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Light manicure with gel polish

Beautiful and well-groomed nails without excessive decor look elegant and as feminine as possible. The trend of this season is light manicure made with gel polish. There are several options for its execution. You will learn about which of them are most popular now from this article.

Features and Benefits

Light manicure is a universal version of nail design for students or young interns, as well as for mature women. It is good in that you do not have to worry about the fact that the color of the nails does not fit the selected outfit. Light shades go well with neutral business-style clothes and bright outfits.

Another important advantage of such a manicure is that it is invisible and does not cause negative emotions in others. If black or neon-green claws may not appeal to employers, teachers or relatives, then a neat light manicure, on the contrary, will cause them only positive emotions. Indeed, in this condition, your hands will look well-groomed, neat and as natural as possible.

When doing manicure in pastel or nude colors, many expect that they will have to make corrections less often. After all, it would seem that on bright nails all kinds of chips and scratches are not so noticeable. But in fact, it is light manicure that immediately reveals all your imperfections. Therefore, even if you made an elegant jacket or beige gel nails, you will still have to monitor their condition so that your hands do not look untidy.

Trends This Season

Today, lunar, knitted and pastel manicure versions are very popular. We must not forget about the timeless classics that have not gone out of fashion for many years in a row - French manicure and matte nails. You will learn more about the features of each of them a little later.

As for colors, gentle pastel shades are popular. But you can experiment with a more original tone - sky blue, lilac, mint and lilac. Natural manicure does not lose its relevance when the surface of the nail is covered with a transparent coating. It may have a delicate and barely noticeable pattern or rhinestones. But you can do without it. Just do not have to go too far. If there are too many strasses and decorative elements, then the nails will look ugly.

As for the shape of the nails, the best option is rounded. These nails look natural and beautiful. In general, this year the main trend is naturalness. This applies to “invisible” makeup, and to the nails, which should be just neat and well-groomed.

Popular Design Options

However, naturalness does not mean uniformity. You can continue to experiment by doing interesting manicures using light colors. Let's look at some interesting nail design options relevant for this season that you can pay attention to.


It is believed that such nails look as natural and elegant as possible. Such a manicure is perfect for both casual dresses and evening dresses. Such a coating will look good on both short and long nails. It is only important that they are pre-processed well and beautifully filed. After all, against the background of a neutral nail polish, all the shortcomings of your manicure will be noticeable. Also, make sure that the gel polish does not chip and make timely corrections.


French also does not lose relevance. However, it does not have to be classic. If you do not want to be limited to a thin white strip on the tip of the nail, then you can make it color. The base itself also must not necessarily remain transparent. You can use a light pink gel polish or other natural shade.

This option of manicure is quite suitable for everyday life, and for special occasions. The solemnity of your style will be given by light strasses at the tips of the nails or an exquisite pattern resembling lace.


Light pastel shades have recently surpassed saturated and catchy colors in nail design in popularity. They look not at all boring, but elegant and very feminine. A manicure in bright colors is suitable for all girls and women, regardless of what style of clothing they prefer. Matte pastel-colored nails look interesting. Here two trends are combined at once. Beautiful nails in light shades of pink, red or blue look romantic and elegant.

With gradient

Ombre is another novelty that appeared in fashion just a few years ago. In this case, the gradient does not have to consist of several bright colors. You may well be limited to a combination of several light shades. The main condition for creating such a manicure is a smooth and easy transition. Color should seamlessly flow into another. It looks very interesting. A gradient can be present on all nails or change its color on each of them gradually.

A light gradient manicure is universal, as it always looks elegant and gentle. Look at the video on how to make it.


The lunar manicure, which has returned to fashion, also looks interesting. To create it, different tones and shades are used. But the main symptom of this manicure is that the hole is emphasized with a lighter shade. It can be white, pastel pink, or another gentle tone. The base of the nails will look good in nude color.


You can also make an interesting knitted manicure. This pattern looks relevant not only in winter, but also in other seasons. It is easy to make it with gel polish both in the salon and at home. A similar pattern gives the image of comfort and charm. It is suitable for everyday wear and in order to create some interesting look. In general, no matter how original or trendy your manicure will be, the main thing is that your hands look well-groomed and beautiful.

In general, no matter how original or trendy your manicure will be, the main thing is that your hands look well-groomed and beautiful.

How to choose the perfect option

It is very important to choose a stylish and suitable option for your manicure, and make it good. Let's figure out how to properly apply gel polish and how to choose it for your individual style.

The form

First of all, you should do the foundation, namely the shape of your nails. If you have thin and long fingers, then you can stop on a rectangular shape. But for girls with short fingers, a classic rounded shape is more suitable. To get the perfect manicure, you need to process the nails well, removing the cuticle and giving all the nails the same length and perfect shape. Remember that if you have a bright manicure, then all the smallest flaws will be very noticeable.


If you short nails and you want to make them visually longer without building up, then you can do on their surface vertical pattern. There is a “secret” that helps make nails less wide. To do this, the middle of the nail should be darker than the edges. Nails with a wide strip in the center and unpainted edges of the nails look interesting. If you have short nails, then do not overload them with volumetric patterns. This will only spoil their appearance.

More long nails also look good in light color. In this case, more space for experimentation appears, and exquisite patterns can be created on the surface of the nail. Ombre will look beautiful with a barely noticeable transition from one light shade to another or some kind of original geometric pattern.


The choice of color is completely a matter of taste. There are a huge number of shades and tones, among which you can choose something even the most demanding young lady. It would seem that light colors are quite simple and even boring. But if you look at all these shades of the “thigh of a frightened nymph”, “lavender” and “tiffany”, then the idea of ​​monotony disappears right away.

Even a minimalist manicure looks advantageous if you choose not a clear varnish or a classic jacket, but something more interesting. Look for colors that you like and suit your style, focusing not only on the changing fashion, but also on your own taste and preferences. So even a simple manicure will acquire a certain touch of personality.

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Light manicure, which was previously preferred by girls working in the office and choosing a business style in clothes, has become a real trend in the past few seasons. So if you are tired of bright colors and clumsy patterns, then it's time to pay attention to exquisite minimalism.

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