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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Gel Polish Bohemia

Bohemia was established in 2006 and now specializes in the development and sale of materials for nail design. The brand is of Russian origin, but the company works closely with American and European specialists. So, the official manufacturer of gel polish series "Professional Apex Gel" is the United States. There are also some varnishes, tops and base products that come from France. Product quality is checked in St. Petersburg, where there is also a distribution center. Here they are packing it. In 2017, the company changed its name and is now called BHM Professional. Along with the name, the company has strengthened control over the delivered goods, which now pass three levels of quality control. Today, BHM cosmetics can be found in more than fifty Russian cities.

There are two main series of varnishes in the company's assortment. The Bohemia Professional series includes 9 collections of persistent varnishes, care products: for nail growth, for softening cuticles, bleaching and firming gels, fortified bases, as well as tools and decor for decoration. Apex Gel series includes about 100 types of gel varnishes with traditional three-phase application.

It also offers basic and top-end basics, as well as special tools for removing color coatings and LED-lamps. For the convenience of customers, the company also offers ready-made starter kits for craftsmen. They include:

  • directly the base "Apex Base Coat";
  • Color Coat gel polish palette, consisting of 4 different colors;
  • topcoat topcoat;
  • "Nail Beauty Oil" oil to soften the cuticle and strengthen the nail plate,
  • universal liquid "Gel Cleanser" to eliminate the sticky layer, which is also a degreaser;
  • Polish Remover liquid for dissolving gel polish;
  • lamp for drying the coating;
  • file and polishing buff.
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The volume of bottles with Bohemia gel varnishes is 11 ml. For professional use, this is a very convenient format, but judging by the feedback of private customers, for home use this amount is not very convenient, as the product consumption is very economical and consumers simply do not have time to use up all the contents of the bottle. Some gel polishes are enough to apply in one layer, as their texture is quite dense.


The color coating of the described company has the abbreviation Big5Free. It usually marks products in the formula of which do not contain harmful components. Here is a list of five essential substances that negatively affect the skin and nails:

  1. dibutyl phthalate (Dibutyl Phtalate).
  2. amphora (Camphor).
  3. toluene (Toluene).
  4. formaldehyde (Formaldehyde).
  5. formaldehyde resin

Experts say that high-quality modern gel polish should be based on just such a formula. Therefore, when purchasing BHM Professional cosmetics, you can be sure of both the quality of the products and your own health.

In addition, varnishes and gel polishes marked with this icon should have a number of advantages:

  • The invoice is plastic, moderately thick, lays well, leaves no traces of the brush.
  • The coating dries fast enough when dried, it evens out and forms a beautiful glossy surface. A perfectly even coating indicates that the correct proportions of colloidal products and plasticizers are observed in the composition of this product.
  • Wear resistance. The period of wear of the gel color coating averages from 10 to 14 days. Some ladies noted that it remained intact for three weeks.
  • The shelf life of BHM Professional products is very long, which allows you to use it not only in beauty salons, but also at home for so long that some colors have time to get bored. In addition, the company constantly pleases its fans with the release of fashionable novelties that you want to have in your collection.
  • An individual brush is selected for each effect. Pile has an even cut and a dense packing.
  • Democratic cost. The recommended retail price for color coating in the store is 450-500 rub.
  • An abundance of various shades and design effects. All colors are presented on the company's website and a brief but very informative commentary is given for each shade, allowing you to create an idea of ​​the chosen coating.


Gel colored coatings are packaged in 11 ml bottles of opaque high-impact glass. The black color of the glass protects it from the effects of ultraviolet radiation. To protect yourself from buying non-original products, carefully consider the bottle. On company packaging should be indicated not only the brand name and series, but also a color sample in a circle.

Shades of the Apex Gel Bohemia Series

As mentioned above, the assortment of the company contains a huge number of colors and their shades, and it will take quite a long time only to list them. Therefore, in the framework of this article, we consider only a few of the most popular coatings.

"Night desert" (No2)

The coating has a noble wine tint. The color is saturated, dense, not transparent. His "trick" is that he has the ability to change the intensity depending on the type of lighting: in the sun it becomes very bright, resembles a ripe berry, and with a lack of light, it acquires a darker tone. This color is universal and will look equally impressive on nails of any length.

"Pearl" (No19)

Delicate pink tint. Judging by the reviews, it has a somewhat liquid consistency, so it is recommended to apply in 2 layers. If you apply this gel polish in three layers, it turns out a little cartoony, like a puppet color.

Queen (No25)

The noble bardo is perhaps one of the darkest colors in the Apex Gel collection. Despite the beautiful color, the masters do not really like this number. Reviews say that the varnish is capricious when applied, dries for a long time even with a powerful lamp. And in order to achieve uniform coverage, it is necessary to apply 3, and sometimes even 4 layers, previously drying each of them. However, if you adapt to it, then you can forget about your manicure for three weeks.

"Orchid" (No 26)

The color of melted chocolate. Just looking at this magnificence involuntarily arises associations with coffee and chocolate eclairs. Ideal in combination with a beige wardrobe. Favorite of the autumn collection.


A calm beige tone with a slight pinkish hint that blends in with skin color. Such a manicure is quite appropriate for offices and other institutions where there is a dress code. It is also suitable for a romantic date and for gatherings with girlfriends.

"Purple heart" (No79)

Bright, eye-catching violet pigment. Reminiscent of the summer with its riot of colors and fun parties deep after midnight. It looks especially impressive in the sun and on tanned skin.

"White Pearl" (No64)

Dense texture of white color. The coating is ideal as the basis for the subsequent creation of the design, lasts 2-3 weeks on the nails.

In addition to monophonic coatings, the range of the Bohemia brand has a whole series of varnishes with shimmers. Let's consider some of them.

"Raspberry sorbet" (No 14)

Caramel pink with fine sparkles of the same sweet-sugary color. It sparkles very beautifully in the rays of sunlight, goes well with plain gel polishes of the same shade.

"Merlot" (No 85)

Dark plum shade with a light dusting of fine-grained golden shimmer with a reddish tint. The coating is thick and even, sometimes a single layer is enough. It proved to be excellent in the sock - it is stable from two or more weeks.

"Indian garnet" (No 91)

The hue of fortified wine with the addition of a large-caliber sheen of red. It looks very impressive on short and square nails.

In conclusion, I would like to add that for better adhesion of the BHM Professional coating to the nail, it is recommended to use base and finishing products of the same company.

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