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Cat Eye Gel Polish

Beautiful well-groomed handles with excellent manicure attract attention. Not so long ago, one of the main trends in manicure was the design with the use of Cat Eye gel polish. As the name implies, the effect of the applied varnish repeats the brilliance of a stone with the same name. This product creates stunning patterns on the nail plate thanks to the magnetic coating. They are very difficult, and sometimes almost impossible to do using ordinary varnishes for decoration. Such a manicure will win your heart after the first application.

What it is

"Cat's Eye" has already gained fame among fashionistas due to its dense texture and resistance to external factors. But the most important and undeniable advantage of it is a unique drawing that completes the manicure. Let's try to figure out how gel polish works and due to which a bewitching effect is created.

The composition of this wonderful tool includes metal microparticles, which provide that same magical radiance. A special magnet that is brought to the nail creates a specific pattern or pattern. All that is needed is to move the magnet correctly so that the particles line up exactly according to your desire. But you need to have certain skills in order to get the desired manicure, so it will be difficult to make a quality decor at home, it is better to entrust your nails to professionals. After all, a good master knows little tricks, thanks to which the nails will retain color and beauty for several weeks.

The indisputable advantages of Cat's Eye over other varnishes include:

  • Thick texture, which prevents the spreading of funds on the nail plate;
  • Easy and quick application on nails can significantly reduce the time for manicure;
  • No additional decorations required, since the pattern is created by the varnish itself;
  • Many options for creating decor, which depend on the movement of the magnetic pen and imagination;
  • If desired you can easily add manicure rhinestones or other decorations.

It should be remembered about contraindications, if you can call it that. Do not do such a manicure for girls with thin and fragile nails. Since the applied composition can lead to irritation, owners of sensitive or prone to allergic skin reactions should also refrain from such a design. With fungal diseases of the nail plate, you should first restore their health, and only then go on a manicure.

You can buy this wonderful composition in stores. Be sure to check that the magnetic pen is included in the kit, or purchase it separately. Without it, you cannot achieve the desired effect.

Popular manufacturers

Popular manufacturers of tools for coating and decoration of nails very quickly reacted to the fashion trend that appeared and is rapidly gaining momentum in the field of manicure. Today in professional stores selling special tools, tools, jewelry for manicure and on popular sites you can find a huge number of gel polishes with the effect of "Cat's Eye". Here is a short list of the most famous companies:

Bluesky shellac - A Chinese manufacturer of gel polishes, which is in great demand among women. All products are of high quality. There are several main features of the funds:

  • The composition contains trace elements that have soft firming effect on thin and weakened nails;
  • Big choice colors and shades;
  • Lucky do not cause allergic reactions;
  • With the correct application of varnish and following all recommendations manicure lasts for three weeks;
  • Gel polish just peel off using a special composition produced by the company;
  • For those who want to learn how to make a cat's eye manicure, special kits are issued in which there is a detailed application instruction;
  • The price of all funds is quite democratic, despite the excellent quality.

German company Lianail no less popular with modern fashionistas. The range of Cat Eye products is very much in demand. The main advantages of the products are:

  • Dense texturethanks to which the varnish is applied easily and quickly;
  • Due to the large number of trace elements in the composition can be applied in one coat;
  • Big assortment color palette;
  • Removing the varnish from the nail plate will not cause trouble, if you use a special tool for this;
  • When performing a manicure at home no extra brush protection in gloves, and the decor will stay on the nails for at least 20 days.

TNL Magnet - A company from South Korea, popular and in demand on the market of manicure products. Their varnishes are the most inexpensive compared to other branded compounds. Product Advantages:

  • High level of control over products at all stages of production;
  • Due to the dense consistency of varnishes, they are enough single application on the nail plate;
  • As a base and fixing agent, you can choose the composition of any other manufacturers;
  • With proper application of the product the effect will delight for three weeks.

We bring to your attention a small video review of the magnetic collection of this brand.

Firm Kodi professional created a line of tools called "Moon Light". Features of the varnishes of this company are:

  • Rich color scheme;
  • For home use manicure does not require large skills;
  • Enough lays well on the nail surface, wherein does not spread;
  • Composed of are absent substances that can harm the health of the nail plate;
  • Gel polishes have a neutral smell;
  • Stay on the nails for two weeks;
  • Enough affordable product price.

If you want to learn how to apply cat-eye gel polish and have already bought all the suitable products and tools for this, then take into account one small but important nuance: it is better to store the magnetic pen and varnish in different places so that the composition does not lose its unique properties under constant magnetic exposure.

Video review of the line of this company, see below.

How it looks on nails

The Cat's Eye manicure undoubtedly captivates with its brilliance, depth and color saturation, and undeniable nobleness. It is worth saying that such a design is rightfully considered universal, since it looks great on nails of any length and shape, while not losing its unique properties. With this manicure, you are guaranteed attention in any company.

The composition of the product contains small particles of metal, which are responsible for the unusual radiance of the nails. These microparticles in the varnish line up in the required row under the influence of a magnet. When a ray of light hits the nails, a beautiful overflow becomes noticeable, and when the hand moves, glare visually disappears.

The most effective and conspicuous manicure is considered to be a design in rich dark colors. Natural shades will create the effect of a natural mineral, they are not so catchy and noticeable. Nails with shades of green or burgundy colors look great. The cat's eye manicure in strict gray tones is perfect for any look and style: from a strict office dress code to an exquisite evening dress.

Whatever color you choose for your nails, thanks to the unique mesmerizing effect, you will impress others with your fashionable and stylish way.

How to apply

In order for a manicure to please you with its appearance, you need to do it correctly. To do this, use only high-quality materials and not violate the instructions. You can entrust your hands to professionals and, after relaxing, wait for the completion of their work, or you can do the design yourself at home. Not every woman can paint her nails at home, and if you are one of them, then do not take the risk and do not waste time - go straight to the salon.

Regardless of where the procedure will take place, it will be necessary: sterilized manicure set, grease remover, base composition, Cat's eye gel polish, substrate cleanser (if necessary), magnetic pen, manicure fastener, stencil with patterns, professional lamp for coating drying.

The application technique requires the strict implementation of each stage:

  1. The surface of the nail plate is degreased using a special composition;
  2. On a fat free surface applied in one coat base coatwhich is dried in a lamp. Drying time depends on the type and power of the appliance.
  3. A layer of varnish of the selected shade is applied. If the texture of the product is dense, then one layer is enough to create the desired effect, and if not, then the varnish is applied in two layers, the first of which is dried.
  4. The magnetic pen is brought as close to the painted surface as possible to activate the metal particles of the composition. Moving the magnet in the desired directions, the desired pattern on the nails is created. It is important to do everything quickly here, the time of magnetic exposure should not exceed 5-10 seconds, depending on the chosen varnish. If the varnish has time to dry, then the desired effect cannot be achieved. The pattern can be invented by yourself or selected by stencil.
  5. After creating a picture nails are dried in a lamp until the coating is hard and shiny.
  6. Fixing agent is applied to the nails (it is also called top), then another drying in the lamp follows.
  7. Using a special composition (or degreaser) and clean wipes, from the surface of the nail plates the upper sticky layer is removed.
  8. The process of creating a manicure is over.

There are several tricks that professional masters know about, for example:

  • Various magnetic pens will create various drawings;
  • The pattern should be applied. alternately on each nail;
  • For maximum effect, bring the magnetic pen to minimum distance to the surface;
  • Manicure "Cat's Eye" can be decorated with rhinestones, beads, sparkles.

We recommend watching the following video about all the intricacies of applying this design.


There are countless options for how to make your manicure unique:

  • Easiest to do classic design using a magnet. You can use several shades of varnish. You can draw a picture yourself, or you can use purchased stencils, then it remains only to choose the appropriate picture.
  • You can always decorate one or more nails with rhinestones. They can be used by choosing their size correctly so as not to cause visual overload of the nail plates. Small pebbles will be appropriate for weekdays and for holiday exits.
  • Gel polish can be done with transitions from one color to another. This effect is better suited for metallic tones, they emphasize the modernity of your style.
  • You can do manicure by combining matte or shiny coatings with a floral design, abstraction, geometric patterns. Such a design will look very fresh and original, it all depends on your imagination.

In order for your nails to please you with their shine for a long time, follow certain rules for caring for them:

  • Wear glovesif you are doing housework;
  • Do not allow aggressive agents to get on the nail plates (alcohol-containing liquids, solvents, acetone and others);
  • Beware of excessive load on your nails;
  • The first two days after the manicure avoid contact with hot water, do not visit saunas, baths, steam rooms;
  • Take care of your skin using special creams.

If you follow these rules, then your manicure will last about three weeks. But some masters believe that it is better to change the coating every couple of weeks, since gel polish has the ability to dry the nail plate. Dry varnish will be very difficult to remove from the nails.

The durability of the design also directly depends on the chosen tool. Professional gel polish will last a long time, unlike cheap plain varnish.


If you visit at least one store of professional products for the care and design of nails, you will definitely notice a wide range of magnetic gel polishes with the effect of Cat's Eye. Their colors are so diverse that each fashionista can easily choose the right shade for herself. The most fashionable and stylish colors for today are:

  • Blue - It will look good on both long and short nails. You can choose any shade: light azure, rich turquoise, deep blue, etc. Regardless of the tone, your manicure will look spectacular and luxurious.
  • Green the color is also perfect for any length of nails. A large palette of shades will allow you to choose the color that is right for you. You can add a little decoration made of foil or rhinestones to the manicure.
  • Red - This color never loses its relevance. Manicure in red shades is always in demand. To add effect to the red decor, you can supplement it with rhinestones or gold and silver designs.
  • Bordeaux Suitable for those who love red colors, but do not want to make their nails too bright. This shade is more restrained and will look good anywhere anytime.
  • Pink - for lovers of tenderness and romance. It will be appropriate for elegant spring dresses.
  • Black design - one of the most fashionable in recent seasons. He is not at all gloomy, as it might seem at first glance. It does not matter if you choose a matte or glossy varnish for manicure, it will be very stylish. If you want to decorate such a design, then pay attention to rhinestones and sparkles.
  • White color It is better to use in combination with other shades, because the plain white design looks empty and unfinished. But if you are a lover of French manicure, then white and transparent varnish will be just a find for you.
  • Grey colour not at all boring, as some women think for some reason. No need to avoid it. This design is very restrained, and it can be complemented by jewelry.
  • Purple manicure harmoniously combines all the advantages of blue and red design and metal overflow. This color is good in itself and does not need additional decorations. However, if you really want to, you can experiment.
  • Beige color may also seem boring and pale. But if you just decide on such a manicure, then you will immediately appreciate its beauty and grace. In addition, beige color is widely represented in various shades and tones. Such a manicure will be very intense.
  • Chameleon Gel Polish relatively recently appeared on the market for nail design products. It creates not only the effect of the Cat's eye, but also adds to it a special flicker and a golden glow. This varnish requires certain skills when applying, so it is better to entrust the manicure to professional masters.

In addition to color, you should pay attention to what property the selected varnish has. Will it be a glossy shiny composition or matte.

Some ladies believe that Cat Eye gel polish must shine, because it is in this magical shine that makes sense. But matte manicure is no worse.In this matter, the choice is yours.


Professional manicurists who have been working with gel varnishes for more than a year have noted that coatings with the effect of Cat's Eye are gaining more and more popularity among the fair half. Working with them is quite simple if you follow the instructions. The most difficult in the work of the master consider the process of drawing. Many women who come to manicure do not know what they want to see on their nails, so numerous stencils and rich experience of masters come to the rescue.

Girls who prefer to engage in their beauty at home note that learning how to work with gel polish is not as easy as it seems at first glance. With the slightest non-compliance or violation of the technology of applying manicures it turns out boring and inexpressive. In addition, a manicure made at home does not last very long on the nails. On average, home design lasts about a week, and professional design pleases almost twenty days.

By emphasizing with rhinestones and sparkles, the manicure took on an even more stylish look.

Women who prefer to make manicures in salons by trusted masters noted the interesting resulting gloss of nails. Some ladies adhere to a monophonic design, because they do not like excessive "irregularities" on the nail plates. Fashionistas who, on the contrary, prefer to focus on one or several nails, noted that gel polish with the effect of Cat's Eye looks great as a base.

All the representatives of the beautiful half said that the most difficult was to choose a shade of gel polish, because the manufacturers took care of all the ladies and released all possible colors and shades for the most demanding taste.

It should be noted that the price of gel polish played a decisive role in the choice. Many young ladies are sure that the quality directly depends on the price, so they chose the most expensive tool from all presented. Some women, on the contrary, chose the product at an inexpensive price, since it was important for them to learn how to work correctly with the composition, but did not want to spend too much, as they were not completely sure of the final result.

The first experience in home manicure, as a rule, was successful. One way or another, all women got the desired result - the Cat's Eye effect. But the created manicure did not last long, only about a week. Therefore, someone decided not to experiment anymore and entrust the care of their nails to professionals.

Cat Eye Gel Polish is a real revolution among other nail design products. The effect obtained will not leave indifferent any, even the most demanding fashionista. Thanks to the dense texture and carefully selected composition, the manicure will last on the nails for more than one week, which means that you don’t have to go to the specialists part to update the design!

Watch the video: New Magnetic Nail Polish In Action Cat Eyes Magic Nails (February 2020).


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