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Stellary Nail Polish

Every woman dreams of having beautiful and well-groomed hands with perfect manicure. After all, they are really a business card of any representative of the fair sex. He not only leaves a good impression of its owner, but also pleases her herself. Today, there are many domestic and foreign brands and brands that specialize in creating a wide variety of nail polishes and care products for them, for every taste, color and wallet. Next, we will consider the Stellary brand presented in Russia, in which you will find varnishes to create the most ideal coating on the nails. You will also learn about popular application techniques that you can implement right at home.

About Brand

The manufacturer of the cosmetic brand is considered the company Stellary Cosmetics from Switzerland. This brand produces professional-grade decorative cosmetics, the creation of which is being worked by real experts in their field.

Stellary products meet the latest requirements in this area and, of course, quality standards. In addition, it is absolutely safe to use, as it passes multiple tests and tests.

When creating certain cosmetics, including nail polishes, we use advanced technologies and experience in this industry, accumulated over many years, as well as experience working with stars who always need the best quality. It is not in vain that "Stellary" means "Starry".

In addition, a rather extensive range of products, as well as its regular updating and following the fashion trends of a season, can please.

About varnishes

"Nail Polish" by Stellary is no worse than professional varnishes, they are very easy to apply and allow you to create a perfectly even coating. In addition, very convenient brushes allow you to distribute the product quite economically, so your varnish will delight you for a long time.

Varnishes from the brand have a rather dense and rich texture, which allows you to get a smooth and perfect coating without gaps and gaps. You can make a monophonic coating or in several layers to achieve the best result.

I would also like to note the pluses of the bottle itself, which is ideally adapted to be comfortable to hold in your hand, since these varnishes are very often used by women, doing manicures at home. The brush is of medium thickness, it can be used to cover the entire nail plate with just a couple of applications.

Stellary varnishes dry quickly enough, even when applied in several layers, so this process will not delay you for a long time, and you can quickly return to your daily affairs.

Hue palette

The brand's varnish collection contains twenty-four palettes, consisting of five relevant and fashionable shades. The varnishes of each palette are designed so that they blend perfectly with each other. All you need to do is just think about the future design of your manicure, and you get the coating no worse than a salon.

A big plus is that you can combine colors for manicure and your choice will be 100% correct, as Stellary specialists have already taken care of the successful combination of shades in one or another palette. For example, a great option is to cover the nails from the lightest shade to dark or vice versa. This technique is called color stretching and has been popular for more than a season.

An interesting and successful option for creating a manicure, for example, in purple tones, can be the choice of the following “five” shades from the brand’s palette, which include shades 62 - 66:

  • "Summer Cool";
  • "Purple Heather";
  • Blackberry Smoothie
  • "Luxurious hydrangea";
  • Wild Plum.

From these shades you get a gentle color extension that will delight you not a single day.

Application Techniques

In order to move away from the ordinary and plain manicure and do something extraordinary, but at the same time simple, we advise you to take a closer look at creating techniques for applying manicure.


Surely you have already seen this application option and think that you need special equipment or a trip to the salon for it. But with a great desire, you can easily make it right at home.

  • At the first stage, you need to prepare the nails. To file, clean and do everything that is most often done before applying varnish.
  • In the second stage, apply the base coat.
  • In the third, we select two or three shades of varnishes and “flat” apply them to the foil or other non-absorbent material. Blur the border between our applied shades.
  • Next, we need a regular cosmetic sponge. Slightly wet them with our shades and transfer the “imprint” to the fingernail with patting movements. So do with all ten nails.
  • And finally, you need to remove all errors on the cuticle, this can be done using a cotton swab or a disc dipped in a nail polish remover.
  • Do not forget to complete the creation of manicure with a fixing varnish.

The following pairs of shades “Tea Rose” and “Snow Queen”, “Sakura Flower” and “Bold Cherry”, as well as “Indigo” and “Night Darkness” can be great options for combining, but you can also turn on fantasy and combine your unusual options.

Moon manicure

  • First, apply the base coat. Next, cover the nails with the main color and wait for drying.
  • For this technique you will need self-adhesive strips, which you can easily get in any cosmetic store. Next, glue them on the nails so that between the cuticle and the strip itself a semicircle is obtained.
  • At the next stage, apply varnish so that it does not go beyond the borders of our stickers. We remove them. We are waiting for the nails to dry slightly and apply a fixing layer.


Representatives of the fair sex as a whole give approving reviews about Stellary varnishes. In addition to the huge color palette, women are also pleased with the excellent application, the pleasant texture of the products and, of course, the quick drying, which does not require hourly waiting. Immediately after application, the varnish holds well and even if you touch it somewhere, it will be imperceptible.

It is also noted that varnishes are worn for a very long time, despite the fact that they are relatively inexpensive, and the quality is really comparable to professional options.

As for the negative sides, some ladies note that after several uses, the varnish may thicken, but perhaps this is due to its improper storage. Options with sequins are quite difficult to remove from the nail plate, you have to go around it.

The girls also note that in one layer the varnish looks mediocre, but in two it is truly beautiful and even luxurious.

Review of new Stellary nail polishes.

To purchase this tool or not - the choice is yours.

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