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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Nivea Shaving Gel

Men who remove the “vegetation” from their faces need various cosmetics that ensure not only easy gliding of the razor, but also skin care. One such remedy is Nivea Shaving Gel.

About Brand

The Nivea brand has long been known in the cosmetics market. Back in the eighties of the last century, many women in our country had blue tin jars with cream for facial skin care. Since then, the range presented in our country has increased significantly. Now you can find creams, and shampoos, and deodorants, and shower gels, and means for sunbathing, and much more. I would also like to highlight the Nivea "Men" series for the stronger sex, in which there is not only gel for and after shave, but also various creams designed specifically for men's skin.


Nivea Gel has a number of indicators by which it can be attributed to one of the best shaving products.

  • The product is easy to apply, does not flow, quickly turns into a dense foam that gently envelops each hair.
  • The tool provides gentle care, prevents micropores. Makes the procedure safer and faster.
  • The composition of the gel includes various vitamins that nourish the dermis, while maintaining its youth. Extracts of medicinal herbs such as chamomile and aloe are also present.
  • In addition, the tool has a convenient dispenser that allows you to easily control how much money is squeezed onto the hand.
  • Nivea Gel provides a smooth shave without skin irritation.

How to use

Before using the gel, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the area where the shaving procedure will be performed. To do this, use soap or a special cleanser. Then you need to squeeze a little product on the hand and smear it over the area of ​​the beard and mustache. Then you can start shaving.

After this procedure, the remaining foam must be washed off and applied after shaving.


Nivea Shaving Gel is available in several series of cosmetics for men.

"Classical" for sensitive skin. An excellent tool for easy gliding and an excellent smooth effect. The composition of the product includes aloe extract, which soothes the dermis, helps relieve irritation and redness. In addition, vitamin E, which is also one of the ingredients of this product, nourishes the skin and increases its regenerative properties. It has a bright fragrance for an amateur. The cost is about 350 rubles.

"Protection and care" moisturizing. This gel is specially formulated for normal to dry skin. This product protects and cares for dermis, aloe is also present in the composition. But besides this, the product contains a complex of moisturizers that ideally prevent dryness and tightness of the skin, give a comfortable feeling after shaving. The cost is about 280 rubles.

Cooling gel from the same series is great for sensitive skin. It perfectly relieves irritation, soothes, relieves discomfort.

Extreme Freshness. The bottle of this product has a photo of a hockey player, which symbolizes the cooling effect of the use of the product. It contains menthol, which tones and gives unsurpassed freshness after the shaving procedure. Perfect for men who lead an active lifestyle, will help maintain a charge of vigor throughout the day. The cost is about 250 rubles.

Silver Protection. The composition of this product includes silver ions, which, when in contact with the surface of the skin, create a protective barrier to bacteria. This helps to reduce irritation and subsequent inflammation of the dermis. In addition, this product contains B vitamins and chamomile extract, which also have anti-inflammatory properties and also help to deeply nourish the dermis even during shaving. The cost is about 280 rubles.


Buyers agree that Nivea Shaving Gel is one of the best products in its price range. Its consumption is very economical, while the quality of shaving and sensations after it are at their best. A wide selection of products, presented in several lines, will help you choose the tool that is ideal for you.

In this video, a review on Nivea Shaving Gel:

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