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How to quickly dry nail polish

It is clear that any fashionista would always like to have beautiful colored nails. It’s only one thing to choose a color and apply varnish, and it’s another to wait until it dries, otherwise one beauty will disappear due to one smeared nail, and even worse, you will have to paint it again and again wait until it dries, and this is 15 minutes of lost time. But it also happens that you can’t do without manicure, and there’s no time to wait until the varnish dries.

But it turns out that this problem is solvable, but not all girls know about it - there are not one or two, but many ways to quickly dry the nail polish and not waste your precious time on it.

Proper preparation

Many girls are not even aware that the nails will dry faster if they are properly prepared. To do this, you need:

  • to get rid of the old nail polish using a special liquid - there should not be a trace of it;
  • adjust the necessary length of the nail plate with a nail file;
  • polish the nail using a soft buff for this (this is done because a smooth nail plate contributes to the speedy drying of the varnish);
  • at the end of these actions, hands should be washed in soapy water and thoroughly dried with a towel;
  • treat the nails with alcohol (a nail polish remover is also suitable) - a kind of degreasing is obtained.

What you do not need to do:

  • do not apply cream before painting the nails with varnish on the hands;
  • do not oil the cuticle;
  • Do not apply new varnish on the old;
  • Do not paint your nails if your hands are wet.

If all the requirements are taken into account, then feel free to start painting. Nail polish should not be more than two layers. They will dry much faster than usual, although some time for this will still be required.

You may not have known this

How quickly painted nails dry out depends on the intensity of the pigment in the applied coating, what color it is and what quality. It is believed that on average, you can completely dry the nails in 15-30 minutes, and sometimes much longer. To have less problems with applying colored varnish, you need to understand its variety.

Quick drying

There is a demand - there is a proposal, because manufacturers understand how important it is for ladies to use such varnishes that will not take them a lot of time to dry. Such a product is more expensive, but this is not an obstacle for fashionistas - if only it really matches the declared qualities and dries quickly.

Such a varnish requires some application skills - everything needs to be done as quickly and accurately as possible, because a quick-drying varnish can harden even on your brushif you decide to get distracted by something. Such a product is suitable for girls who have long been doing manicure on their own and they have, as they say, a hand full of quick and accurate application. If you are a beginner, first practice on a regular varnish.

Drying time completely depends on the pigment content in the coating. Saturated colors dry slowly, transparent and translucent - much fasterTherefore, such a product should always be in stock - in case of emergency.

The thicker the coating, the longer it will dry out. When buying a bottle of varnish, consider its contents, and if the composition is too thick, reaches for a brush or even curled up - do not take it. To this state, the varnish can be brought if stored incorrectly - in a too warm place or in the open sun.

Professional appliances

There are specialized stores for the sale of such dryers, and there is everything for those who work in a beauty salon - from tools to the necessary supplies. In addition, drying is also purchased in the cosmetic department, which sells any nail polish. One way or another, if you wish today, drying can be quite simply purchased for your own use.

About fan

A great way to dry the coating as soon as possible is to buy a special device, it is called a fan for manicure. This compact device can be powered by an outlet, and can also work on batteries (simple finger-type).

And you can buy a device that is designed to dry two hands at once, or you can dry them in turn. The principle of operation of such devices is simple - a hand with freshly applied varnish should be placed inside the device, and there drying occurs due to the work of several small fans. The cost of these devices is low and you can purchase them in the same place where manicure and pedicure accessories are sold.

Drying varnish

Girls consider this tool the most simple and reliable for fixing their manicure, done on their own. At first glance, the varnish is no different from the usual colorless. It is applied a couple of minutes after applying the main color layer. Just one layer is enough to make your nails dry completely after 5 minutes.

In addition, this is not only drying - the nails become even more glossy and retain their shine for several days. Lacquer drying is sold along with all manicure accessories or in the cosmetic departments of stores.


This is another way that helps in quickly drying painted marigolds. It looks like a regular spray bottle, inside of which there is an oily liquid. The product is applied immediately after applying varnish to the nails, only it is necessary to capture all the nails completely.

After applying the spray, you will have to wait 7 minutes, no more.

The spray is good in that it not only contributes to the drying of the coating, but also nourishes the skin on the hands.

The disadvantages of using spray-drying include the fact that it does not make the coating more resistant. Sold with other varnishes and manicure accessories.

Oil based

A small bottle and pipette cap included - this is also a popular dryer. To apply this tool should be drop by drop on each nail. One has only to apply, as the oil immediately spreads over the nail, so that the varnish begins to dry quickly. Such a tool is food for nails and periungual ridges, and its regular use will save you from burrs.

About gel polishes

Many ladies know how practical gel polishes are. They can be stored on the nail plate for a long time, without changing the saturation of their color, and not losing their gloss. The nail plate becomes more dense, and the UV lamp instantly dries them.

In order to make a gel coating, you should go to the salon, although nowadays all the preparations are already available with which the girl can independently apply gel polish. To do this, she will have to stock up:

  • basic gel coating;
  • color gel coating;
  • upper reinforcing coating;
  • UV lamp;
  • a degreaser (e.g. alcohol);
  • polishing buff.

In the application procedure itself, there is nothing complicated and if you have the experience of applying ordinary varnishes, it will also be easy to cope with the task of applying gel varnish.

There are some folk methods for the speedy drying of painted marigolds.

After all, it happens that there is no special tool or device for this at the moment, but there is no time to wait either. This is where simple and proven methods come in handy:

  1. Just find somewhere a stream of cold air (wind outside the window, a working air conditioner or fan - this way the coating on the nails will dry faster.
  2. Make an ice bath. To do this, before applying varnish, prepare a container that is suitable in depth and size (so that both hands can fit into it). This capacity should not be afraid of low temperature and freezing. It may be a metal container, but it will be very unpleasant to touch it cold with your hands. It is better to use dishes made of plastic - it is resistant to cold, and it will be more comfortable to work with it.

In general, you should have such dishes for manicure separately, so that it doesn’t turn out that you will dip the varnish into it and cook the food.

You need to pour cold (but not ice) water into the tank, send whole, not crushed, pieces of ice there (about one glass). Now clean the container with prepared water in the refrigerator (but not in the freezer) and you can start applying varnish to the nails.

In the same case, if you intend to devote at least an hour to nail design, it is better to remove the water in the freezer. Just don’t freeze it at all - then nothing will work with quick drying.

When the application of the varnish is behind, carefully, so as not to lubricate a single fingernail, remove the prepared container from the refrigerator or from the freezer. If possible, ask someone at home to do this.

The surface on which you will install the container with water should be flat. If it is a wooden table, lay a soft napkin or towel between it and the container (this is done so that water rings do not form on the surface).

Hands should be placed in water slowly, making sure that the nails do not touch each other and that the varnish is not smeared on the surface of the container. If the size of the dishes allows, immerse both hands at once, if not, one at a time.

Now you have to stand your hands in cold water for about three minutes - the procedure, of course, is not pleasant, but the idea that the varnish dries so quickly should warm you. Having taken out the frozen but beautiful hands from ice water, put them on a towel and lightly touch the varnish to make sure that everything is in order - the varnish froze, and everything was not in vain. If, when touched, the coating on the nail plate turned out to be hard - the way it is.

In principle, when you get your hands out of the water, you can already visually determine that the varnish is dry (even if this statement sounds strange, but you will see it).

Now you can safely wipe your hands dry and please your frozen hands with your favorite cream or lotion.

Other methods:

  1. You can use, for example, a pneumatic cleaner. Until now, you only remembered about it when you were going to tidy up the keyboard, but it turns out that you can very quickly dry the varnish on the nails with a cleaner or a can of compressed air. You just need to be careful when working with compressed air and keep the spray can thirty centimeters from the nail surface.
  2. You can recall the hairdryer, because there is a cold mode (under a hot stream, the coating bubbles), and a cold stream of air can be used to quickly dry the varnish. Just do not set the speed too high, or else you will get waves on the nail plate instead of a smooth manicure.
  3. If you have olive oil spraythat you use for culinary purposes - it will also help to dry your nails. A little of this oil should be sprayed onto the varnish. This method of drying may not seem entirely understandable, but it has been proven effective, and many reviews of girls who have used this particular method of drying testify to this. It should also be sprayed with oil from a distance of thirty centimeters, otherwise the power of the aerosol can also ruin the overall picture.

Some tips

  • If you coat your nails with a thin layer of varnish, they will dry out much faster than with a thick layer. If you apply a few thin layers to get a thick layer, pre-drying each previous one, rather than waiting for one thick layer to dry, this will speed up the drying process.
  • If you properly clean the nail bed and remove the cuticle, this will ensure better adhesion of the varnish to the nail plate, which means it will dry faster.
  • Sit down to do a manicure when all the chores are done, because then it will be easy to lubricate the varnish, taking up this or that work, and this is an extra waste of time on remaking a manicure and, of course, nerves.
  • If you are going to leave home somewhere after doing a manicure, then it is better to get dressed and put on shoes before you start painting your nails. Otherwise, when dressing, you’ll probably hook or lubricate something somewhere.

Well, if there is anyone to contact to turn on the nail dryer or hold a hair dryer - this is a guarantee that your freshly applied varnish will remain safe and sound.

Have patience, always wait until the varnish is completely dry. And if the trouble nevertheless happened, do not get too upset - redo it and be more careful from now on.

It should be borne in mind that ultraviolet light can sometimes have a negative effect on the skin. So in case of undesirable changes in the skin of the hands, it is better to immediately consult a dermatologist about whether you can thus dry the varnish.

Quickly drying the nail polish is not a problem at all, you just need to know about these methods and choose the one that suits you personally.

For several ways to dry nail polish at home, see the next video.

Watch the video: 5 Ways To Dry Your Nails Fast! (April 2020).


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