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Hand Cream LibreDerm

When meeting a woman, they always pay attention to their hands and even draw certain conclusions. Therefore, it is no secret that anyone wants her hands to remain young and beautiful as long as possible. Ladies' things perfectly help us in this - manicure done on time and various care products. In our article we will talk about the best friend of ladies' pens - hand cream from LibreDerm.

A little bit about the brand

Brand cosmetics LibreDerm is familiar to every Russian beauty. Its spectacular appearance and amazing effect immediately allowed it to get into the top sales both in Russia and abroad. The highlight of the products is that LibreDerm positions itself as a cosmoceutical, that is, the products are both therapeutic and cosmetic. The well-deserved popularity of cosmetics was a serious competition for both domestic and foreign brands, many of which were left behind. LibreDerm presents hand care cosmetics for all age groups.

Simple rules

Any woman knows that the sooner she begins to take care of her skin with her hands, the longer they will be pleased with their beauty in response. No matter what cream you use, the pens must always be kept clean. Always wear gloves when working with hands and use a protective agent. It is recommended that you always use a cream after contact with water. Nothing can ruin even the most beautiful hands by nature, like groomed nails, so do a manicure in a timely manner. These basic guidelines will help prolong the youth of your pens.


The innovative LibreDerm creams are a great way to take care of the youthfulness of pens, as they are known to be the first to give out our age. For hand care LibreDerm presents a whole collection of medical cosmetics.

The composition of creams includes only natural ingredients, which is confirmed by dermatological studies. Depending on what kind of skin you have, you will need one or another remedy with a certain action.

Let's see what new features LibreDerm presents to us so that you can choose a tool that is ideal for you.


This is truly a rainbow of nutrients and moisturizers that you can choose for every taste. Unusual combinations of components are surprising in a new way, for example, blackcurrant with white charcoal, damask rose with musk, Japanese mint with tarragon or Caribbean fruits. Each cream contains an exclusive composition of herbs, berries and flowers. Any product from this series is accompanied by a subtle and unobtrusive aroma, donated by nature itself. The mini-format of the package allows you not to part with your beloved LibreDerm during the day and is easy to take with you on vacation.

"With vitamins"

Everyone knows that a lack of vitamins adversely affects our body, including the skin of our hands. Lack of vitamin F for the hands is dryness, cracks, peeling, which as a result leads to premature aging. To solve this problem, a hand cream with vitamin F was created. It eliminates not only external skin problems, but also carefully removes psoriasis, accelerates the healing of wounds, burns and even fights pressure sores. Such a tool is simply indispensable in the care of very dry skin.

Aevit with Vitamin E is a collection of care for your hands. This method of hand care is a real enrichment with useful substances and excellent protection for every day, which takes care of the beauty of your nails.

This series is intended for regeneration, restoration and mitigation. The cream composition is perfectly absorbed, does not leave a greasy sheen and is not felt at all. The composition includes a protective antioxidant and vitamin E, so it is suitable for skin of any age.

"With collagen"

Hand cream with collagen LibreDerm is marked Anti-age and is intended for aging skin. In addition to collagen, it contains a set of other useful components: glycerin, chamomile and castor oil. All of them are magically able to "breathe youth" into the skin of the hands. Since the action is aimed at intensive rejuvenation of the hands, it has pronounced nutritional and moisturizing properties. The light consistency is instantly absorbed, leaving no tangible marks.

"With hyaluronic acid"

Creams with hyaluronic acid are real bestsellers of our time. If dryness is a constant companion of your hands, then LibreDerm with hyaluronic acid will again restore elasticity, smoothness and tenderness. The uniqueness of this cream lies in the artificial equipping of the skin with hyaluronic acid, which ceases to be produced with age. The light snow-white structure is absorbed without a trace, creating a reliable protective film. A popular component - hyaluronic acid reliably moisturizes the skin of the hands and prolong youth.


This cream is aimed at restoring tired skin. The intense effect is due to the healing juice of calendula and other minor components, which together represent a wonderful formula for the beauty and health of the hands. This creamy healing emulsion supports natural hydration and nutrition. A highly effective emollient and at the same time therapeutic product will definitely appeal to your hands.


This wonderful tool works in several directions at once: softens, strengthens, nourishes, moisturizes and takes care of the cuticle. The protective functions make it indispensable for work in industrial conditions and simply in large cities with high levels of the environment. In a creamy consistency, carboxylic acids and edelweiss extract work actively, which provide hydration and vital activity at the cellular level.

A pronounced regenerative property will allow your pens to stay young for a very long time. Many people call this tool the best in the entire LibreDerm collection, which is difficult to doubt.


You can talk about LibreDerm cosmetics for hours, but nevertheless, delighted customer reviews speak of it best. Many note the effect of the cream from the first days of use. Almost everyone noted the modern thematic design of the LibreDerm collections - youthful and dynamic for young people and elegant with notes of severity for ladies of Balzac age. A subtle aroma accompanies all LibreDerm products, which also found a pleasant response among customers.

Feedback on LibreDerm Hand Cream - in the following video:

Expert Opinions

The revolutionary appearance of the cream with loud statements about the return of youth hands caused an mixed reaction from professionals. With careful research and testing, it was revealed that LibreDerm products "keep" their promises. Innovative developments and unusual compositions made it possible to discover a new effect on the basis of already known products.

It is worth noting that in the study of this product there were no contraindications, and a simple and affordable instruction leaves no questions about the application.

With regular use of the LibreDerm series, you yourself will see the effectiveness of this tool. After all, it’s very easy to care for the delicate skin of your hands if the perfect product is chosen. If you are looking for decent makeup for your pens, then be sure to contact LibreDerm. Parapharmaceutical products from this brand have deservedly occupied their niche, as confirmed by many independent studies. And we can only wish you beauty and prosperity.

Watch the video: Packaging design for Librederm makeup collection (February 2020).


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