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Eyelash gel

A woman of any age always wants to have expressive and thick eyelashes. They are able to most clearly emphasize the beauty of the face. For this, an effective eyelash gel is often required.

Why do i need

Eyelashes on the eyelids of the eyes do not live forever, there is a certain time for their growth and a life cycle that can reach several months. Hair can fall prematurely due to various external factors: stress, exposure to sunlight, overwork, malnutrition, hormonal imbalance in the body, use of cosmetics or false eyelashes. Brittle and rare hairs for centuries spoil the appearance.

Such gels relieve premature eyelash loss, serve to strengthen the hair and follicles in which their roots are located. In addition, they increase the volume and length, as a result of the cilia gain a lush attractive appearance. Some brands also give a saturated color of different shades or a charming shine. There are varieties that give a stable shape or curvature of the eyelashes, nourishing with various vitamins and minerals.

Gels are more effective than mascara or overhead options, cope with giving a rich color, shape and volume.


Depending on the purpose, there are several types of such cosmetics.

Firming gel for eyelashes contains vitamins A, PP, H, E, ceramides and keratin, which repair damaged hair cells, make hair follicles and hair follicles healthy and prevent hair loss. Such funds have a fairly viscous consistency, similar to a cream. In addition to the restoration and nutrition of eyelashes, firming gels can be used as modeling tools - they perfectly create a curved shape. Such products are the most popular, of the shortcomings of the customer note only their high cost compared to other types.

Regenerating gel helps restore normal eyelash growth with stress, hormonal disruptions or other health problems. Such products contain vitamins, activators and minerals that stimulate the appearance of new healthy cells.

After 2-3 weeks of use, a high-quality regenerating gel for eyelashes gives a visible result.

Therapeutic types such products may have components that restore damaged follicles, bulbs and hair rods, have beneficial effects on the skin of the eyelids. Their feature is the presence of natural components in the composition. For example, extracts of herbs and wildflowers, seeds, juice of various fruits, marine minerals. They are often universal restorative and firming agents that do not have side effects from daily use.

Fixation Gels help in the care of naughty eyelashes, giving them a stable form that lasts for a long time. In addition, many of them increase the volume, add splendor, rich color and brilliance. Often, fixing gel is applied before using mascara.

there is decorative varieties which do not have healing or restorative properties, but are capable of giving the eyelashes visual volume and length for a long time. Such products can be used instead of mascara, and they can also have a gloss effect. For example "Flickering cilia"with sparkles in a composition that is suitable for parties or other special occasions, but is not intended for regular use.

Gels also have no healing propertiesThey serve only for gluing artificial eyelashes. They are so called only by a similar consistency with firming and restorative means. There are also products for removing false eyelashes and removing glue residue from hairs and eyelids with dissolving components. In addition to cleansing properties, such products soften the skin and eyelashes, give them a natural pristine look.


Eyelashes, like any other hair on the body, consist of a shaft, a bulb and a root. Their loss may be affected by the unhealthy state of the latter two, caused by various external factors. The components that are part of the strengthening and regenerating gels just nourish the roots and bulbs, as a result they become healthy, prevent premature hair loss and stimulate their growth. They also have beneficial effects on the follicles - the sacs in which the hair follicles are located.

Useful substances in such gels stimulate cell growth, it occurs more intensively. As a result, the hair becomes longer and more voluminous. High-quality cosmetics can increase eyelash length by 45% in a few weeks, and their volume by 97%. Active ingredients fight loss, reducing it by 75%. Some types also contain pigments that give the hair a rich color.

Selection tips

To choose the right gel, you must first decide on the purpose of its use. If a woman has problems with the volume and length of eyelashes, then you should purchase natural-based products rich in trace elements and nutrients for intensive growth. With brittle and falling hairs, regenerating and restoring gels containing vitamins, minerals and extracts of medicinal herbs will help.

Before buying, it is best to study the composition in detail and know which ingredient has certain properties.

If a woman does not experience problems with the volume and length of the eyelashes - they are already long and thick, then it is worthwhile to limit yourself to a modeling or fixing gel. If the goal is to create a rich tone or thick shadows, then you need to choose not a transparent, but a special tonal tool. For special occasions, to emphasize the appearance, you can use gels with sparkles.

Before buying, in addition to a well-known and proven brand it is worth paying attention to the following details:

  • shelf life goods;
  • the presence of a brush with dense elastic villi that are the same length and evenly distributed;
  • consistency should be homogeneous, not liquid, but gel;
  • products should not contain alcohol or solvents that have a harmful effect on the delicate skin of the eyelids;
  • possible gel should be hypoallergenic, especially if there is immunity to some components.

In any case, before buying, you should carefully study the composition and the declared effect, which must be indicated on the packaging of the goods.

For recommendations on the use of eyelash gels from a candidate of medical sciences, see the next video.

How to use

Before use, it is necessary to clean the eyelashes and the skin around them from cosmetics, glue and other impurities. To do this, you can apply oil, lotions or tonics. First you need to comb the cilia with a dry brush to give them shape. Then, using the brush included in the kit, the gel is gently applied with uniform movements. For a strengthening or therapeutic agent, a pair of strokes is enough, for fixing or modeling it is necessary to hold with a brush several times.

Modeling or coloring foundation gel is usually used instead of mascara.. Some species after application need staining. After the procedures, a hairdryer can be used to dry quickly. But this should not be done when using a gel with sparkles, as small particles can get into the eyes.

Top brands

The most popular brands of eyelash gels can be found in the pharmacy, in the cosmetic departments of shopping centers or ordered online. The most famous of them are as follows.

Manufacturer Estel one of the most popular, it produces products for thin or damaged eyelashes with special components that deeply penetrate the hair cells and strengthen them. Gel "Otium Unique" produces a good moisturizing effect and gives a lush volume.

Gel conditioners from a famous brand Oriflame prevent loss and fix well volume eyelashes. The kit has a convenient and strong brush. In addition to healing properties, they give a stunning visual effect.

Mavala "Double Eyelashes" It has a number of healing effects, it does not irritate the eyes and is convenient to use. Transparent consistency can be used with mascara.

Belor Design "Bio Formula" from the Belarusian manufacturer of cosmetics quite effectively shapes and evens cilia. The color of the gel is turquoise transparent.

Remedy for Inki It is regenerative, that is, in addition to giving splendor, it also strengthens the eyelashes and prevents their fragility.

"Art Visage" can be used for both eyelashes and eyebrows. It restores structure well and stimulates growth.

Gel "Cil-Glamor" effectively copes with the prevention of loss and quickly increases the length and volume of eyelashes.

Means from the manufacturer Relouis Designed to form a lush volume with a stable shape. The result will be noticeable after 2-3 weeks of active use. The gel has a thick consistency, it is consumed very economically.

Gels "Maxi Lash" contain D-panthenol to give the hair shine and flexibility, and a special formula "Incell" stimulates the production of collagen, of which 90% of eyelash cells are composed. They also serve as an excellent firming agent and prevent hair loss due to amino acids. This brand is recommended for all women without exception.

Eyelash gel Talika effectively forms the volume and gives the eyelashes shine. It differs exclusively in natural components in the composition.


Buyers speak positively enough about gels for the growth and restoration of damaged eyelashes. Many people prefer to use them instead of mascara or false eyelashes and are advised to choose products based on natural ingredients.

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