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How to dilute nail polish

Almost all women without exception met with the problem of thickening and drying of nail polish in a bottle. In this regard, many women had a question, how to avoid this and how to dilute thick varnish. In fact, dried enamel can be very easily restored at home. To do this, you need to use some useful tips.

Operating principle

You can save any nail coating using a specialized thinner, which is necessary to restore its structure.

It makes the enamel more fluid and helps to restore its former quality. Choosing a diluent, you must try to acquire only the highest quality substances. By purchasing a real professional diluent, you can spend it very economically, since even a few drops of such a product have a very effective effect.

Such a tool can dilute any thick coating and make its application to the nails more even and simple. As a rule, the cost of one vial of such a specialized substance does not exceed the price of a bottle of an average coating for nails. The effect of this tool is not only effective, but also lasting. Special solvents can be used both for acrylic-based varnish and gel-based coatings. In addition, this tool is practically harmless, because it does not contain acetone and other harmful substances.

A special diluent, acting on a tool for coloring nails, restores its previous properties, but does not change its color. That is why this tool is the most effective for dissolving coatings for nails. The only negative point in its use is that one application of the diluent is only enough for a month, and then the enamel can again very easily thicken.

How to use

Solvents must be used correctly so that the effect is as noticeable and lasting as possible. In a standard bottle of nail cover, you need to drip a couple of drops of this product, then wrap the lid and mix this product thoroughly by shaking. If your enamel is very thickened and two drops were not enough, you can add as much special diluent and shake the bottle again.

It is very important not to overdo it when using a diluent, since an excessive amount of this agent can change the consistency of enamel and make it very liquid, and in addition, its color can change significantly. As a rule, in case of excess diluent, the coating becomes lighter, applying it is already not so inconvenient, since gaps appear on the nail plate.

It is also important to observe the special storage conditions for such a solvent. Since alcohol is part of this product, this product must be stored in places that are closed from fire and direct sunlight.

The most important rule for storing the diluent is that it must not be refrigerated, especially if the diluent is in a glass vial. In case you violate this condition, the product will lose all its properties and will not be able to restore nail polish. The big plus of varnish enamel thinner is that it has a very long shelf life if all storage conditions have been met.

Many experts recommend purchasing specialized products for dissolving the same brand or brand, which includes nail polish.

This is due to the fact that their composition will be as similar as possible, such a tool will perfectly complement the nail polish of a similar brand and will restore it much better.

Nail polish remover

The second most popular enamel solvent after special products is nail polish remover. This is the oldest and most famous varnish rescue option.

Remover liquid is the simplest and most affordable solvent, but it is believed that this is the most low-quality way to restore the structure of enamel. Experts point out that if acetone is included in the remover, then it will be a poor-quality solvent and the effect of its use will be very short-lived. The coating will soon thicken again, in addition, it will become much less durable.

The lacquer remover undoubtedly dilutes the thickened enamel and makes it much more liquid, but the big drawback of this dilution method is that it is very difficult to maintain the correct proportions.

Although this method of dissolving nail polish is the simplest, it has many drawbacks. So, the structure of the enamel becomes too liquid, in addition, it will dry out much longer on the surface of the nail plates. Remover liquid, getting into this product, can noticeably change its color, moreover, not only lighten it, but also generally worsen the quality of the coating.

In addition, this tool will adversely affect the nails themselves. It can be used only if you urgently need to dilute your favorite varnish and there are no other means at your fingertips. Only then can you use this tool, because soon after this procedure your enamel will thicken again, and in this way you can spoil it very quickly, and then completely say goodbye to this varnish coating.

Micellar water

Another possible solution to the problem of thickened coating is to dilute it with micellar water.

This method is effective and helps to change the consistency of enamel to a more liquid one. But this tool also needs to be used correctly, in proportion. On a standard enamel bottle, add one teaspoon of micellar water and slowly mix these elements with a brush. After this, it is necessary to leave the varnish coating for about 10 minutes, and then it can affect the consistency of the varnish coating and make it more liquid. At the end of this procedure, you can safely proceed to use your enamel. The effect of the use of micellar water is relatively short, but it does not affect the color change of the coating, it remains saturated.

Other methods

Another popular way to dilute thickened varnish is to use clear nail polish.

This tool can not have a lasting effect, it is perfect for only one or two uses. A transparent product does not thin the enamel, its texture also does not change, but at the same time it is able to absorb coloring particles from it. Thus, the enamel is not diluted, but only color pigments are added to the transparent agent. The only disadvantage of this procedure is that the brightness of your favorite coating, which has thickened, is significantly reduced, the color becomes less saturated.

No less popular is the method of dissolving the varnish coating by heating the bottle with this tool.

This is a very simple and affordable option to restore the structure of nail polish. This method is very effective, but the effect is one-time, that is, before you are ready to apply varnish enamel on your nails, you will again have to warm up the bottle and so on every time. This is due to the fact that after this cosmetic product cools down, it will again become thick.

In order to dissolve a thickened nail polish by heating, you must adhere to some rules. So, heating thickened enamels must be done by placing in hot water. By lowering the bottle into a container with boiling water, you need to wait 15 minutes, and then you can remove this product and use it. This leads to the fact that the coating becomes more fluid and is well distributed on the surface of the nail plate.

How to maintain consistency

To avoid drying out and changes in the thickness of the coating, it is necessary to handle it correctly.

One of the main conditions ensuring the enamel's durability is that it is necessary to store the nail polish at a temperature below room temperature in a place where the rays of the sun will not fall on it.

In addition, each time you need to make sure how tightly wrapped the lid of the bottle. After each use, the upper part of the enamel bottle must be cleaned of dried particles of this product, because if the coating accumulates, the bottle will be closed leaky, which will lead to a quick drying of the nail polish.

When buying this product, you should try to give preference to nail polishes, in the bottles of which there are small balls necessary for whipping the varnish by shaking. They allow you to break down the thickened particles of varnish and help maintain its normal texture for a longer period. If you follow all the above rules, you can extend the life of any nail polish.


Judging by the reviews of girls and women, most of them have encountered such a problem as thickening nail polish. All women deal with this problem in different ways. Some people prefer to use home methods, such as heating a bottle with this tool or leaning it on a hot battery for several minutes. Some even improve the consistency of nail polish by rubbing a bubble with this product between the palms of the hands.

Someone prefers to dilute the varnish with acetone or nail polish remover, but many notice that after this the structure of the varnish noticeably worsens and the product may even begin to crumble. Women dilute nail polish with a liquid to remove it, not considering how much enamel is left in the bottle, which is very important. On the half of the bottle with the varnish, you can add no more than 10 drops, as indicated by women, because, judging by their reviews, in this case, the varnish does not lose its quality characteristics and color.

Most women push that the best way to dissolve nail polish is to use a product specifically designed for this, because it is the most effective and allows you to keep the nail polish in the same liquid state for a longer period of time. In addition, many women note that this tool is relatively inexpensive. They also note the cost-effectiveness of its use, since a half-bottle of varnish requires much less such a product than, for example, liquid for removal. Also, women indicate that this tool is the safest and easiest to use, therefore, most of the fair sex prefers special solvents to combat thickened enamels.

You will learn more about how to dilute nail polish from the next video.

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