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Holographic Nail Polish

Woman's hands are not in vain her business card. Beautiful, neat, with modern manicure - they immediately attract the attention of others. And holographic nail polish will allow you to create a bright, unforgettable design that will appeal not only to you, but also to people around you.


Despite its relatively recent appearance on store shelves, holographic varnish has already won the hearts of many women. This is not at all surprising, because with its help you can create a unique, colorful and inimitable, and most importantly, voluminous nail design. In fact, a holographic nail polish is a varnish that, when mixed in two shades, forms a new, third bright color, unlike any of the ones used.

Like most other cosmetic products, this one has its own unique features that you should be aware of:

  1. To obtain such a unique product, two products of various shades are mixed right away and a special holographic powder is added to them. which is the smallest sparkles.
  2. Depending on the degree of illumination and its intensity, the shade of the nails stained with this product may change. therefore, many varnishes are sold as chameleon effect products. For example, green can turn into turquoise or even blue.
  3. A wide color palette allows you to create a unique and inimitable manicure, which will easily allow you to stand out from the general mass of people.
  4. These varnishes are very resistant to water, but at the same time they are easily removed from the nail plate even by the most inexpensive and simple means for removing varnish.
  5. You can enhance the effect of this coating of nails using special stickers, sparkles or rhinestones. The effect of such a manicure can defeat many on the spot.

But like all cosmetic decorative products, this has its advantages and disadvantages.

If we talk about the disadvantages of such a coating for nails, then we can distinguish three main ones:

  • Holographic varnish is very short-lived. As a rule, already on the second or third day, he begins to chip off the nail plate, thereby spoiling the overall picture of manicure.
  • Due to the large number of sparkles in the composition, this tool has to be removed from the nails much longer than a conventional coating.
  • This coating is only suitable for healthy, properly processed nails. Any irregularities in the nail plate will still be noticeable even under its three layers.

The benefits, of course, are much greater.

These include ease of use and widespread accessibility, a beautiful unique manicure, the possibility of improvisation in the implementation of nail design. But all these advantages will be obvious and visible only if this means is used correctly.

How to apply

The algorithm for performing a manicure in the "Holographic" style is as follows:

  1. Preparation of necessary tools. It is necessary to sanitize the tweezers, nail file and nail clippers in advance. Prepare a bowl of warm water, a towel, a base for the coating and the varnish itself. In this case, you can use both gel polish with the effect of holography, and ordinary.
  2. Hands are dipped in warm water and kept in it for about 10 minutes. Then the nails are cleaned of any impurities, the excess cuticle is removed, and the old coating is erased from the nail plate.
  3. Hands, especially fingers, are carefully and thoroughly wiped dry with a towel.
  4. The foundation is applied in turn on the nails, and after it dries, the very coating of holography is already applied. It is recommended to apply varnish, starting with the little finger, so the probability of accidentally erasing part of the coating from the plate is significantly reduced.
  5. If the nails are additionally decorated with sequins or rhinestones, then they are placed on slightly withered lacquer-holography with tweezers.
  6. At the end, the entire nail plate on each finger should be additionally stained with a special color fixer.

If necessary, you can apply not one layer of holographic on the nail plate, but two at once.

Such multi-layer dyeing results in a very beautiful and more durable coating. The use of a base coat before applying holographic varnish is mandatory. Without it, the manicure will not last long, and on the nails will not be able to look as spectacular as with the base.

It is also worth remembering that the first contact with water after performing such a manicure is allowed no earlier than one hour later. On average, such a holographic coating dries completely on the nails within 15-30 minutes. But there are some species that can dry longer. In case of non-compliance with this recommendation, the coating on the nails can immediately peel off or become covered with small bubbles.

Design options

There are several options for the design of nails, using which you can create a unique nail art. And if you use several varnishes at once, use special stencils or stickers, then you can create a truly unique and unique manicure.

One of the most popular manicure options is a manicure in the style of precious metals. For its implementation, varnishes of gray, golden and platinum shades are used. Additionally, decorating the nail coating is not recommended. Such a nail design will be appropriate at a chic evening event, and at work. The main thing to remember is that using such a coating for nails, you need to use a minimum number of other bright accessories.

Chameleon coating is ideal for bright individual individuals.

The easiest way to do it this way: first, a regular manicure is performed using a holographic, and then the top of the nail plate is covered with a transparent chameleon varnish, which, overflowing in the light, will create a unique picture.

You can create a modern trendy manicure using various rhinestones, stickers and sparkles. The final result will depend on the personal preferences of each woman.

Read more about holographic nail design in the next video.


Since its first appearance on store shelves, such holographic varnishes won the hearts of almost all women. According to the fair sex themselves, this coating allows you to cheaply, but at the same time stylishly and modernly express your personality, emphasize good taste and the ability to follow fashion. Significant advantages, according to customers, are also low cost, a wide range of products from various manufacturers and ease of use.

If we talk directly about negative reviews about this product, then they mainly concern only its fragility. But you can preserve such beauty on the nails if you minimize contact with water, and cover the holographic with two layers of fixative.

In general, holographic varnish is one of the best and most affordable ways to create a unique nail design at home.

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