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Male cream for depilation of intimate areas

This may be a revelation for some, but male depilation is not such a rare occurrence.. In the end, we are talking not only about the banal aesthetics of the appearance, but also about personal hygiene. Despite the fact that there is a humorous expression that “a man should be a little prettier than a monkey”, modern men are distinguished by a sense of good style, neatness and, of course, grooming.

One of the key points is the removal of excess hair from the body. This is not only about the intimate areas, but also about the legs, arms, back and other parts of the body, on which too much hair can be observed. Today it’s much easier for men to take care of themselves, because even the depilation procedure can be carried out independently at home with the help of a special cream!


A similar tool is absolutely not the cosmetic cream that you are used to. The principle of its action is based on the fact that the chemicals in the composition have a destructive effect on the external structure of the hair, completely removing it.

It might seem that the process of such depilation is quite similar to regular shavingHowever, it has its own characteristics. Due to its liquid form, the cream penetrates much deeper not only into the structure of the hair, but also into the skin layer. That is why after depilation, the skin becomes completely smooth and there are no ugly black dots on it, which are "trimmed" hair.

However, the cream does not penetrate directly into the bulb or follicle. This is a small drawback, which explains the fact that a few days after depilation with cream, as well as after regular shaving, the hair begins to germinate again. Today, on the shelves of stores are already beginning to appear funds containing additional substances that are used against the growth of hair on the body. Accordingly, the effectiveness of depilation is increased, and the necessary frequency of its implementation, on the contrary, is reduced.

Male vegetation is more solid and stable, due to the high level of sex hormone - testosterone. In this regard, depilation creams intended for the stronger sex have a stronger chemical effect. They have much more components that have a devastating effect on the tissue. Such tools can be much more effective than, for example, a powerful expensive electronic depilator.

Of course, such a structure of the product leads to the fact that it can cause severe burning of the skin and local irritation. In order to prevent such reactions, the cream also contains a higher content of dermal care components. They nourish it, moisturize, normalize the level of Ph, refresh and reduce irritation in general.

In addition, the features of the composition of the male depilatory cream determine some of the nuances in its use:

  • There are many creams whose manufacturers claim that they can be used in any situation.. In fact, it can only be applied to clean, dry skin. Before carrying out the procedure, it is definitely worth washing the necessary areas and thoroughly drying them with a towel. Excessive moisture or sebum residues reduce the effectiveness of the cream and can cause unwanted acute reactions to chemical components;
  • To apply the product, use a special applicator. It is necessary to obtain the most thin and uniform layer, since the chemical activity is quite high;
  • To remove the cream with the remnants of hair is also necessary with a special spatula. Try to reduce the contact of hair-free skin and hair removal products;
  • In the end, the area should be treated with warm running water.to rinse off any remaining product and reduce irritation. Do not wipe the towel, but gently pat the skin.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that there are quite a few options for the cream. In the case of men, the number of zones that may be subject to treatment is significantly increasing. Depilation cream for men can be designed not only for intimate areas, but also for the back or face.


As mentioned above, the principle of the action of depilatory products is a chemical reaction that destructively affects the structure of the hair. Of course, in such a situation there is a high risk of developing allergic irritation, so you should understand what exactly is included in the main composition of the cream. As a rule, it is represented by the following components:

  • Thinners - This is the main ingredient, which is the foundation of the whole cream, and contains an emulsion of all active substances. Thanks to solvents, the desired consistency is achieved, the cream becomes light and uniform. It can be natural oil or glycerin, but the most common diluent is water, as it has neutral qualities and is affordable;
  • The main active ingredient is always thioglycolate. This is a derivative chemical substance of potassium or calcium, which has a rather pungent and unpleasant odor, which is why fragrances are often added to the cream. Thioglycolates have the unique property of reacting with keratin, the main element of the hair structure, and destroying it. It is due to this that the pronounced effect of depilation is observed;
  • Sulfides also have a similar effect.for example barium or strontium. Some cosmetic companies still use them in production, although they have a less powerful effect, and more often cause skin irritation. In this regard, it is always recommended to choose creams in which the main component is potassium thioglycolate;
  • Hydroxides are used as an additional element. They create an alkaline environment on the surface of the hair and skin, which is ideal for the reaction of thioglycolate with keratin;
  • The so-called emollients are substances that have a protective effect on the upper layers of the dermis. They must be included in the composition, as they prevent a strong effect on the skin of aggressive components like alkali, thioglycolate or sulfides. Most often, silicone or essential oils are used as an emollient;
  • Additional componentsnecessary to maintain the normal properties of the cream. It can be colorants, emulsifiers, flavors, and even preservatives.

Overview of the best manufacturers

A well-groomed appearance has long been considered not something special, but a normal cultural phenomenon, which should be inherent not only to a woman, but to every man who respects himself. Getting rid of unnecessary “thickets” in this case plays not the last role, therefore one should not be surprised that most cosmetic companies are engaged in the development and production of creams that could replace a full-fledged depilation procedure.

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of many creams leaves much to be desired. Most often this is due to the abundance of negative skin reactions to the product. Of course, removing hair with a cream is impossible forever, but not every manufacturer can guarantee even a temporary effect. Among the brands, only a few can be distinguished who really attract attention with their quality.

Company Veet well known as a manufacturer of a huge line of skin care products. In addition, depilatory creams for both women and men have become popular. A hallmark of the company's products Veet is a rather soft and gentle composition, thanks to which the procedure is very gentle.

In the composition of a standard men's cream, the number of emollients always exceeds the proportion of the main "destructive component", which, by the way, is represented precisely by thioglycolate, which provides a good depilation effect.

In addition, the line has many options with additional components for more gentle care. They are ideal for treating intimate areas or skin that is too sensitive. Natural ingredients like aloe juice or green tea extract are used as protective ingredients.

Cream "Cliven young"- it is very often considered as a worthy analogue to a razor or electronic depilator, when a quick and short-lived hair removal effect is needed. It differs from other means at an affordable price.

It could be argued that the cream is not good enough, as the hair removal is not as deep as desired. But this drawback is explained and compensated by a high level of emollients, thanks to which this tool never causes irritation, redness and itching of the skin, which almost all depilation creams sin.

A drug "Rivanol"- this is another affordable pharmacy. It is often used not only for hair removal, but as a" cauterizing "wound healing cream. It should be noted that its effectiveness is quite low if you try to remove thick and strong hair.

"Rivanol"Well suited for the treatment of intimate areas, or depilation of a light" gun "on the face. Therefore, it is often recommended not so much for men as women who experience inconvenience due to the appearance of unwanted vegetation above the upper lip. Nevertheless, it is quite simple, affordable and safe means.

Depilatory cream Collistar men can be attributed to a line of elite professional tools. It is relatively expensive, but at the same time it demonstrates high efficiency. Cleansing from the hair of the entire surface occurs quite quickly, deeply and painlessly. Thanks to the perfect combination of the active ingredient and emollients, the Italian manufacturer was able to achieve an almost perfect result.

Another good option is Rica for men. One of the most successful choices if you need to quickly remove hair from the chest, arms, armpits. It is a classic male depilator, therefore it is focused on the elimination of strong and coarse hair. It is not recommended for use in intimate areas where the skin is too delicate and can react with severe inflammation to such a tool.


Until now, on the network you can find both positive and negative opinions about depilatory creams in general. As you can see, the main complaints are related to the fact that the product burns when applied, causing severe irritation and redness of the skin.

Most often, this is the result of the wrong choice of means and its operation. Very many men, for the first time encountering the problem of removing vegetation on intimate areas of the skin, acquire the cream that is best used for treating the chest or hands, since it has too pronounced an effect. It happens the other way around - they try to remove dense hair from the chest as a means for soft and thin skin, which, of course, does not give the desired effect.

In general, a hair removal cream with the right choice and application makes it easy to bring a man’s intimate area into a decent and well-groomed appearance. Separately, it is worth noting that this procedure is a good alternative to going to the salon, while the cream is much cheaper.

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