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Refreshing face mask

Often, in pursuit of beauty, women acquire expensive cosmetic preparations in the expectation that their use will save not only wrinkles, but also signs of fatigue that can be noticeable every day. But there are more affordable and effective means, for example, a refreshing face mask. The skin product, released by a well-known manufacturer, can be purchased at a specialized store or in a pharmacy. And you can cook it at home, picking up the necessary ingredients for this.

In any case, regular care and the use of useful refreshing masks will make your skin healthy, beautiful, well-groomed and radiant.

Why are you

Not always nature generously endows the fair sex with tender skin, like peach. And you have to perfect yourself with the help of those cosmetic products that manufacturers on the cosmetics market offer us today. Well, or with the help of self-prepared formulations based on the most natural ingredients.

In the modern world, women work a lot, do not rest enough, they are subject to stresses, the effects of poor ecology. Due to circumstances, they eat incorrectly, often lack sleep, and undergo stress almost daily. When women come to cosmetologists complaining of a problematic condition of their skin, professionals take into account all the circumstances, including those that skin health can be achieved only with the right lifestyle and healthy nutrition.

To restore the internal forces of the body, which, in turn, will affect the face, it will take a long time, a properly developed menu, a good dream, walks in the fresh air. But there are situations when you need to look great right now.

This can happen on the eve of an important event, before the holiday, and in other cases when an express mask is needed.

How to apply

There is nothing complicated in this procedure. To get the expected effect, you need to use only the highest quality cosmetics. Or use only the best and freshest ingredients for making masks at home. The purpose of the procedure is to nourish the skin of the face with natural vitamins and minerals, they are able to deeply moisturize and nourish the skin, literally "renewing" the face.

The mask should be applied only to cleansed skin, having previously removed all cosmetics, cleansing the face with foam for washing.

At different times of the year, you need to choose a cosmetic product in accordance with weather conditions and with the type of epidermis. What can be used in hot summers should not be used in cold winters. And those masks that are ideal for combination and oily skin types are completely inappropriate for dry and sensitive. Therefore, it is very important to approach with all responsibility the choice of the means by which you want to refresh your face. And only then the mask will meet your expectations, and the appearance will please with freshness.

Popular brands

Many women trust the products of well-known cosmetic companies, and therefore prefer to purchase products for facial skin care in specialized stores or pharmacies. They help not only refresh the dermis, but also create maximum care. Reviews of use indicate that a correctly selected product can work real miracles.

The product applied in accordance with the instructions after a few minutes has the expected effect.

These properties are possessed by the Agafya's Bathhouse express mask; it is able to transform and refresh in a few minutes. Many women believe that she is the best in the line of similar cosmetics. One composition is delightful: the extract of meadowsweet, Siberian iris, forest dewdrop and cold peppermint in ten minutes return to the face a healthy, rested and refreshed look.

The manufacturer offers it in a very convenient package with a dispenser. It not only refreshes, but also tones, so you can use it as often as you like.

Another in-store product is Himalaya Herbals. This is a fruit mask, it is recommended for dry and normal type of dermis. It is implemented in a convenient tube-package, the composition of the cosmetic product contains white clay and an extract of such a fruit as papaya. The product is applied in a dense layer for several minutes, and then washed off with warm water.

Some women say that this product has a lot of advantages, because it can not only refresh, but also cleanse, get rid of black spots.

LuLuLun is a refreshing mask of deep exposure, it can also be purchased in the cosmetic departments. It is rich in vitamins, it contains hyaluronic acid, glycerin. This product is often called magic, because it not only copes with its task, but also helps to get rid of pigmentation in different areas.

It is worth noting that this is a fabric mask from Japan, it contains particles of a special plant - horse. The manufacturer enriches it with an extract of cranberries, strawberries, other fruits and berries.

Home cosmetics

At any time of the year, to prepare a mask, to freshen up your face, put it in order, you can find the most useful and necessary ingredients not only in the store, pharmacy, but also in your refrigerator and kitchen cabinet.

Kefir, yogurt, milk, yogurt are excellent components for refreshing normal or combination skin types. For dry sour cream, fermented baked milk is suitable. Useful preparations that return youthfulness to the face, an excellent rested look, can be made from vegetables, fruits and berries that are at home.

The main ingredients are fresh cucumber, potatoes, ripe tomatoes, young cabbage, carrots. Bananas, apples, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, plums, pears are used. Separate masks are prepared using dill leaves, parsley, garden salad. You can refresh your face at home with the help of honey, oatmeal, eggs, potato flour.

And what is also important, prepared formulations can be stored in the refrigerator for frequent use.

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What to expect from a "home product": unlike industrial production at home, artificial components, chemicals and other "additives" are not added. At home, the most natural product is prepared from the freshest ingredients. Thanks to this, small wrinkles disappear from the use of such masks, pigmentation disappears, elasticity returns, pores are cleansed, and oily sheen is reduced. The morning procedure for using the home remedy is the most common and effective.


They are used for different types of dermis, for different ages, at different times of the year, and this must be taken into account. There are universal recipes, on the basis of which you can enter additional components in accordance with the season or skin features.

For the dry type, you can prepare a honey composition. It will take one tablespoon of cottage cheese, the same amount of oily sour cream and milk, twice as much liquid honey. Everything is thoroughly mixed and carefully applied. Twenty minutes later you can see the difference.

For the fatty type, the lemon composition is well suited in combination with fresh or frozen fruits and berries. Take strawberries, raspberries in equal amounts, add a spoonful of liquid honey and as much freshly squeezed lemon juice. Such a home remedy not only cares, but also whitens. It should be used no more than twice a week.

See the following video for a recipe for a lighting face mask.

Who will not fit

A variety of compounds can in some cases cause allergic reactions. That is why not everyone can use masks.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to conduct preliminary tests on the elbow. The absence of redness indicates the possibility of using the product.

Beauticians warn that with extreme caution, use should be approached by those who have capillary vessels located close to the surface, who have wounds, abrasions, and skin diseases on their faces. Masks are not applied to the skin around the eyes, and at home it is strictly forbidden to use expired products for the preparation of the composition.

Watch the video: 10 Edible DIY Face Masks. Ashley Nichole (April 2020).


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