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Estel Shampoo

Beautiful and well-groomed curls are the dream of any girl. You can achieve the desired result by purchasing a special tool that is ideal for a specific type of hair. To do this, seek the help of professional Estel shampoos. They are able to give each hair the vitamins and minerals it needs to moisturize and revitalize hair for the whole day.

The company offers a wide range of shampoos for home and salon care. They contain useful vitamins and natural oils that perfectly fight many problems of the scalp and the hair itself. They effectively destroy dandruff and relieve itching and peeling.

Features and Benefits

Estel Professional is a popular brand that is always popular among Russian women. Professional products have many well-deserved awards that confirm its quality and safety. Means for washing the head gently and accurately clean the strands from contamination due to the keratin, vitamins and minerals contained in them. The company produces a diverse line of products for different types of hair, which consider high quality and affordable price.

Elite beauty salons often use cosmetics only from the Estel brand. After all, he rightfully received the highest popular rating, as the best manufacturer of quality products for the care of curls.

But if for salons there are lines of 1000 ml products, then for home use, the average packaging volume is 200 ml.

Estel Professional products have many features and advantages over other products of well-known brands. It combines restoring and nourishing functions that always give the necessary results.


  • Quality equals price. Any customer can easily purchase Estel products at the price they can pay.
  • Effective cleansing of the scalp.
  • Saturation of hair follicles with useful components that strengthen and tighten each hair.
  • The creation of shampoos occurs using innovative technologies and proven recipes.
  • All products undergo research and testing, which confirms its effectiveness and safety.
  • A huge assortment allows you to find exactly the product that individually suits the person.
  • Economical consumption - one tube is enough for 1-2 months of regular use.
  • Most components have natural ingredients, which minimizes the likelihood of allergic reactions.
  • Pleasant aroma without sharp notes and chemical smell.
  • The light and pleasant structure allows shampoos to foam well, using a small amount of product.
  • Professional care is possible at home, due to which the curls acquire a healthy shine.

For best results, in addition to shampoo, use balm and a hair mask, which are produced in one series.


Estel brand products are multifaceted and shampoos are available in many forms, aimed at solving certain problems of the scalp.

  • For dyed and bleached hair is a series of optimal products to complete the dyeing and bleaching process. It contains wheat proteins and keratin, which contribute to improving the structure of strands, revitalize the color and nourish damaged areas. Colored curls are most susceptible to damage, and shampoos of this type are able to restore their natural beauty and health.

Shampoos for colored hair: "Color Care", "Otium blossom", "Princess Essex". All of them are aimed at restoring and normalizing the acid balance of the hairline. In addition, they hold the paint on the surface of the hairs so that they remain bright and radiant for a long time. After using the product, the hair is easy to comb and give it a shape that will hold for several hours. Cost - from 400 r for 200 ml.

For best results, use serial products immediately after staining or discoloration.

  • For daily use - shampoos suitable for all types of hair. They foam well and are just as easily washed off with plain water. Their purpose is intensive nutrition and hydration, protection from the negative effects of the environment, and conditioning. After regular use, the hair becomes soft and acquires additional volume.

They include provitamins B5, vitamins, essential oils and panthenolable to repair damage to the scalp and soak them with useful minerals. Cost - from 300 r.

  • For deep cleaning. This includes products that include keratin complex and provitamins B5. They are ideal for cleansing the head of dirt and dust, while acting gently and do not create the effect of an oily film. Cost - from 450 r per 1000 ml.
  • To strengthen and optimize hair growth. Activator shampoo is created to give curls tone. It contains caffeine and amino acid complex, which contribute to the acceleration of blood circulation, nourish the hair roots and minimize their loss. It helps to accelerate the growth of hairs and protects them from sunlight and ultraviolet radiation.

This includes the women's and men's series. Men's called "Alpha Homme" and consists of a complex of funds that activate the growth of strands and prevent baldness.

Women's called "Curex Gentleman" and consists of cosmetic preparations that can accelerate the process of hair cell regeneration, which contributes to the rapid growth of hair. Cost - from 400 r for 250 ml.

  • To give volume to thin curls. Innovative technology has solved the problem of insufficient volume. The composition of the preparations includes useful trace elements that can penetrate the root system of the hair, saturate them with oxygen and make them thick. Root nutrition is due to the impact on them of components that enhance blood circulation in the head.

One of the most famous means is "Otium Butterfly"that fights hair damage and lack of volume. There are shampoos for dry, oily and normal hair. To achieve the best effect, use balm "Butterfly". Cost - 400 r for 200 ml.

  • For kids. Hypoallergenic cosmetics "My angel" Designed for gentle care and easy combing of children's curly curls. They include only natural ingredients, such as chamomile extract and succession, which have anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. In case of contact with eyes, it does not cause discomfort and is easily washed off with warm water. Cost - 200 r for 200 ml.
  • To emphasize the shade, these are tint shampoos that remove yellowness and give the strands a beautiful shade. This is not a full-fledged paint, with its help you can only slightly dye your hair in a more saturated color. They are composed of vitamins, herbs, trace elements and mineralsthat contribute to the treatment of damaged hair.

Ruler "Solo Ton" - This is a large palette of tinting agents. They not only color curls, but also protect them from the harmful effects of sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. Color persists for several days, and regrown roots do not stand out against its background. Cost - 100 r per 150 ml.

Regular use is not harmful to health, but you need to wash off the tint balm in accordance with the recommendations.

  • For the treatment of specific scalp problems. Shampoos with a complex of components, such as zinc and collagen, which remove dandruff and prevent its reappearance. They soothe the scalp and maintain its natural balance. Their main ability is the elimination of peeling and itching. Cost - from 400 r for 250 ml.

Popular Series

  • "Haute Couture" is a collection of dual-action cosmetics. They are designed for colored curls and consist of components that can repair damage to each hair. "Haute Couture" produces 6 product lines to perform a specific function: cleansing, restoring, increasing volume, adding shine, healing and preventing hair loss. Packaging is always made of durable and environmentally friendly materials, the contents are consumed long enough and have a pleasant, unobtrusive aroma.
  • "Essex" - Professional shampoos for all types of hair. They perfectly cope with pollution to prepare hair for hairdressing procedures. They include healthy vitamins, keratin complex and B5 provitamins, which allows you to cleanse your scalp for a long time. They do not cause allergic reactions and are absolutely safe for health. Most beauty salons prefer to use "Estel Essex Professional" products in their work.
  • "Curex Classic" - a complex of products designed to regularly care for curls. These are shampoos, balms, masks, oils and sprays containing special components that should provide effective hydration and nutrition. They provide the hair with natural volume and shine, and give vitality for the whole day.

The products are suitable for daily use and for all types of strands, do not harm their health and do not create a greasy film.

  • "Otium Aqua" - A collection of various products aimed at improving the quality of the hairline. Shampoos consist of healthy vitamins and minerals that moisturize and nourish hair follicles. They penetrate the hairs and retain moisture in them for several hours. As a result, the strands look well-groomed and shine with a natural shine.
  • "Prima Blonde" - shade shampoo for blondes, directed against the formation of yellowness. The palette consists of cool shades such as purple, blue, pink and silver. The composition of "Prima Blonde" includes panthenol and keratin, which are able to restore the damaged structure of the hairs and give them a natural look. Color stays vibrant and vibrant for a long time, attracting the views of people around.
  • "Otium Flow" - A professional shampoo designed to care for long hair. It makes the strands soft and obedient, which makes them easy to comb. The series contains useful components that allow you to achieve a unique effect. Active substances spread along the entire length, provide maximum moisture and enhance the natural shine of the strands. Thanks to this, the curls do not hang and do not look dull, but on the contrary, acquire additional volume from the roots. In addition, shampoos have a pleasant aroma and economical packaging, which lasts for a long time.
  • "Curex Therapy" - a set of products for dry, weakened and split ends. Special components take care of the scalp and prevent the loss of necessary moisture. Vitamins penetrate the deep layers of each hair to make them strong and healthy.

After prolonged use, an effect is noticeable - the hair looks well-groomed, emits natural radiance and beauty. The shampoo is easy to apply and easy to rinse.


Estel Professional Headwash products have a safe composition that includes a detergent base, thickeners, preservatives, conditioners and natural ingredients. Detergents are needed to form a soap base. It is at their expense that the contents of the shampoo package are washed and foamed, allowing them to penetrate into all areas when applied to the head. Thickeners make the product thick, and preservatives are designed to preserve the product for a long period of time, preventing it from deteriorating.

Conditioners are necessary to create smooth and shiny curls. They smooth the scales and even out damaged areas, covering each hair with a protective film. Specialized preparations contain substances that protect against ultraviolet rays and heat. These can be anti-inflammatory or therapeutic substances designed to combat the problems of the skin and scalp. For example, with dandruff and split ends.

Estel is known for using many natural ingredients in the creation of its cosmetics: clay, menthol, honey, vitamins, silk proteins and others. They are produced without the addition of sulfates. Therefore, organic shampoos have a not very thick and almost transparent consistency.

They do not have a sharp chemical smell, which indicates the absence of hazardous substances in them.

How to choose

When choosing a shampoo, you need to rely on several important criteria that will help you not to make a mistake and help you buy a product suitable for a particular person. Advertising is full of bright promises, but you can’t take a word. A specific tool may not be suitable for a particular buyer, while another user will be satisfied with the purchase.

A good shampoo should perform certain functions. For example, cleanse your head of dirt and excess fat. The main property of a product is always written in large print on the packaging of Estel products. Focusing on the inscription and you need to make your choice.

An important point is the study of the composition. It should not contain harmful chemical components: benzene, paraben and other hazardous substances. Also, the presence of silicone on the list should not make the product unique, because silicone is a useless component. It has only an external effect, but does not affect the hair structure.

A very good sign is the presence of vitamins, provitamins, herbal extracts, essential oils and fruit acids in detergents. All this proves that the drug does not contain hazardous substances and will not cause harm to health. You can be sure that from these components the hair will look healthy and well-groomed.

Read more about all the secrets of choosing the right shampoo in the next video.

Estel produces several series of shampoos designed for certain types of hair. You can not use the tool for fatty strands if you are the owner of curls prone to dryness. When choosing a shampoo for highlighted curls, you need to give preference to the drug with the inscription "for colored hair" from the rulers "Color Care", "Otium blossom", "Princess Essex". A line is issued for children "My angel"which is completely safe for delicate baby skin and does not cause allergies.

For men, there are also separate series of funds that take into account the characteristics of the male body. it "Estel Gentleman" and "Alpha Homme". They are aimed at cleansing and preventing baldness. The consistency should be moderately thick, foam well, but wash off well with plain water. The smell should not be sharp, it may not be at all. The presence of a bright floral smell does not mean that it contains an extract of flowers. Perhaps these are only flavorings.

It is very important to buy Estel cosmetics in specialized stores or from authorized representatives. It is very easy to fall for the scammers who often attract customers at a low price. Good makeup costs a lot of money because it contains natural ingredients.


Estel Professional is a popular brand that is in great demand among Russian customers. This brand has earned the respect of millions of people who use cosmetics from this manufacturer alone. It contains no hazardous substances that can harm the human body. All products undergo research and testing, they are certified and have many awards.

Customers are satisfied with the work of Estel shampoos, because they really eliminate the problems of the scalp and the hair itself.After regular use, the curls become soft, obedient. They are easy to comb and they are not confused.

Medicines also have only positive reviews. They really eliminate dandruff and prevent relapse. Thin and weakened hair takes on a new life - it becomes thick and elastic, the ends do not split, and the hairs themselves practically do not fall out. Very pleased buyers and the price of goods. Anyone can buy the company's products at an affordable cost. And economical packaging allows you to use the tool for a very long time.

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