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Gel Polish Haruyama

Gel varnish Haruyama - gel coating of the same name of the Japanese brand, designed to perform professional manicure. It is recognized as the standard of Japanese quality and European style. This product of the nail industry has several advantages and is in great demand among professional manicure specialists.


Gel polish is a plastic gel, a composition of gel and varnish that looks and is applied like varnish, but requires drying under a special lamp, like gel. This is a fairly resistant coating that lasts on nails from three weeks to one month.

Such a tool dries slower than ordinary varnishes, so you can apply it calmly, evenly distributing it on the surface of the nail plate. Wherein it is important to prevent gel polish from getting on the cuticles and side rollers. If this could not be avoided, you need to remove the product with soft rags before drying with a special lamp. Removing it after drying of the main coating can damage the integrity of the layer, which will lead to a decrease in the durability of the varnish.

Advantages and disadvantages

The trademark has existed for more than 25 years and during its existence has become successful and desirable due to the fact that it produces hypoallergenic products.


The company’s gel polish has a lot of advantages over analogues of other brand coatings. This is a tool that does not violate the water balance and structure of the nail platinum, since it does not contain harmful components. It does not dry the skin near the nail, does not cause irritation in the form of redness or burning.

The advantages of the gel coating of the company include the ability to perform high-quality manicure not only in the beauty salon, but also at home. It is so simple to work that making a manicure that will not differ from a professional one will not be difficult. This will significantly save the budget and time, because the need for a daily manicure will simply disappear.

The Japanese manufacturer produces gel polishes that are highly resistant. These gel polishes are resistant to mechanical damage, do not crack and do not form chips all the time while they are on the surface of the nail plates.

Often, such a coating grows with the nail, without losing the original color, glossy shine and without needing correction.

The brand offers a fairly wide range of shades, differing in depth and purity of color. Such a variety allows you to choose your favorite tone and choose absolutely any shade, taking into account different moods: for clothes, style, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics.

Thanks to the components that make up the product, the Japanese company’s gel polishes strengthen the nail plates, protect the nails themselves from exfoliation, cracking and the negative effects of external factors.

This plastic varnish does not need to cut off a natural nail.

The cost of Haruyama gel polish is quite affordable, although the quality of the coating is not inferior to the famous Shellac CND. Gel Polish is available in stylish 8 ml bottles, has a dense texture, thanks to which two layers are enough for a saturated tone. Due to the conveniently shaped brush, it is distributed on the surface of the nail easily and evenly, does not flow over the cuticle and side rollers, and lies evenly. This is an impeccable coating, thanks to which the nails look beautiful and well-groomed.


When performing the technology of applying gel polish, a grinding procedure is necessary. This violates the structure of the nail plates, making them weak.

High resistance (4 weeks) and adhesion of the coating partially stop the access of oxygen to the surface of the nail, which leads to a slowdown in its growth. In addition, the coating deprives the nail of a natural protective layer, since it itself performs this function.

As with any gel polish remover, this process damages the structure of the nail plates. After removing the varnish, you need to process the nails with moisturizing, firming and nourishing agents.

Despite the recommendations for the purchase of any type of lamp, some basecoats and topcoats are not intended for polymerization under an LED lamp. They only dry under an ultraviolet lamp.

Company cosmetics review

The range of cosmetics for nail coatings includes basic, topcoats, pigmented gel varnishes, stained glass series, thermal gel varnishes, camouflage, yogurt lines and a cat-eye effect group.

The base and finish line includes a topcoat without a sticky layer, a matte top, the feature of which is polymerization exclusively in a UV lamp. Base and topcoats are available in 8 ml bottles, have convenient brushes, and fix layers well between each other. The rubber base implies drying only in ultraviolet rays. It is sold in bottles with a brush (8 ml) and jars of 10 ml, helps to smooth the surface of the nail plates due to the optimal texture density.

The rubber top has a viscous consistency, it gives the pigmented coating a noble luster, is its protection from chips and cracks during wear.

Classic series of pigmented gel polishes includes a lot of plain shades from light to dark, shimmer, neon tones and glitter coatings.

The line of stained glass coatings is a translucent gel varnishes, covering with which a pigmented layer, you can get an aquarium effect. This varnish is intended for decoration. It can be applied as an independent agent or as an addition to a pigmented coating. By itself, without a color base, it looks ugly, but with a bright background, the effect is simply amazing.

Thermal coatings interesting in that they change color under the influence of temperature. It is noteworthy that in the heat the shade noticeably lighter, and in the cold it becomes dark. This manicure is very effective, especially in shades having a bright contrast of two tones. During the day, the shades of the coating repeatedly change, which makes gel polish unique.

Camouflage Modeling Line includes 12 shades for french from beige to nude. This allows you to choose the shade as close to the natural tone. For an ideal digging layer, it is recommended to apply it in three layers. Camouflage is designed for polymerization in a UV and LED lamp, forms excellent adhesion to natural nails and is designed for 30 days of resistance.

Series "Cat's Eye" - A collection of magnetic coatings in different shades with the smallest metal particles, which, when exposed to a special magnet, form an unusual running flare effect, similar to the cornea of ​​a cat’s eye. When a magnet is presented, gel polish creates patterns in the form of stripes, spirals, and even stars. The Cat's Eye - Chameleon collection combines two effects, creating multi-colored overflows from several shades and flare.

Yogurt coating line It features a unique stained glass texture with cream shades and multi-colored splashes of different sizes. Externally, this coating really resembles yogurt with colorful confetti.

Top with gloss gives it a unique look.

Color palette

The color palette of gel polishes is very diverse: it contains more than 400 shades. Each series of gel polishes is unique in its own way. Classic shades include a range of coatings that no modern woman will be indifferent to. Using such a gel polish in an instant will make a festive manicure out of ordinary plain coating.

The palette is constantly updated with new shades. One of the fashion trends today is natural series. These shades are very popular along with nude paints. Among such gel polishes, funds with the numbers 23, 68, 85, 153, 176, 321, 369, 433, 444 are especially in demand. They make the manicure refined and sophisticated.

Juicy colors are in fashion - Sensual colors of summer, bright accents of the day and evening. Raspberry (91, 378) and red tones, coral (322, 431) and cherry blossoms, burgundy (208, 354) and burgundy brown (119, 227) do not give up their positions. These are tones that emphasize the passion of nature.

Among the cold shimmer paints blue gel polish numbered 121, emerald 25, 164, 200 tones, 231 shades of dark blue can be noted.

A special place in the palette is occupied by pastel shades.. Today they are a fashion trend and classic manicure. So in this group you can distinguish the tone 490 (delicate lilac), 15 and 102 (divorced mint), 160 (blue) and 152, 280 (pink), 435 (light green).

Caramel mint combinations are one of the new trends. Such a manicure will become an adornment of any woman. At the same time, it doesn’t matter at all whether a fashionista chooses light or juicy combinations: with skillful application, the design will look stylish and impressive.

Glitter tones look incredibly fashionable and luxurious.. These coatings are ideal not only for evening events. They successfully fit into the dynamics of the day and look fantastic. Among the coldest, the most striking representatives of the line were blue (128, 276, 231), silver (116, 127, 293), emerald (364, 416).

Of course, not without precious gold: the shades of 48, 336 stand out the most among others. Gothic lovers will like black and dark colors (225, 291, 334, 353).

The main trend of the season was a gray tint.. The company offers several options for flawless trendy manicure (251, 278, 430 and shimmer 333). Often this coating is the backdrop for nail art.


The application of such a product implies a certain technology, violation of which can lead to loss of appearance in a few days. In order to qualitatively make such a manicure on a professional level, certain devices and strict adherence to certain rules are needed.

To perform a manicure, you must have:

  • files and buffs;
  • degreaser;
  • base coverage;
  • color gel polish;
  • finish line;
  • alcohol-containing solution;
  • lint-free napkins or soft patches;
  • special lamp.

The technology for performing manicure itself is not complicated, but it requires accuracy and impeccability at every stage. If you do not follow the recommendations of professionals, you can not only waste time, but also spoil the beauty of nails.

A distinctive feature of using Haruyama gel polish is the need to dry each applied layer under a special lamp. This will extend the wear and increase durability.


Japanese manufacturer recommends using UV or LED lamp. And although the second option is considered a professional device, such a lamp does not dry all types of coatings. It is more advisable to buy a 36 W UV lamp: this is enough to not damage the manicure and skin of the hands. When choosing a device with a higher power, cloudy spots may form on the coating surface, a burning sensation during drying is noted.

Such a device implies a replacement after six months. Do not buy an expensive lamp on both hands at the same time. To perform a manicure at home, it is better to buy a small device with compact dimensions. It will not take up much space, while quickly drying each new layer.

The curing process in the UV lamp is 2 minutesin the LED lamp - 10-30 seconds. The choice of masters is ambiguous: some specialists purchase a device with less time, others perform first-class manicure with an ultraviolet lamp.

The recommendations of the Japanese brand for the implementation of manicure technology include nail preparation, application of the base, color gel polish and topcoat. Extend the durability of the coating by carefully following the steps of the procedure:

  • Preparation of the surface of the nail. Before you cover your nails with a beautiful varnish, you need to perform a light manicure without soaking. You can remove the cuticle, trim the free edge of the nail plate, paying special attention to it.
  • Using a cream or oil, at the end of a manicure, you need to remove it, then dry your nails for at least 15 minutes before polishing them. The final result and the durability of the coating depend on how smooth and dust-free the nail will be.
  • Removing the keratin layer. The process is carried out using a special buff, and only the gloss needs to be removed, so the movements should be light and delicate. Otherwise, there is a high risk of damage to the structure of the nail. A degreaser is applied to the treated matt surface, which is designed to remove residues of sawdust and sticky layer after using the cream. If the nails are soft, you can use a primer.
  • Base coverage. The base, as well as each layer of gel polish, is applied in a thin layer. So that the gel polish does not swell and does not wrinkle already under the lamp, you can not apply it with a thick layer.

A dense layer can cause a decrease in the durability of the coating. The base layer is necessary to ensure maximum tight adhesion of colored varnish to the surface of the nail. In addition, it protects the surface of the nail plate from yellowness after removing the pigment.

  • Color coating. Performing this step, it is important to try to apply the gel polish in a thin layer. If streaks and unpainted areas are visible when applying the first layer, it is better to apply a second thin layer, uniformly painting over imperfections. Masters note that the texture of the varnish is quite dense, which allows you to make an even and saturated tone in two layers.
  • Topcoat. The top layer may be thicker than the previous ones. It needs to be dried for 3 minutes under an ultraviolet lamp or 1 minute in an LED lamp. Such a tool can be with a matte or glossy finish, as well as with or without a sticky layer. After applying the finish with a sticky layer, the residual stickiness must be removed using an alcohol-containing solution and soft shreds of material.

Typically, a finish with a sticky layer is used if nail art is applied to the surface after a color coating. This enhances the adhesion of the layers. In the absence of a picture, you can simply fix the color gel polish with a regular top.

In addition to observing the application rules, it must be borne in mind that the shelf life of the coating is also affected by the shelf life of the product. You can not use an expired drug: the components that make up its composition change their properties.

The validity of the gel polish after opening the bottle should also be taken into account. The texture of the product begins to change, since when opening the varnish, heavy components and dyes push the solvent to the surface, which immediately begins to evaporate. Such products should be stored in a cool place away from sunlight. In addition, each time after use, you need to remove gel polish from the neck so that the bottle closes tightly.


Gel Polish Haruyama - Professional coverage, which has established itself on the positive side. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews of real customers, and most importantly, experienced manicurists working in beauty salons. The comments indicate the qualitative characteristics of the gel varnishes of the company, their dense consistency, due to which they are applied perfectly, do not create stripes, self-level and smell pleasant.

Buyers note that the coating must be applied carefully, since with a dense layer it begins to "tighten" already in the lamp.

Manicure masters and ordinary customers are unanimous that the shades of gel varnishes of the brand are luxurious and noble. Everyone is pleased with the huge choice of color, its depth and special sophistication.The only thing that professionals pay attention to is the need for two thin layers of pigmented varnishes. This allows you to achieve a smooth and flawless coverage.

The resistance of gel polish is as stated. Having bought a tool for coloring nails of the Japanese manufacturer, women become fans of the brand.

We offer a video review of gel varnishes of this company below.

Watch the video: Обзор гель-лаков Haruyama Paris Nail (April 2020).


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