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Facial Masks with Acids

The acids in the composition of modern cosmetic products are absolutely safe for the skin, and they are completely unlike those frightening reagents from the chemistry room. Acid cosmetics are in great demand in the cosmetics market and are used to cleanse and peel the epidermis, however, one of the types of acids - hyaluronic, serves to maintain the water balance of cells. Known for its moisturizing properties, the "hyaluron" acts at the molecular level and retains moisture inside the pores, thereby providing a uniform texture, fit, elasticity and even complexion.

The benefits of acid cosmetics for facial skin

As part of a cosmetic facial mask, they are aimed at cleansing and exfoliating, since they are able to dissolve the stratum corneum of cells and "work" in deeper layers of the skin. A lot can be said about the benefits of acid cosmetics:

  • It helps in treating skin problems like acne, post-acne, acne, acne and other rashes;
  • The acid in the mask allows you to get rid of pigmented formations;
  • This tool is effective in combating the first signs of aging and aging skin: wrinkles, pigmentation, dull complexion, loss of contour and elasticity;
  • Necessary for oily and problematic skin: they cleanse the pores from the inside, normalize the production of sebum, fight acne, black spots, narrow the enlarged pores;
  • They relieve peeling due to their dissolution and removal from the surface of the face.

Modern cosmetics with acids are often based on a particular component, manufacturers rarely use several acids as part of a single mask, otherwise their concentration is minimal.

With ascorbic

Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, is indispensable for mature skin - this natural antioxidant prevents the aging of cells and stimulates their renewal, protects against UV rays and external factors. Ascorbic stimulates the production of collagen for the density and elasticity of the dermis, it whitens and evens out skin tone and texture due to the high concentration of active components.

Vitamin C deficiency leads to sagging and thinning of the skin, the appearance of wounds and microcracks, therefore, ascorbic acid can be considered an obligatory "building" component of the skin, without which its normal vital activity is impossible.

With nicotine

PP acid enhances blood circulation in the cells and saturates the skin with oxygen, it moisturizes the dermis and normalizes the water-lipid balance by reducing the amount of excess moisture. Niacin removes puffiness of the skin and relieves a woman of "bags" under the eyes, swelling in the face.

Like any other acid, nicotinic acid acts as a light peeling and cleanses the epidermis well, it fights against sagging and tired skin due to oxygenation through the expansion of pores and blood vessels.

With amber

Succinic acid is found in the form of tablets and is used in cosmetology to cleanse the epidermis, it prevents skin aging, normalizes metabolic processes in cells and evens out the tone of the face, its texture. This type is famous for its anti-aging effect - regular use of a mask based on succinic acid allows you to increase the elasticity of the skin, find the lost oval of the face, remove age spots.

Masks based on it are suitable for any type of skin, from normal and combination to mature and sensitive, since the component is not aggressive and potentially dangerous even for the delicate dermis.

Based on succinic acid, moisturizing, cleansing, and nourishing compounds are created, those that fight age-related changes. A cleansing mask based on succinic and gluconic acids involves applying a concentrated composition to cleansed and steamed face skin, home peeling cleanses thoroughly within 10 minutes of exposure, after which the mask is removed from the face with clean water.

The classic mask for weekly use is prepared very simply: crush 2-3 tablets of acid and mix with a little warm water, mix the mixture thoroughly until smooth and apply on face. The composition does not require rinsing.

With lemon

Citric acid is used to whiten the epidermis and combat pigmentation - signs of aging or post-acne. It is often used in masks for problem and oily skin by reducing the level of sebum production and regulating oily sheen, in addition, the component fights microbes on the surface and cleans clogged pores well.

Masks based on citric acid should be done strictly according to the instructions: the composition is highly concentrated and its improper use (overdose) can lead to burns or withering of the skin.

With folic

This type of acid acts as an antioxidant and fights cell oxidation; It enhances metabolic processes and cell regeneration, normalizes the water balance of the epidermis, acts as an antiseptic and has antibacterial properties, which makes it ideal for oily and problem skin.

Folic fights against signs of aging by stimulating the production of natural collagen and elastin, removes dead cells from the epidermis and activates cell respiration. As a rule, masks based on this component are prepared at home from ordinary products: avocados, eggs, dairy products.

With fruit

Masks based on them act as peeling - aggressive components of fruit acids allow you to get rid of the keratinized layer of cells and return the skin to a healthy, uniform shade, natural shine and radiance.

With salicylic

It is impossible to imagine problem skin care without salicylic acid: the BHA component disinfects the surface of the epidermis and fights the “dead” layer of cells, normalizes the production of sebum, controls the formation of new inflammations, evens out the tone of the face and hides the enlarged pores.

Salicylic acid is sold in a pharmacy in liquid form - very convenient for creating homemade masks.

With milk

As part of the mask, it well cleanses pores and moisturizes the epidermis, so it is indicated for the care of dry and sensitive dermis, even at home. Lactic acid fights aging by renewing cells and saturating them with oxygen, a complex of beneficial elements.

With boric

Masks based on this component help in the fight against acne and excessive secretion of sebum, dermatitis and other "oily" problems.

Amino Acid

The mask retains moisture inside the skin and, thereby, increases its elasticity, gives the epidermis elasticity and a healthy glow. Amino acid mask is a complex of beneficial components, often fruit, the concentration of which differs; a similar product is very effective for stressful skin or aging, aging.


Vichy Peeling Mask "Double Glow Peel Mask" based on thermal water and a complex of fruit acids, which are the main cleansing element. It has abrasive particles for deep removal of dirt from the pores, which allows us to call the product cleansing.

Cream mask "Bark" with fruit acids provides a gentle cleansing and acts as a home peeling with a low concentration of the active substance. The product takes care of aging and stressful skin, problematic, oily and age-related due to the high content of vitamins and active ingredients.

Deep cleansing with the Ecolab product is achieved through extracts of fruits, lavender oil and kaolin. A strong amino acid composition Doctorcos with a concentration of 0.5% - the product moisturizes well and "works" in the deep layers of the dermis.

How to cook at home

A face mask can be prepared at home: for this you will need fresh fruits (natural sources of fruit acids) or components in ampoules, tablets, powder - they can be purchased at the pharmacy.

  • It is important to comply with the recommended proportions of acid according to the recipe;
  • Use only freshly prepared mixture;
  • Select acid for the type and needs of the skin, take into account its age.


Acid masks are in great demand due to their effective work: almost every one of them is designed to cleanse the skin through exfoliation (except for hyaluronic and amino acid compounds). Reviews about them are often positive, but women recommend taking into account the concentration of acid in the composition of a finished or home-made product - a lack of acid may not affect the appearance of the skin, and an excess can overdry and injure the skin.

The recipe for a face mask with salicylic acid is in the next video.

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