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Vitamin Spray

Bad weather, stress, radiation from constantly working computers, hats and caps - all this in one way or another harms the general condition of the hair. To preserve or regain strength and brilliance, completely different remedies are used, from oils and masks to express care in the form of a spray with vitamins. It is precisely such an "ambulance" that will be discussed in our article.


To begin with, it can be a universal remedy - for hair and body. You will not be able to fortify your legs and hands with a mask or shampoo, but the spray is perfectly absorbed by the skin, and if it is intended for hair, it will most likely not be too greasy, which means it will be absorbed quickly and will not leave marks on clothes. As a bonus - a pleasant aroma that will stay with you for a long time. Thus, you can save on perfume.

Spray is fast. Agree, there is not always time to lie in the bathroom, make a mask, spend 15 minutes on it, or even half an hour. Very often time is not on our side and every minute counts. For such cases, two presses before the final drying and styling and you are delightful, and your hair is saturated with vitamins.

The action of the spray can be aimed not only at strengthening or nutrition, but also at giving volume, protection from harmful environmental factors. Simply put, spray is a multifunctional tool.

Useful components

Vitamin A - an assistant for those who often resort to the help of hair colors, especially if this is done to lighten them. It is responsible for restoring the structure of the hair, prevents excessive fragility and gives a healthy glow, making hair more manageable.

Vitamin B. Most of all it is suitable for girls suffering from excessive fat. It simultaneously strengthens the roots and scalp while maintaining proper water balance. Due to this, dryness and dandruff disappear.

Vitamin C. This element is responsible for healthy blood circulation. Its presence in care products is mandatory for those who suffer from hair loss. As a prophylaxis, products with vitamin C in the composition can be purchased in the spring, when the body is especially lacking in beneficial elements.

Vitamin D. This sir is responsible for the density and growth rate of your hair. With its help, the structure is saturated with oxygen and trace elements necessary for a strong structure. So we can say that this vitamin, as a foreman, is responsible for construction.

Vitamin E It is used as a product to restore a healthy appearance of hair. If you have split ends, if your hair falls out, try the remedies with this particular vitamin.

Vitamin PP (nicotinic acid) is another helper for baldness. Also, the element has a beneficial effect on the structure of the hair, which is positively reflected in the external aspects.

Best remedies

The first contender for parsing is Hair Vitamins from Home Recipes. As for the composition, it really contains a lot of good: propolis microemulsion, B vitamins and starch derivatives instead of keratin (in fact, the same thing, but this option is a little more natural). Structurally, the spray is not oily, so it is very convenient to use it. Even a small package of 100 ml will last a long time, since a couple of clicks on the dispenser in one application will be enough.

Many note that in addition to the effect of soft hair, hair loss is further reduced.

Another common option is a vitamin spray from Natura Siberica. The company has several lines, but sea buckthorn spray and a series are especially popular. "Living Vitamins". The second remedy refers to those options that can be applied to the whole body, and sea buckthorn is intended strictly for hair. The composition contains many pleasant elements in the form of various oils (sea buckthorn, flax, argan), B vitamins, silk proteins, keratin and no alcohol.

If you have not tried this brand - be sure to test! 9 out of 10 product reviews are positive, so take a chance.

Natura Siberica Live Vitamins for Hair and Body in the video review below.

In addition to finished products, you can use recipes of your own preparation. We know what elements are needed and in what proportions right now.

Home recipes

To make a vitamin “bomb” for hair with your own hands is not so difficult. In the pharmacy you can always find liquid vitamins in ampoules. They are often added to shampoos, but you can also prepare a quick care product. For this, in addition to the capsules themselves, you will need 50 ml. mineral water (it should be without gases), a jar with a spray and a syringe. Pour water into the container and alternately (you can use several vitamins at once) add vitamins from the ampoule using a syringe.

The method of application of such a tool does not differ from store products - apply the product on wet hair, spread it over the entire length with your hands and let the hair dry. A hairdryer can only be used 10 minutes after application. Use the product at least twice a week.

So simple at home you can cook personal care products. Try different variations, choose the funds wisely and be beautiful.


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