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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Blue nail polish manicure

Most of the fair half of humanity seek to look attractive. Work on the image is hard work, which combines many components that harmoniously merge with our personality. Hand grooming is one of them. Properly selected and carefully executed manicure serves as the visiting card of its owner, and the design with blue varnish gives shades of freshness and natural naturalness to the image.

The manner in which the nail decor is made should be a natural complement to the image and reflect the character of its wearer to the same extent as the manner of dressing and smiling.


The manicure procedure provides for all types of nail care: the formation of the nail contour, staining with varnish, removing the cuticle and polishing. All these actions can be successfully performed both in the salon and at home.

Types of manicure are divided both by the technique of performing these procedures, and by the methods of applying varnish. There are basic options for nail art:

  • French, where special attention is paid to creating strips at the end of the nail plate. It is performed in a classical manner in both pastel and blue tones with a silver or white pronounced stripe at the end of the nail.
  • American - apply both soft and saturated tones to the color of lipstick, while the tone is distributed evenly along the entire length of the nail.
  • Spanish - This lacquer coating technique uses bright saturated gloss, using matte milk varnish as a base, not dull, applying a bright color layer more often in the form of alternating stripes of blue or other and white colors.

Decor there is no need to decorate all nails - you can select at least one and this will already make a certain effect in the overall look.

Color schemes

Currently, materials for coating nails are constantly being improved. The use of new technologies has allowed us to create gel polishes that have enormous durability, color saturation and are absolutely harmless to health, as they are based on environmentally friendly hypoallergenic components. The gel polish applied to the nails does not tarnish and looks pristine for several weeks.

The produced gel varnishes have an extensive palette, including various colors and shades. But perhaps the most popular is blue varnish. Its relevance is due to the universality of its application. Color design solutions and use in various combinations make it possible to use it both in classic business and in cold evening looks. BUT the use of blue flowers in contrast with bright colors, patterns, sparkles and rhinestones accompany the creation of a daring extravagant image.

Blue gel polish has many shades: from sky blue to azure blue, so it is appropriate to use it with any clothes for different moods and in any weather. Blue-blue shades bring harmony to various images - from business to romantic. Light shades are preferable for daily use, and evening toilets go well with gradient saturated blue-blue solutions that can be successfully complemented by sparkles and patterns.

Nail design with flowers and butterflies on a blue background emphasizes the romance of nature and gives female insecurity. It can be used everywhere, provided that the drawings are in the same key with the background, creating integrity.

When creating a manicure, you must adhere to the rule: the shorter the nails, the darker the shade of color should be. A manicure with blue varnish focuses on flaws in the nails, so the color scheme needs to be selected so as to camouflage the imperfections, and before applying it is necessary to carefully polish the nails, removing all roughnesses.

Lovers of long nails should use gradient color solutions, using both one-and two-color with a smooth transition. In this case, color combinations such as:

  • Blue-gray with gold sparkles;
  • Blue-white with a shiny glossy substrate;
  • Turquoise blue (usually with silver sequins);
  • Baby blue turning into dark blue.

The use of blue varnish requires certain rules in the selection of clothes. In the spring-summer period, almost any light, light clothing is suitable for nails in blue keys. In winter, the issue of harmony with blue nails is solved by the presence of a scarf or handbag of the same tonality

Which to choose

The most popular lately are gel polishes for nails. They became a successful substitute for the extension procedure, since their application does not require cutting the nail itself, and in terms of the quality of the coating, it even looks in a more favorable light compared to extended nails.

  • For special occasions, gel polish is most preferred. "Blue stars"possessing aquamarine color, pearl overflow and volume holographic surface. This varnish belongs to the magnetic family, which is the last word in modern nail technologies.
  • Amazing fusion effect of two kinds: A saturated magnetic modulation and glass jelly, in which a finely dispersed starry radiance of holographic particles is seen, also requires appropriate robes, makeup, jewelry and hairstyles. This manicure gives evening weightless dresses additional mystical sexuality, implying a romantic setting with subdued light and barely distinguishable music.
  • For everyday manicure line nail polish is preferredColor expert" Avon with a touch of "Blue sea". This varnish has a delicate blueness, which brings coolness and light ease. This product is very stable, but the proper effect can be achieved only if the nail is covered in two layers. It dries for about 10 minutes. This color is applicable both with a swimsuit on the beach and in office, but more preferred in the summer and spring.

Design ideas

When using any color scheme, it makes sense to try various design ideas and solutions. The most common experiments in creating a manicure are the following areas:

  • Drawing textures, patterns and drawings;
  • Creating lines of the darkest color on a light blue background;
  • Application on different nails of different colors and shades;
  • Decoration with sparkles and rhinestones.

When using certain design solutions, it is necessary to understand for what occasion and under what clothes they can be used. For example, silver and shiny components are perfect for all shades of blue. But you must be aware that if the varnish is very light, it is preferable to use the gold component, and silver looks more harmonious in combination with rich shades.

  • A competent combination of light pink and pale blue shades - This is a very harmonious color scheme, the most relevant for short nails. Silver spangles and small rhinestones will also organically fit into it.
  • Colors such as black, blue, red and brown will also add an amazing touch to the look.with which you can depict any texture or thin lines located at some distance from each other on a blue background. Also modest and tasteful is the combination of sky blue, lemon, white and beige.
  • French classic nail art can be freshened with a combination of sky blue, highlighting the end of the nail instead of white, as in the classic version, and lilac or silver colors, which highlight the nail hole.
  • Blue manicure with the effect of Ombre - one of the novelties, quickly won fans with its bewitching simplicity. Gradient filling of nails in blue shades, when dark blue slowly pours into pale blue, as well as in such light colors as white or light pink, gives a feeling of freshness and playfulness.

The use of drawings in decorating nails gives uniqueness to the female image. And if the picture was created professionally and in harmony with the appearance and spiritual content of the owner, being on a pale blue sky background, it carries a positive charge, delivering aesthetic pleasure.

In nail design, the main thing is to catch the mood of the wearer and penetrate it in a way where everything is interconnected: eye and hair color, makeup and hairstyle, clothes and shoes. Everything should be in harmony and emphasize individuality. A smooth transition from tonality to tonality and contrasts of saturated colors in a well-designed manicure should be part of this image and match the smile.

In the next video - a lesson in light manicure on a blue varnish for beginners.

Watch the video: FULL Gel Polish MANICURE feat. CND Shellac "BLUE MOON"working on a client (February 2020).


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