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Kodi Professional Gel Polish

All women want to look stylish, fashionable and attractive. It's no secret that well-groomed hands are an indicator of success and self-confidence. That is why many girls so carefully monitor the beauty of their fingers. At the same time, a high-quality and original manicure will always cheer you up, charge you only with positive emotions and attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Many are accustomed to contacting nail specialists to make an excellent manicure. Other ladies prefer to take care of their hands independently in comfortable home conditions. However, do not forget that it is on the quality of the coating that the durability of the coating, its brightness and durability will depend. Modern manufacturers offer a variety of options for gel polishes. Among them, Kodi Professional can be distinguished. We will discuss below what gel-varnishes of this company are remarkable below.

A little bit about the company

Each representative of the fair sex wants to find a persistent and high-quality gel polish that will be easy and convenient to apply, hold on to the nails for a long time. Well-known manufacturer Kodi offers to evaluate the effectiveness of their funds. Buyers will be pleasantly surprised by a diverse palette and a solid foundation that will ensure reliable adhesion of colored varnish to the nail plate.

Gel varnishes of this company simply could not go unnoticed by fashionistas. It seems that not a single varnish has lasted so long and did not look so flawless.

The manufacturer occupies a leading position in the list of popular beauty products.

The company was founded in 2005. High quality products allowed the company to conquer the global market in ten years. The company is a supplier of its products to almost all continents of the globe. Professional craftsmen choose Kodi to create flawless manicures and pedicures.

Also, the famous brand not only develops and produces original products, but also holds a variety of master classes that help craftsmen from all over the world to acquire skills and transfer experience. With the help of competitions and contests, nail specialists achieve high skill. The company's products also include various tools and equipment for manicure.

Manufacturer Features and Benefits

The undoubted advantage of this company is its high quality products. Gel Polish is durable, light and easy to apply. Consider the main advantages:

  • Excellent performance. This gel nail polish is to the liking of all the fair sex, as well as nail masters. They note its wide possibilities in giving a fresh and stylish image to women's hands.
  • Lightness and speed in application. Each bottle has this characteristic. The substance is easy to apply on the nail plate and remove. You will not feel tension or discomfort.
  • Durability. Another advantage of gel varnishes of this company. The coating retains its original appearance for up to 14 days. You will enjoy the beauty of your nails and attract the attention of the opposite sex.
  • Security. The substance does not contain any elements harmful to health. For example, in gel polish there are no formaldehydes.
  • A pleasant moment is the neutral smell of the product. It will not irritate the sense of smell. You can focus on the process itself, implementing your wildest ideas.
  • Gel polish is able to strengthen the nail plate. Variants of this company can be used in conjunction with the treatment of marigolds. Your pens will be not only attractive, but also healthy.
  • The composition of the tool includes rubber. It contributes to a good adhesion of the coating and the nail plate. Therefore, gel polish will last a long time.
  • High-quality application. When covering the nails, you will not see any defects, for example, cracks, rolling, etc. The varnish lays evenly, filling the entire surface of the nail.
  • Saving. This manufacturer produces high-quality gel polishes at an affordable price. You can significantly save your family savings and at the same time purchase an excellent tool to give beauty to your fingers.
  • The ability to do manicures at home. Now you do not need to wait for a recording to the right master to transform your claws. It will be enough to stock up on your own with a professional tool and create beauty. You can make any stylish decor, gaining the necessary experience over time.
  • Optimal consistency. The coating does not flow, is easy to apply, and looks perfect. This is another advantage that plays a decisive role in the choice of gel polish.
  • Positive emotions. Every girl dreams that her manicure is fashionable, stylish and lasts a long time. This gel polish will meet all your requirements. This will improve your mood, you will feel confident and attractive.
  • A wide range of products. You can find a variety of gel polishes by texture and color palette. Bottles have a volume of 7 and 12 ml. You can purchase a large number of varnishes at a bargain price. Such products will be enough for you for a long period of time.
  • You can purchase a special starter kit for those who are just starting to learn the basics of nail art. Even if you have never encountered such a job, you can easily learn the basic nuances and secrets. With experience, you can do the perfect manicure.

All these positive characteristics allow you to make a choice in favor of the products of this company. It is worth noting that the country of production is the United States. In a short time, the company won the love and respect of even the most fastidious beauties.

The manufacturer pays special attention to safety, and also develops new technologies and new products, expanding the market.

Tool lines

The range of gel polishes of this company is quite wide. You can choose the option that is right for you. The manufacturer constantly develops and releases new products, satisfying the needs of even the most demanding customers.

All products of the company can be attributed to the middle price category. Therefore, you will not spend all your savings, while making your pens graceful and beautiful. All the beauties will be pleased with the high quality materials of the company. In the main line there are not only gel polishes, but also all the necessary auxiliary tools for manicure. In addition to colored varnishes, there is a base, top, primer, ultrabond, fresh. With the help of these elements, masters will be able to perform high-quality and persistent manicure, which will appeal to every beauty.

The company’s features include the fact that it produces a special starter kit. It will allow you not to waste your savings and time. Usually when a girl with no experience is going to try her hand at nail art, then she encounters many problems. Including the purchase of unnecessary or inappropriate materials.

In this matter, the company took care of the fair sex. This includes all the necessary elements in order to create a quality manicure. Of course, each such set may differ in its configuration. There are fixed assets that are provided:

  • Base or base;
  • Topcoat;
  • Three gel polish to choose from;
  • Degreaser for marigolds;
  • Acid-free primer
  • Special gel polish remover;
  • Buff file.

Without these elements, it will be impossible to make a quality coating.

If you wish, you can separately buy other items that you will need.

The versatility of the kits lies in the fact that their use does not require additional equipment and any special working conditions with the material. You can also choose a palette that suits you. So, if you are going to create a French manicure, then you can purchase a French set. If you prefer vivid images, you should use rich shades.

We offer you to watch a video review of the entire Kodi Proffessional varnish palette for creating a French manicure.

If you like unusual textures, then a series of gel varnishes is suitable for you. Cat's eye. Shiny and smooth coatings will pleasantly surprise you with their colorful shades. You can successfully combine your manicure with a variety of clothes, creating an individual image. This line of gel polishes has its own characteristics. The composition of the substance includes metal dust. It is the main element by which the coating looks mysterious and unusual.

Using a magnet, particles rise to the surface of the coating. This creates a flicker effect that looks like a cat's eye stone. That's where the name came from. Interestingly, the palette of these gel polishes is quite diverse. There are both light shades and dark tones. The procedure for applying gel polish is similar. We will talk about him a little later.

Another attractive option that all fashionistas like - thermo gel polish. This line will help to create an original image, will bring a fresh stream to your unique style. This coating is unusual in that it changes color depending on the temperature. So, for example, the edge of the nail will be a little darker, since the nail plate does not warm up. But the base of the plate will be bright. This varnish on long claws will look especially successful, as the transition of shades will become more expressive.

There are in the collection of a well-known company and stained glass gel polish. It will help to realize the original aquarium effect on your nails. Using these bottles, you can easily create a creative nail-design. Your fingers will look fashionable and attractive. The features include a wide palette of shades, with which you will realize your fantasies. There are some features of working with such a gel polish. The technology of using the product involves applying it to a preliminary base color. It will change its hue based on the color and saturation of the stained glass.

It is important to be able to organically combine colors, foreseeing the result. Also, do not remove the sticky layer from the finish coating after you dry your fingers under the lamp. This simple rule will help to create the effect of transparency of stained glass design, give the nails a deep aquarium effect.


Many fashionistas are interested in the composition of professional tools. Kodi Professional cares about the safety and health of women. The cosmetic product does not contain harmful substances. The product feature is the rubber component. This element leads to the fact that the coating after its application acquires elasticity, high strength. This gel polish is convenient to use and does not require special care.

You can not worry and the fair sex, who are prone to allergic reactions. Hypoallergenic composition will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding customers.

Due to the low consumption of varnish, you can save money and enjoy a beautiful, stylish manicure.

Color palette

This manufacturer presents a wide range of colors that will help to enjoy a new and colorful manicure every time. The collection is constantly updated with fashionable novelties. Developers keep track of all the fashion changes. The line of gel polishes includes not only classic shades, but also the brightest colors that are in trend this season.

Thanks to this variety of colors, you can spend a lot of time choosing the right varnish. The palette has more than 200 colors. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the names of the shades before going to the store. Then you will save time when choosing a product and you can accurately choose the right shade.

For example, it is especially popular this season. varnish number 69 "nude". This bottle is beige or flesh-colored, which will help give your nails a special charm. A durable coating can last up to several weeks, while maintaining an attractive and well-groomed appearance of your pens.

Can be used to create a natural look. color number 20. A pink bottle will make your nails perfect. In any case, no matter what color you choose, the coating will pleasantly surprise you with its durability, high quality and safety.

Application technology

Of course, to get a professional tool for nails is only half the battle. It is important to know the coating technology accurately in order to avoid possible misunderstandings.

It should be noted that gel polish should be applied only to prepared pens. To do this, it is worth processing the cuticle. Doing this is a dry way. This will reduce the possibility of further detachment of the coating.

  • Treat the surface of the nails using a nail file, give them the desired shape and length. The nails should be well cleaned of dust particles. It is necessary to wipe the nail plate with a special liquid. After this, you need to degrease the surface of the nail. It is also important to let it dry, wait 30 seconds.
  • Now you can proceed to applying the base. Coat the nail plates with one layer and dry the nails in the UV lamp for two minutes. The base will help improve the adhesion of the varnish to the nail surface. Now you can remove the sticky layer using a special tool.
  • Apply a coat of colorful Kodi Gel Polish. Then dry it in the lamp and repeat the procedure. If you want to get a more saturated color, then you can apply another third coat of varnish, also carefully drying it.
  • After you have achieved the desired shade, it is worth using the finish. Apply a thin layer on the surface of the nails, sealing the free edge, dry everything in a UV lamp. Now it’s worth removing the sticky layer with napkins and a special tool.
  • Apply cuticle oil.

This technology can be used for applying any line of professional varnish company.

With strict adherence to technology, as well as practice, your manicure will turn out flawless.

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How to remove

Many women think that the main thing is to apply the coating correctly. This, of course, is true. However, do not forget about the correct method of removing gel polish. Many beginning fashionistas neglect these rules and injure the nail plate. To prevent this from happening and your nails are always beautiful and elegant, it is worthwhile to thoroughly study how to properly remove gel polish:

  1. The first thing to do is remove the glossy surface of the marigold. This can be done with a coarse buff or nail file. Specialists in nail art recommend that you do not skip this stage. Thanks to him, the gel polish remover will penetrate deeper and more efficiently, allowing you to quickly and accurately remove the coating.
  2. Then it is worth applying a special tool to the sponge and attach it to the nail plate. Seal everything with foil and leave for fifteen minutes. After the right time has passed, remove the foil, take an orange stick and remove the remnants of gel polish.
  3. After this, you need to process the surface of the nail plate with buff and polish them. It is worth giving the nails the opportunity to relax a bit. Take small breaks to get the nails in shape. Frequent use of even professional tools can adversely affect the health of your claws.

Pay proper attention to the correct removal of gel polish and your pens will always be beautiful and well-groomed.

We offer a video guide to remove gel polish below.


Many positive reviews indicate the high quality of Kodi Professional products and the demand for this brand. The fair sex is pleasantly surprised by the safety of this cosmetic product, as well as a wide range of products. Girls note a wide palette of Kodi colors. You can choose any shade, create an irresistible image, emphasize and reveal your personality.

The reviews of the masters also indicate the high quality of the bottles. Professionals use this tool to implement their original ideas. Using gel polish, you can clearly apply the coating to the nail plate. You will get a saturated bright color that will completely cover the nail. This will allow you to make a quality manicure that will last you a long time.

Thankful customers and the affordable cost of the bottles are noted. This will help to significantly save money. You will not make a hole in the family budget and at the same time you will be able to purchase the right cosmetic product. Now you do not need to visit expensive beauty salons, it is enough to purchase Kodi products and use the product at home.

Like ladies and ease of coating. With just a few precise movements, you can easily and naturally cover your nails with your favorite color. It can also be easily removed. It is worth observing the technology. You can use such products even to ladies whose skin is prone to allergic reactions. Only safe elements are a part.

Each girl will be able to choose a varnish of the corresponding color, with the desired effect, so as to pleasantly amaze her relatives, friends and relatives. Make your dreams come true. Follow the instructions clearly and you will get a high-quality stylish manicure that will attract the attention of the opposite sex.

We examined the features of Kodi Professional gel polishes. Now you know how to create a manicure that will amaze you with the durability of the coating, bright shades, safety and reliability. Gel polish of this manufacturer will be an excellent gift for all ladies, it will allow you to embody your creative abilities, make nails stylish and attractive.

Watch the video: Kodi Professional Gel Polish (April 2020).


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