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Estee Lauder Lipstick

Lips are the most sensitive and expressive part of a woman’s face, the shape and natural shade of which can tell about the temperament and character of a woman.

Lipstick as an element of decorative cosmetics was used back in ancient Egypt. And to this day, it is a mandatory attribute of a women's handbag. Companies engaged in the manufacture of cosmetics offer contemporaries a huge selection of lipsticks: matte and glossy, with sparkles, liquid, two-tone, etc. The palette of produced shades begins with colorless and ends with bright saturated tones. The modern market is filled with many brands that offer cosmetics of various quality and price range. Among such a variety of brands, Estee Lauder lipstick is very popular.

You will learn more about lipsticks and sparkles of this brand from the next video.


Estee Lauder lipstick is the right choice for a modern woman. Good quality, moisturizing and nourishing effect, a variety of structures, a rich assortment of lipstick colors - all this will help create an attractive and memorable image.

According to the manufacturer, the makeup lasts on the lips for about 6 hours, does not roll, does not dry the skin and has a delicate pleasant aroma. Due to the microparticles of hyaluronic acid, it is perfectly absorbed and moisturizes the delicate skin on the lips, giving them softness and removing roughness. Depending on the chosen shade, you can adjust the shape of the lips. A variety of tones allows you to use this cosmetics for both young girls and ladies in adulthood.

Love for beauty is the key motto of the American company Estee Lauder.


The American brand is represented on the modern market of decorative cosmetics for more than a dozen years. During its existence, the company managed to significantly diversify its range of products, thereby trying to satisfy the tastes and wishes of each representative of the beautiful half of humanity.

Today Estee Lauder lipstick is presented in the following forms:

  • lipstick-balm of a tinted type;
  • modeling;
  • matt and ultramat;
  • persistent;
  • liquid;
  • mother of pearl;
  • moisturizing;
  • shining;
  • two-tone;
  • increasing volume;
  • nutritious;
  • transparent
  • lip gloss;
  • lipstick lipstick.

Brand lines

Estee Lauder is a trademark with offices in 130 countries. Decorative cosmetics of this brand is in demand among women of various age groups. Such a high interest could not go unnoticed. Today the company produces several lines of lipstick:

  • "Pure Color";
  • "Pure Color Envy" (modeling, matte, liquid);
  • "Pure Color Envy Ombre";
  • "Pure Color Envy Hi-Luster";
  • "Pure Color Envy Sculpting";
  • "Pure Color Envy Lip Volumizer";
  • "Pure Color Love";
  • "Pure Color Vivid Shine";
  • "Pure Color Long Lasting";
  • "Pure Color Crystal";
  • "Tinted Balm";
  • "Genuine Glow."


The specialty of the Estee Lauder brand is that it offers its customers variety and choice. Lipstick is presented in various forms, types and colors. A rich assortment allows you to choose the tone of lipstick in accordance with the color type of appearance, under the style of clothing, event, image and even mood. There are both classic shades and trendy colors, among which there are “tiramisu”, coral and vanilla colors.

At the same time, it is worth remembering that the color in the photo, palette, swatch and the real tone on the lips can lie down and look completely different.

The structure and condition of the skin of the lips can also affect the final appearance.

New shades

Those girls who are trying to keep up to date, want to look stylish and fashionable, it is recommended to look at the new shades (some of which are presented in old collections, but are now released in an updated version): "Strange Bloom", "Pocket Venus", "Intense Nude", "Barely Nude", "Potent", "Desirable", "Vanilla Truffle", "Moon Rock", "Nova Noir", "Impulsive", "Dynamic" other.

How to choose your color?

Regardless of personal preferences and tastes, each color type of appearance corresponds to a certain palette of colors, including decorative cosmetics. According to the comments of makeup stylists, when choosing lipstick, you should adhere to a number of recommendations:

Depending on the type and color of the skin:

  • Fair-skinned young ladies are suitable neutral and nude shades of lipsticks. The most successful options are shades from pale pink to plum.
  • Women with a dark skin tone It is recommended to opt for bright colors (brown and warm peach colors look especially good).
  • If the skin is not quite dark, but not pale, it will look perfect lipstick golden tones or various shades of red.

Depending on hair color:

  • blondes - shades of pink unsaturated species, peach, scarlet, coral or plum;
  • brown hair and brunettes - pink, plum, ruby, bright red, scarlet;
  • black haired girls - rich red, dark pink, scarlet, plum;
  • red-haired beauties - brown, coral, brick, plum, scarlet, dark pink, saturated peach.

Depending on the shape and size of the lips:

  • bright and neutral shades visually increase the volume;
  • dark and bright tones visually reduce lips.

The choice of colors for lipsticks is not an easy task with such a variety of color palettes.

Despite the existing selection rules, you can always get the shade that you liked at the time of purchase.

How to distinguish an original from a fake?

Almost every woman, when buying cosmetics, wondered if she was getting a fake. To distinguish the original from the replica is quite simple. There are a number of facts that should be paid utmost attention:

  • Packaging.

Original cosmetics in most cases are produced in high-quality packaging: cardboard or plastic box, clear labels, color combinations corresponding to the style of the company.

  • Special characters.

We are talking about the barcode of the country of manufacture, applying the logo on the packaging and in some cases on the product itself, a unique number for a specific cosmetic product, using which you can find out all the information about this product (including the date of manufacture, series and batch number, service life, etc.).

  • Design.

Do not succumb to the tricks of cunning sellers that the brand has released a new line or updated an existing one. Often, well-known brands in advance announce the update of a particular line of their products.

How to use?

To keep the lipstick well on the lips, it is important not only the quality of the cosmetics used, but also the method of application, as well as proper care for sensitive skin of the lips. If your lips peel off, crack, dry out, then it’s unlikely that you can make up beautifully. The first thing you need is thorough and proper care. Beauticians recommend monitoring the condition of the skin on the lips, periodically performing the exfoliation procedure, applying a little nourishing or moisturizing balm daily (preferably at night).

For perfect makeup, it is recommended to pre-moisturize / soften the skin on the lips with a mild type lotion.

If necessary, the first layer is applied base. In order for the lipstick to lie exactly along the contour of the lips or to correct any existing flaws, you need to use a contour pencil. The Estee Lauder brand offers an excellent selection of lip liners.

After applying the lipstick, the lips should be blotted with a paper towel, this way you can remove excess makeup. According to the recommendations of cosmetologists, to add gloss to the lips, special lip glosses are used, to get a matte tone - just apply a little powder with the top layer.


After reading the characteristics, having studied the palette of colors in detail, there is a desire to immediately go to the store and buy a bright and stylish Estee Lauder lipstick. However, as it turned out, not all the reviews found in the comments on the products of this brand are positive. Despite the manufacturer’s claims that the lipstick perfectly moisturizes the lips, the girls point out that after a couple of hours the sensation of moisture is less pronounced, and after a few more hours the skin on the lips becomes very dry. To avoid such misunderstandings, one has to periodically tint the lips, or use additional moisturizing balms. Also negatively speak about lipsticks in light shades. But if you look, then this problem is not in the makeup itself, but in its improper use.

Estee Lauder lipstick has many positive reviews.

First of all, girls note a light texture, a rich assortment of colors and a stylish modern design.



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