thick consistency, is difficult to apply and aged on the epidermis for about 5 minutes.


The consistency of the cream is light and easily distributed. The drug with the addition of rose oil is considered one of the highest quality and fastest depilators. Features of the tool:

  • eliminates hard and coarse hairs;
  • does not cause burns and inflammation on the epidermis;
  • leaves no residue on the dermis after use, in particular, black dots;
  • has a low price;
  • gives a long-lasting smooth effect.


Most reviews of hair removal creams are positive. Girls note that quick effect and smooth thinning of hairs are great advantages.

However, negative reviews are associated with the fact that creams can cause irritation and remove poor quality vegetation.

According to girls, Sally Hansen facial hair remover has an unpleasant odor and does not remove hair well. But the caring lotion has a neutral smell and eliminates redness.

In the Velvet Facial Waxing Tool, girls note quick use and a light, unobtrusive scent. For its action should wait only a few minutes. Some reviews emphasize that its use can cause the effect of ingrown hairs. However, this happens very rarely.

Most often, girls choose a cream depilator from the company Eveline 9 in 1. He was loved by many due to its universal application and soft composition.

Watch the video: If Youre Considering Laser Hair Removal, Use This Safety Checklist (February 2020).


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