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How to apply cream around the eyes

If you thoroughly approach the issue of studying the basics of skin care for the face and around the eyes, you can extend its youth and beauty for many years. The main thing is to follow the technique and choose the right tools.

Right choice

This important procedure is often carried out incorrectly, if at all. Many women after 25 years, namely at this age, it is recommended to start taking care of the skin around the eyes more carefully, they doubt that for this it is necessary to purchase a separate product and not even one. It seems that the promising tool from the new commercial is just a marketing trick, but it is not.

The skin of the eyelids is really different from the skin of the face. She is more subtle, delicate and susceptible to external influences. Due to the fact that the number of sebaceous glands on the eyelids is minimal, the skin around the eyes is drier and more sensitive. In addition, the eyelids are associated with facial muscles, and intense facial expression leads to the rapid formation of wrinkles.

There are several main criteria for choosing a skin care product around the eyes:

Age. Young skin under 30 years old will have a fairly light texture of water-based gel. More active anti-aging agents can be used after 30;

Composition. For delicate skin, active chemical components are contraindicated, substances that are aggressive and rough in their effect;

Destination. Funds around the eyes are not limited to one cream at any time of the day. These are moisturizing gels, express care for edema of the eyelids and dark circles under the eyes, helpers in the fight against signs of aging, products that are divided into the "Day" phase and the "Night" phase, creams that smooth wrinkles around the eyes and other related products. You can apply them in a complex, selecting products complementary in composition. Effective care is provided by natural cosmetic products, herbal ingredients, hair oils, healthy skin and fluffy eyelash growth.

A complete list of cosmetic products for the eyelids includes: gels, creams, oils, masks, infusions, decoctions, patches.



Cream-lifting - a means that gives the rejuvenating effect to delicate skin around the eyes.

Designed to tighten and smooth the skin, replenish the components of elasticity, slow down the aging process.

Creams with lifting effect include:

Vitaminssynthesizing collagen fibers for skin elasticity, normalizing skin balance in cells. This function is performed by retinol, or vitamin A;

Antioxidants. Protect the skin from UV rays, preserving the structure of the epidermis. These include vitamins E and C.

Alpha lipolic acid. Fills wrinkles, smoothing the skin, hides cosmetic defects and imperfections;

Humidifiers. For example, hyaluronic acid, which retains moisture in the cells, making the skin supple, and kinetin - a moisturizer, a barrier against UV rays, a rejuvenating agent;

Coenzymes. The most common - Q10, is responsible for immune defense and inhibits the aging of the epidermis;

Components of plant origin.

Purpose: supports the effect of rejuvenation procedures, levels the signs of aging, smoothes wrinkles, moisturizes, refreshes, nourishes, restores; removes edema, eliminates dark circles.


It is called upon to actively combat age-related changes affecting the skin and preserve youth, freshness, and beauty of the face for a long time.

Luxurious in texture, saturated in composition, such a cream makes the skin more elastic, evens out the tone, saturates the cells with moisture. A special collagen complex reduces facial wrinkles and age, revitalizes and tightens the skin.

The main ingredients:

Collagen-forming peptides. It is responsible for the production of such important elements as collagen, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid;

Amino acids - for moisturized skin and perfect tone;

Plant extracts. For example, aloe or chamomile, which gently smooth and relieve swelling;

Emollient components.

Such a composition ensures the safety of the product. It is hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive and problematic skin, and can be used by contact lens wearers.


Moisturizing is what delicate eyelid skin needs most. Moisturizing creams delicately care for her, providing cells with moisture for a long time, improve water drainage and collagen production.

As a rule, such a tool is very light and pleasant in texture, applied and felt on the skin like water. After application, the skin of the eyelids becomes elastic, the number of wrinkles decreases, edema and blue under the eyes disappear.

The composition of moisturizers is quite simple. They include water, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, flower decoctions, vitamins, and other auxiliary components, except for silicones and parabens.


It comes to the rescue when a conventional remedy no longer gives the desired result. The effect of such a cream is minus several years without injections and surgical intervention. The main objectives of the product:

A noticeable decrease in the expression of facial and age wrinkles due to non-injection skin filling;

• Instant skin transformation, restoring its smoothness, elasticity, radiant appearance;

• Prevention of the appearance of new wrinkles;

• The fight against edema and blue under the eyes.

The following components can be found in the composition of the product: water, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, peptides. Such a tool will not do without essential and vegetable oils, keratin, collagen and elastin, plant extracts and vitamins. Hormones are not excluded in the list of constituents of effective creams.


The tool in its properties is almost identical to a lifting cream - reduces wrinkles, regenerates, slows down the aging of cells. It also reduces wrinkles, renews the skin, protects it from negative influences.

The composition is rich in oils. - shea, sprouts of wheat, jojoba, macadamia, plant extracts, water, hyaluronic acid, other auxiliary components that vary from company to company.


Nourishing creams are denser in texture than moisturizing but easily spread over the skin. Means literally melts for centuries, is completely absorbed without films and traces, gives a long feeling of smoothness. The effect of such a cream is noticeable almost immediately: it nourishes and moisturizes the skin, making it more youthful, toned, and the look fresh and radiant.

Nourishing creams work great as a base for makeup on the delicate skin of the eyelids, you can also use them at night.

The cream includes: thermal water or flower decoction, skin vitamins, glycerin, arginine, oils with a rich composition, for example, shea, apricot, jojoba, grape seed.

Anti age

Such funds are usually a unique and effective cocktail of antioxidants, nutrients, moisturizers. A high-quality anti-aging cream literally “wipes out” age-related changes, dark circles, pigmentation, fatigue, edema, signs of lack of sleep and active facial expressions. The skin again becomes dense, supple and literally glows from the inside.

In addition, the eyelids are tightened, the bags under the eyes disappear, the skin is filled with energy and looks well-groomed, anti-aging creams continue to work throughout the day as a high-quality primer for eye makeup, and some luxury products can replace cosmetics, giving the face a “photoshop effect”.

The composition often contains coenzymes, retinol, petids, kinetin, other "building materials" for the skin, vitamins, plant extracts, oils.


The list of products on the packaging of creams is sometimes surprising and unpredictable. Among the active ingredients, unexpected ingredients can be found - from yeast and a golden orchid to seaweed and caviar.

Of course, not all know-how in the field of cosmetology is so extraordinary, there are a large number of proven and affordable products with a very clear, and most importantly, effective composition.

With ginseng

Ginseng, or the "root of life" in the east, has been used for thousands of years in cosmetology and medicine. It is a natural antioxidant with a strong anti-aging effect, due to which it is so popular in the fight against age-related changes.

As part of this amazing plant, there is a complete list of mineral vitamins and elements necessary for the skin, including iron, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, molybdenum; rich acid content: nicotinic, folic, pantothenic, amino acids, polysaccharides.

All these riches of ginseng essence have the following properties:

Deep hydration, preventing cell dehydration;

• Regeneration and renewal;

• Smoothing wrinkles and preventing new ones;

• Increased skin tone;

• Normalization of blood microcirculation and metabolism;

• Collagen synthesis.

With enzymes

Enzymes - bioactive substances are the basis of cosmetic preparationsenhancing individual processes in the skin. A great many enzymes used in cosmetology are amylase, protein kinase, lipase, and other beauty assistants with complex names and important roles. They actively moisturize the skin, activate it to combat the causes of aging, and improve tone.

Means are potent, therefore, they are mainly used in cosmeceuticals or cosmetic pharmaceuticals. You can take a course of procedures from 10-15 sessions at the cosmetology center.

With shea butter

Creams with the addition of this wonderful gift of nature are nutritious. Valuable African walnut oil has the ability to restore and moisturize, softens and protects, so it is so actively used in face care. In particular, it is indispensable for dry skin of the eyelids and the area around the eyes, against peeling and unevenness. It has anti-inflammatory effect, soothes and moisturizes.

The anti-aging effect is the ability of the oil to activate the production of collagen and elastin, in increasing the elasticity and firmness of the skin, smoothing wrinkles. It is also a reliable protector against UV rays, the negative effects of aggressive environmental factors.

With peptides

At their core, peptides are proteins that are made up of chains of amino acids and are the building blocks of proteins. There are natural and synthetic origin. In cosmetology, peptides of the second type are more often and more efficiently used.

The anti-aging properties of creams with peptides are greatly exaggerated. Despite all their miracles, they are not a panacea and are not able to replace Botox, but it is a very important and useful component in the composition of creams. They give the skin a deep hydration, increase its resistance to negative influences, improve the structure and appearance. Thanks to peptides, regeneration processes proceed faster, elasticity increases, the skin becomes denser and healthier.

Peptides are most effective in combination with vitamin A, ceramides, hyaluronic acid.


Caffeine helps the body cheer up not only from the inside, but also from the outside. Creams with this component actively restore the structure of the skin, tone, inhibit the aging process, strengthen. Due to increased lymph flow and normalization of blood circulation, the skin "wakes up", shines, gets rid of bags and bruises under the eyes.

With retinol

The cosmetic properties of vitamin A have been known to everyone for a long time and well. This is an improvement in the tone and texture of the skin, the synthesis of the necessary substances in the dermis, filling the depth of wrinkles to smoothness, increasing the speed of regeneration and elasticity of the skin.

Popular cream "Shark Retinol"containing the same product and fruit acids. These components stimulate the renewal of skin cells, deeply moisturize, smooth. The addition of shea butter and collagen makes it more elastic and elastic, reduces the depth and number of wrinkles. Also under the control of this product is harmful UV radiation and manifestation imperfections - acne, inflammation, unevenness on the skin.

With parsley

Parsley - a source of youth and beauty, which can be grown in the garden on the garden or on the balcony. It will be equally useful in vegetable salad, in a homemade face mask and in a finished cream. This modest weed contains amazing opportunities for skin care around the eyes:

Smoothes deep and fine wrinkles;

• Whitens and evens out skin tone;

• Acts as a powerful antioxidant;

• Eliminates crow's feet;

• Stimulates collagen production;

• Saturates with vitamins and acids.

With avocado

Avocado oil takes on the function of moisturizing, a regenerating component, increases the elastic properties of the skin. Provitamin B-5 restores the barrier functions of the epidermis, acts as an antiseptic, eliminates cracks, relieves itching, peeling. The result of repeated use: the skin is smooth, healthy, saturated with moisture.


The agent with cornflower extract has regenerating properties. Suitable for all skin types, but the effect is especially noticeable on oily and problematic.

Field cornflower saturates the deep layers of the epidermis with moisture, fills the cell with energy, improves its structure, tones, smoothes wrinkles. The skin becomes soft, like a baby, fresh and healthy.

With snail

Snail cream is a guarantee that the signs of aging will appear extremely slowly.

However, put aside jokes, the tool really effectively works to preserve the youth and beauty of the skin around the eyes. This unusual ingredient is obtained from the mucus of edible snails, on the same farms where they are grown for high-end restaurants. Snail cosmetics is effective as a moisturizer, an antiseptic of natural origin, a regenerating substance. It helps to make the skin tone perfect, reduces the depth and visibility of wrinkles, relieves redness, heals inflammation, improves the appearance of the skin.

The finished cosmetic product does not differ from other creams in appearance and consistency; it acquires a pleasant aroma thanks to oils, flower extracts, and fragrances.

How to apply correctly

To use the care product to the maximum benefit, the application process must occur according to certain rules and patterns.

Application Features:

• Before the procedure, the skin should be well cleaned;

• You need to apply a very thin layer, trying not to disturb the movable eyelid. A small pea on the ring finger is enough;

• A large amount of cream can roll off during blinking, and excesses run the risk of getting on the mucous membrane;

• Finger movements should be light, driving in. In no case should you intensively rub and stretch delicate skin;

• Massage lines go from the inner corner of the eye to the outer along the upper part, from the external back to the lower. For convenience, you can apply the product around the eyes, focusing on the bone just below the eyelids;

• It is not recommended to apply the eye cream just before bedtime, otherwise, swelling, bags, folds will appear in the morning;

• The cream should not be too greasy or dense in consistency, this can cause swelling of the thin skin of the eyelids;

• The cream should be used regularly and timely to get rid of products that have expired.

Rating of the best funds

All products in cosmetic pharmaceuticals can be more or less quality, have fans and critics. When choosing a cream, it is worth taking a closer look at cosmetic products that have already established themselves in the market. Including budget options, which you can safely entrust with delicate face care.

The top best cosmetics included:

  • Neolid - An effective hypoallergenic complex from bags under the eyes for all ages.
  • "Black Pearls Idilica"- good care for modest money. After application, the skin will be moisturized and protected for 24 hours, the face tone will become smoother, the epidermis is more elastic, and the appearance of wrinkles will be delayed.
  • "Neva cosmetics"- the proven products of one of the largest manufacturers of cosmetics on the Russian market. The products not only provide quality care for the skin, according to their purpose, but are also affordable for everyone because of their budget price.
  • "Adaptive cell rejuvenation"from the already mentioned Black Pearl company. An excellent moisturizer, an assistant in the fight against wrinkles and comprehensive skin care. Suitable for frequent use in the formulas" Day "and" Night ".
  • "Evening"- cream for the eyes and face.
  • Cien - A day care cream that reduces wrinkles and prevents new ones.

And the care products of a more expensive segment: TimeWise, Diademine No. 110, Mary Kay, Bioderma, Weleda.


Despite the opinion that additional means for skin care around the eyes is banal marketing, and their effectiveness is a myth, many girls use this type of cosmetics in skin care.

The product has earned positive reviews as a good helper in prolonging youth and beauty. Separately, the advantages of such means as moisturizing gels, anti-bruising and edema remedies, anti-aging creams are separately noted.

They praise the means of Russian manufacturers for their high quality, reasonable price and luxury cosmetics of European brands for their amazing effect, delicate textures, pleasant aromas and beautiful format.

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