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Single-phase gel polish

Gel polish is very popular. But many representatives of the fair sex refuse this type of manicure due to the difficulty of its implementation, as well as due to the fact that such a procedure takes a lot of time. But now that there is a special single-phase gel polish on sale, you can safely forget about these shortcomings.

What it is

As a rule, a manicure using gel polish takes place in three stages, but using a single-phase coating, you can perform a manicure much easier and faster. This means that single-phase gel polish combines the functions of a base, fixing agent and the color coating itself. Now it’s enough just to apply one or a maximum of two layers of this product on the nails and the manicure is considered complete. In addition, such a nail coating is safer.

Single-phase gel polish has a unique composition and formula. It combines several components at once, which are included in the usual basis for gel polish, its fixative, as well as color pigment. That is why its use allows you to replace just three familiar means for creating a manicure using gel polish or shellac.

Performing a manicure using this particular coating, you can not only get a chic nail design, but also significantly reduce the time for its implementation, as well as save on the procedure itself.

But in addition to ease of use, this tool has other obvious advantages.


If we talk about the merits of this new tool for performing gel manicure, then there are a lot of them. The most basic are the following:

  1. Acceleration of manicure and its simplification. Now, instead of three jars with the necessary funds, only one should be used.
  2. On the surface of the nails, such a coating will lie in a thin layer, which means that the nails can breathe. In addition, a manicure made using such a single-phase varnish will look more natural.
  3. You can save a lot. The cost of a single-phase gel polish is several times less than the total cost of the three ordinary means that it replaces.
  4. Such a coating for nails, despite the smaller thickness of the layer, can stay on the nails longer than usual gel polish. On average, the durability of such a manicure can last up to 4 weeks. But it will be correct to remove single-phase gel polish from the surface of the nail bed after 15 days, since the nails will grow during this time, and their overgrown edge will not make the best impression.
  5. You can dry this product not only in an ultraviolet lamp, but also in an LED lamp. And this method of polymerization is not suitable for all ordinary gel varnishes.
  6. You can cover with such a tool not only your natural nails, but also extensions.
  7. And another indisputable advantage of this tool is saving work space during manicure. There is no need to install several bubbles on the table, they will all be replaced by one. This is especially true for masters of manicure, for whom the work surface is always substantially forced.
  8. All varieties of single-phase products sold today can be used by combining with each other. For example, you can paint a nail with one color, and create various patterns on its surface with any other.

Since its first appearance on the shelves, this coating for nails immediately fell in love with many women. Therefore, manufacturers hastened to please them with a wide range.


Today on sale there are single-phase gel varnishes of various manufacturers. But the entire range of this tool can be divided into two large groups:

  • Colored gel polishes. They are most popular, as they allow you to create a bright, beautiful manicure for every taste.
  • Clear gel polish. It is used as a base coat before drawing, and some prefer to use it as a hardener for nail plates, as well as to create a simple and discreet manicure.

Such a 3 in 1 tool is ideal for absolutely all women, without exception. A wide color palette, as well as the ability to create a transparent manicure, allows you to create nail art for every taste and every occasion. In addition, regardless of the variety, all single-phase gel polishes are simple, convenient and economical to use.

After it became clear that this novelty in manicure is in demand, many manufacturers rushed to provide customers with their products.


In order to fully appreciate the benefits of this single-phase gel polish on your nails, you need to purchase products from reliable manufacturers. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to carefully study the products of such companies as:

  • Irisk This brand produces high-quality gel varnishes of two series: GelLack 3c and Gel Polish One Step. Both coatings are evenly applied to the nails, dry quickly, do not stick and are highly resistant. Single-phase products from the first series are represented by 60 shades and are sold in a volume of 18 ml. The coating from the second series has only 20 different shades, and goes on sale in 6 ml vials.
  • Masura presents its customers the opportunity to purchase high-quality single-phase gel polish. The main palette consists of red and pink tones. The products of this company differ from analogues not only in their colors and durability, but also in a very low cost. It is gel varnishes of this brand that are the most budget ones.
  • Giorgio capachini makes it possible to appreciate the high quality of its products in the form of 60 different colors of gel polish. Despite the small volume of the tube - only 6 ml, it is enough for at least 20 manicure procedures. A distinctive feature of single-phase gel varnishes of this brand is the drying time. On average, it is 4 minutes. "One Step" is highly durable. Unchanged gel polish can remain on the nails for three weeks.
  • Bluesky. This brand has the widest range of single-phase gel polishes on the market. It includes 4 series of products; in total, they represent more than 120 shades of coating, including acid color, which is a key feature of this product. Absolutely all gel polishes are characterized by high quality, low price, and most importantly, the absence of harmful chemical components in the composition.
  • Yoko. The absence of an adhesive layer, simplicity and profitability in use, a wide color palette and high durability are exactly what characterizes the products of this company.
  • Brand Joy allows its customers to purchase high-quality single-phase gel polish, which has not only a bright saturated and deep color, but also a high level of resistance. In addition to a wide palette of shades, this manufacturer can also boast that the gel varnishes of its production actively strengthen the nail plate, eliminate its fragility, and also relieve delamination.
  • High-quality single-phase varnishes at an affordable price and brand releases Koto. Among the range of products of this company you can find both a matte finish, and with a pearly sheen or large sequins of various colors.
  • Milv. This brand produces high quality nail coatings. The products of this company is one of the most popular. And all thanks to a wide range of shades and economical consumption of funds.
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This is not a complete list of reliable manufacturers of single-phase gel polishes. It is also worth paying attention to such brands as Just Gel IBD, GelColor OPI, Harmony Gelish and Jessica. Their products are not only high quality, safe composition, durability, a wide palette of shades, but also quite high cost. In addition, the range of shades of gel varnishes of these manufacturers is constantly updated.

But sometimes it’s not enough just to buy a gel polish of a good manufacturer, you also need to apply it correctly.

How to apply

In order for the result from the use of single-phase gel polish not to bring disappointment, it is necessary to learn how to use it correctly. A step-by-step technique for using single-phase gel polish is as follows:

  1. Preparation of the fingertips and the nail plate itself. First of all, it is necessary to remove the cuticle or push it as far as possible if unedged manicure is selected. Then, with the help of a file, the desired shape and length of the nail itself is formed.
  2. Be sure to polish the entire surface of the nails. To do this, you need to use a special tool - a buff. It is a thick soft file.
  3. If the use of a degreaser when using a three-phase gel polish is an optional item, then using a single-phase coating, its use is mandatory.
  4. Then you should definitely cover the entire nail plate with a primer. This is a special tool that provides a tight and reliable bond of the gel to the surface of the marigold. In addition, the use of this product helps to avoid the appearance of defects such as cracking and peeling of gel polish from the surface of the nail plate.
  5. Now you need to apply the single-phase tool on the nails. It should be remembered that such gel polish is applied with a very thin layer to the surface. Press the brush tightly to the fingernail. The product is applied to each nail in turn, with mandatory drying in an ultraviolet lamp for 2 minutes or in an LED lamp for 30 seconds.
  6. If necessary, after drying, another thin coating can be applied to the surface of the nails. This is done to get a rich deep color. If the desired shade was not obtained, applying a third coat is not recommended. Nails will not be able to get the right dose of oxygen, and the coating itself will begin to peel off faster from their surface.

See how to properly apply and remove single-phase gel polish in the next video.

When drying a single-phase gel polish in a lamp, it is imperative to read the manufacturer's recommendations on the timing of this procedure. Depending on the brand chosen, the drying time can vary significantly. And non-compliance with the recommendations can lead to the appearance of various flaws.

But no matter how durable and high-quality the coating of nails with the use of a single-phase agent is, sooner or later it will need to be removed. But it is necessary to do this, also observing some recommendations.

How to peel off

In order not to damage the structure of the nails, as well as quickly and easily remove the single-phase gel polish from their surface, the following steps must be performed:

  1. It is necessary to stock up with food foil, wooden manicure sticks, ordinary cotton wool. You will also need a cleanser, it can be purchased immediately complete with the selected single-phase gel polish, or you can buy it separately. If you choose a tool designed specifically for removing gel polish is impossible, then a normal varnish remover, made on the basis of acetone, is quite suitable.
  2. Cotton swabs are abundantly impregnated with the solution and firmly pressed to the nails. There is a small nuance: the shorter their length, the easier it is to remove coating from them. Therefore, if necessary and possible, it is first necessary to shorten the nails with the help of manicure scissors.
  3. Then the tampon attached to the nail is wrapped tightly on top with ordinary foil. If it is not at hand, then the usual cling film will do.
  4. In this position, the hands are left for 10 or 15 minutes, then the compress is removed from the fingertips.
  5. With the help of an orange stick, the coating is lifted up at the base of the nail, if it is easily amenable to this procedure, and with the help of a stick it is shifted at the top. Then completely clean off the nail. If the gel polish does not soften after a while, then a compress is applied to the nails again and left for another 15 minutes.
  6. After completely removing the coating, the nails should be thoroughly washed in warm water and apply a nourishing cream or special oil to them.
  7. Despite the fact that single-phase gel polish can not do much harm to the nails, they need to be given a break. therefore before performing the next manicure using this tool, at least a day should pass.

You can familiarize yourself with another way of removing single-phase gel polish in the video below.

Useful Tips

In the end, I would like to give some additional tips that will help to avoid unpleasant consequences about this wonderful tool for manicure.

  • Firstly, you should never buy a single-phase gel polish at too low a cost. It is worth remembering that a truly high-quality and safe product cannot cost less than 300 rubles per 6 ml vial.
  • Secondly, it is better to give preference to trusted manufacturers who have established themselves as the creators of quality and safe products. Those who are trustworthy have been described above.
  • Thirdly, Before using this type of gel polish, it is strictly forbidden to shake the vial with this agent intensively. Otherwise, you should be prepared for defects such as cracking and delamination of the coating.

It is also not recommended to apply more than two layers of varnish on the nails. Otherwise, bubbles may appear on their surface during drying in the lamp.

Despite the high resistance of this product, any contact with water, as well as a sharp temperature difference within three hours after the procedure should be avoided. In order for the result of such a manicure to please for a long time, it is necessary and proper to care for it.

Before going to bed, you should rub special oil or a nourishing cream in the cuticle and nail bed, designed both for the skin of the hands and for the nails.

In contact with potent chemicals, gloves should be used; the same applies to cases when a large amount of rough work is done, for example, in the garden.

Even if after 15 days the manicure looks fine, the coating will still need to be removed from the nails. The nails grow back and unpainted areas appear, which creates the appearance of sloppiness. And besides, the nail plate also needs rest, because no matter how safe the composition of this product may be, it still contains various chemical components that, with prolonged contact with the nails, can damage their structure.

Compliance with all these simple, but very valuable recommendations will not only help to avoid disappointment in this product, but also will not allow the nails to do any harm.


Manufacturers of single-phase gel nail polish insist that this tool is the best for creating a bright, lasting and beautiful manicure. Reviews of most customers confirm this. According to women, all the advantages claimed by manufacturers of this coating have a place to be in fact. The use of single-phase gel polish really allows you to reduce the time to complete a manicure, as well as save money. But the most important thing is that such a saving not only does not affect the appearance of the manicure, but also the condition of the nails.

A wide palette of shades, a wide variety of brands involved in the release of these products allow every woman who wants to purchase such a tool for nail art.

Manicure masters also support such positive reviews about single-phase gel polish. They note the saving not only of time and money, but also the expansion of the working area. Now there is no need to force the whole table with various varnishes, fixing agents, as well as spend time on the selection of suitable products. After all, not all types of substrates and top coatings fit together. But now all these problems are in the past. Instead of three bubbles, it is enough to use only one.

If we talk about negative reviews about this tool, then there are practically none. Most of the women who experienced this gel polish on themselves, were very pleased with the result. Those who did not get the desired effect themselves admit that they either violated the recommendations for applying this coating on the nails, or acquired a very dubious product.

The popularity of single-phase gel polish is justified and deserved. Those who used it once openly declare that they are not going to return to the three-phase nail coating system.

Watch the video: Building Gel-Nails With One Phase Gel (April 2020).


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