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TNL Professional Gel Polish

Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity dreams of being beautiful and well-groomed, like herself and others. Fashionable and stylish manicure that attracts attention is one of the important components of the image. The beauty industry offers many options for keeping nails in excellent condition. TNL Professional gel polish allows you to create beautiful manicures both in beauty salons and at home.

You will learn more about TNL Professional brand gel polishes from the following video.

Features and Benefits

Girls and women who create manicures at home often face impressive enough financial investments to immediately get everything they need. To apply and correct the currently popular gel polish you will need to buy:

  1. UV lamp or LED;
  2. Base (base);
  3. Fixer (top coating);
  4. color gel polish for nails;
  5. stripper;
  6. Means for degreasing the nail plate.

You will also need lint-free napkins, orange sticks, cuticle oil.

In the search for a budget option, girls often opt for TNL from Korea. On the market, it is represented by a wide palette of shades of gel polishes. This company proves that in order to look beautiful and fashionable, it is not at all necessary to spend half your own salary.

A huge advantage is the cost of funds issued by a Korean company. The average price for varnish is approximately 200 rubles. At the same time, the quality of the product is no worse than that of popular brands.

The bottle of gel polish has an ergonomic shape. It’s convenient for the master to hold it in his hand. The brush is flat and wide. Its convenient shape allows you to distribute the coating on the surface of the nail plate with a minimal amount of effort.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the consistency of varnish.

When applying the product, it does not spread. Therefore, it is not difficult to distribute TNL Professional gel polish on the nail.

In the assortment offered by the Korean company, the entire line of products that is necessary to create a manicure is presented. These tools can be easily used by both a novice and an experienced specialist.

The main feature of the line of this brand is that the products are perfectly combined with the products of other companies. Based on this, you can use, for example, the base and top of the company you like, and choose a color coating from the TNL palette.

This brand offers a wide selection of shades, which includes the most fashionable and popular colors. Such an assortment will not leave anyone indifferent. The Korean brand will be an excellent solution for those who are used to looking for a harmonious combination of high quality products at low cost.

Product Line Overview

The products presented by the Korean company easily withstand competition with expensive nail polishes. The main advantages of TNL Professional are:

  1. indelible shade brightness;
  2. fast application;
  3. high durability;
  4. good varnish pigmentation (two layers are enough to get the desired shade).

With prolonged wear, the coating does not lose its original appearance.

The company from Korea constantly offers new and interesting products. This allows the brand to remain in demand among buyers.

In addition to base, fixative and nail polish remover, TNL is able to offer a wide range of design products. In the ruler, you can find the necessary colors to create a french current to this day. This version of manicure is currently considered one of the most popular. It attracts attention with its elegance, grace and simplicity.

  • It is worth taking a look at the Craquelure collection. The line of tools allows you to create an unusual cracking effect on the nail plate. Such a manicure looks quite original and unusual. The collection is represented by a wide selection of shades.
  • Gel nail polish from the Mosaic line looks very impressive on nails. A manicure created using the selected shade resembles a pattern that can be seen on glass on a frosty morning. This collection is presented in 40 different colors.
  • Quite unusual is the Thermo line. It is also represented by a wide color palette. Gel polish is able to change the shade when it gets into a cold temperature and hot. Each fashionista will surely attract bright and rich colors available in this line of products.
  • Chameleon varnishes are in unprecedented demand. An unusual effect that allows you to change the hue at different lighting angles will attract the attention of others. When applying this gel, a substrate is not required. It is enough to use the base. To remove the "Chameleon" is not difficult if you use a liquid of the same brand.
  • Separately, it is worth mentioning a series of stained glass gels. Applying this coating allows you to achieve a mirror effect. It is achieved by adding special reflective particles to the varnish. Not every company represented on the market of nail industry can boast of the presence of such tools in the line.

On the market, the TNL collection is also represented by such series as:

  1. Morocco
  2. Glitter
  3. "Cat's eye";
  4. "Rubber Camouflage".
  • Series "Morocco" inspired by an interesting legend about the beautiful girl Samir and the Sultan. The ruler of Morocco presented his lover with an unusual gift - a necklace. Each bead in it shimmered with the color of inconceivable beauty. All women of a noble family envied the girl. They were surprised that the sultan made an expensive gift to a commoner.

Once, having climbed the highest tower in the state, Samira tore a necklace. Beads rolled out across the country. The Korean manufacturer, inspired by a beautiful legend, created the eponymous collection of gel polishes.

TNL Professional products in this series copy pearls from a fabulous necklace.

In total, the palette has several dozen shades pearl white to black. Despite the fact that the series appeared on the market relatively recently, many fashionistas have already managed to appreciate the unsurpassed effect. Moreover, the cost of one bottle is about 180 rubles.

  • Another episode worthy of attention - "Cat's eye". The demand for the effect of a cat's eye is due to the fact that the varnish is similar to the print that looks like precious stones this season. Today it’s hard to find a manufacturer who wouldn’t present a collection with the same name on the market.

The base proposed by the Korean brand is of unsurpassed quality. It does not flow during application, perfectly aligns the surface of the nail plate, dries quickly in the lamp. You can use it not only to create a manicure based on TNL Professional tools. It goes well with other brands on the modern market. The base of TNL helps protect the nail, its healing.

To create a persistent manicure, you need to use additional protection.

Fixing agent should be applied last. The rules for applying TNL Professional gel polishes are quite simple and resemble the recommendations of manufacturers of other brands. It is worth noting that a violation of technology will lead to insufficient durability of any selected shade.

To apply gel polish, you will need a small set of materials and tools:

  1. File;
  2. Buff or grinding file;
  3. Orange sticks;
  4. Base or base;
  5. Colored varnish;
  6. Top
  7. UV or LED lamp;
  8. Degreaser for the nail plate.

Masters in beauty salons are well aware that preparing for the process is half the success. TNL follows a similar rule. In this case, sparing means for the nail plate are used that do not harm its integrity.

  • First stage it is necessary to remove the old coating, if any.
  • Next sanitize hands with a special tool.
  • Using an orange stick move the excess skin (cuticle).
  • Natural nail file, shape the free edge.
  • Then sand the surface well with a buff. Do not be zealous, just remove the shine.
  • Then, a primer is applied to the nail plate.
  • It’s enough to dry it in the air. This will take a few seconds. The very procedure for applying gel polish is extremely simple. This does not require special skills.

The procedure looks like this:

  1. a base coat is applied to the entire surface of the prepared nail. It has no color and odor, quickly polymerizes under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. The consistency of the product resembles a regular varnish. The drying time in the lamp depends on the type of base. For example, before the rubber base is completely dry, it will take about three minutes when using a conventional ultraviolet lamp. In the LED, it will dry for 1.5 minutes. After drying the base, the sticky layer does not need to be removed. This will ensure a strong adhesion of the product with a color layer;
  2. The color product is applied first in one layer. It is dried in a lamp. If necessary, apply a second, and then after drying, and a third. Repeating the procedure is required if you want to get a more saturated and vibrant shade;
  3. After drying all the layers in an ultraviolet or LED lamp, you need to use a fixative (top). The rubber product must be dried for 3 and 1.5 minutes, respectively. The company offers a matte fixer. It will appeal to those who love the velvet effect.

The main collection of the Korean brand is represented by 3-in-1 varnish lines and single-phase products.

The color palette is simply huge. It’s impossible not to find the right tone. Single-phase gel polish significantly saves time creating a manicure. The advantages of this option are:

  1. hypoallergenicity;
  2. juiciness and brightness of shades;
  3. harmlessness;
  4. durability and evenness of the coating.

Single-phase varnish is a real salvation for those who want to get a long-lasting manicure with minimal time costs.

The only disadvantage of this option is the limited design. It is impossible to apply rhinestones or sparkles on such a product, since the adhesive layer of the varnish is simply absent.

The manufacturer is assured that the coating is able to hold without scuffs and chips for more than 2 weeks. During this time, perhaps the nail will grow back. The technique of applying a single-phase agent is simple:

  1. cuticle removal using an orange stick;
  2. giving the nail plate desired shape and length;
  3. grinding using the buff;
  4. degreasing a special tool (remover);
  5. painting nails;
  6. drying in a lamp. The duration of the stage depends on the type of device. In an ultraviolet lamp, the varnish dries for 2 minutes, in LED - 1 minute;
  7. if necessary you need to apply a second layer and also dry it;
  8. at the end of the procedure soothing oil is applied to the cuticle.

Beautiful manicure is ready. Using the means of the TNL Professional brand, a stylish nail design and an original coating can be created without leaving your home.

Color palette

The TNL Professional gel polish color palette is presented in dense, transparent and translucent tones. When purchasing funds, be sure to read the description of the shade given by the manufacturer. In this case, you will probably be satisfied with the end result.

Almost all varnishes produced by this company form the necessary coating when applied in several layers.

  • In greatest demand in the line of gel nail polishes uses color No. 80. This product is on a transparent basis. The composition contains a fairly large number of sparkles.
  • In shade No. 107 microscopic sparkles can be easily seen blue and silver tones. Thanks to these particles, he looks very beautiful on nails. This tone is ideal for both office and romantic walks.
  • Each shade has features in the application.. So, for example, tone number 24 "rich gold" with a liquid consistency. It is necessary to work with it accurately and quickly, apply a thin layer and repeat several times. It is recommended that you use a white base for best results. In order to achieve the desired mirror effect, it is advisable to apply a second layer of gel on a well-dried first.
  • A denser consistency has a shade of No. 15. It is applied as evenly as possible. Each layer is dried in a lamp. When using, it is necessary to avoid leakage of the liquid agent on the cuticle.
  • Thermo Collection unusually beautiful and attractive. The compositions have a fairly thick consistency. When applying the product, the varnish changes its color depending on the ambient temperature.
  • For example, when using tone number 9, having a dark green color, in warm water, nail platinum acquires a turquoise hue pleasant to the eye. In the cold - dark green.
  • Tone number 21 "dark purple" use in two layers. To the best of the thick consistency of the composition allows you to evenly distribute it. In a warm environment, the selected hue becomes bright blue with small silver sparkles.
  • Of particular note is the wide color palette designed to create a French manicure. In it you can find both common tones and unusual ones. The collection has about a dozen shades.
  • Tone number 47 is in special demand. This dense color is perfect for creating a natural manicure. To cover the tips, it is enough to apply in two layers, on the nail plate, as a rule, three are required. On the bottle of this product is marked "LED". This means that the varnish is suitable for drying in the corresponding lamp.
  • Popular is No. 123 "gentle mint". Often this tone is used in the summer when you want coolness. Using the tool, you can create real masterpieces of nail art. This composition is characterized by ease of use and unsurpassed quality. Ideal for creating manicures in home and salon conditions.
  • Gel Polish TNL Professional No. 349 Forest Orchid. The dense consistency of the composition allows you to quickly and evenly paint over the nail. Two layers are enough to get the desired shade. Manicurists and those who do manicures at home, fell in love with this tone for simplicity and ease of application.
  • The range and color scheme of shades TNL Professional are quite rich. True fashionistas of the Craquelure and Mosaic collections are in demand. When applied, they create an unusual effect. Some series have more than two hundred color schemes.


Reviews on TNL gel polishes of various collections are mostly positive. Masters note the convenience of the cap. Professionals say that it does not slip on the fingers, so you can slowly and accurately apply nail polish.

Girls using makeup at home, and salon masters speak well of the consistency of funds released by the company from Korea. In general, they note moderate viscosity formulations. Funds are evenly distributed on the base, do not form bald spots, quickly polymerize.

Correction of coverage is easy. All products manufactured under the TNL Professional brand are well combined with compositions of various manufacturing companies that are widely represented in the markets.

It should be noted a rich palette of colors. This is also an indisputable advantage of the Korean company. In most cases, gel polishes are applied exactly the first time. True, professionals note that in the collections you can find several tones that you need to adapt to.The reviews note the economical consumption of the composition and reasonable cost.

Among Russian masters there are those who prefer to combine the base and fixative of one company with colored varnish of another. Professionals say that the durability of a manicure definitely benefits from this.

TNL gel polishes can satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients of beauty salons.

By choosing these tools, you can achieve an original and vibrant design with minimal time costs.

Watch the video: Гель-лаки для начинающих TNL Professional ! Paris Nail (April 2020).


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