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Kylie Jenner Lipstick

Kylie Jenner is the half-sister of the famous American socialite Kim Kardashian, popular for her exciting forms, as well as marriage to the famous rapper Kanye West. The whole family is known to the world as participants in the television reality show "Keeping up with the Kardashians", where they show the real life of famous people, their daily affairs and various family holidays, which friendly relatives always celebrate together.

Unfortunately, for a very long time, most of the audience considered Kylie the most inconspicuous and simple sister of the five daughters Chris Jenner, which is fed up with her. It should be noted that the girl did not stay long in the shadow of her older sisters. As soon as she was sixteen years old, she decided to take up her appearance, radically changing her image. From a simple teenager girl, she turned into a gorgeous girl who drives crazy millions of fans around the world. Of course, growing up contributed to the fact that the girl’s figure became more feminine and beautiful, but temporary lip filters that turned two thin strings into puffy lips added attractiveness to her face.

For a long time, fans were divided into two camps: some condemned the girl for surgical and cosmetic intervention at such a young age, others admired the metamorphoses in the style and appearance of the celebrity, which clearly improved her appearance.

In the beginning, the star assured everyone around her that her enlarged lips were the result of competent contouring and good makeup, in all interviews she stated that she had not resorted to the help of surgeons and that her face was not changed.

While special attention was riveted to the girl’s lips, she decided to make a horse move and accent her eyes on her unnatural part of her face even more and earn a considerable amount of money. She released her own line of matte lipsticks, gloss and pencils, creating a new fashion trend in cosmetics, which was later picked up by even the most popular brands around the world. Later, the girl nevertheless admitted that she has filters.

From now on, glossy lips have become a bad manners, but matte and plain with the effect of a little dryness have gained immense popularity and have become the main trend of the season. It is worth noting that immediately after the sale of lipsticks of this brand on the market, all products were sold out in a matter of minutes, and this was the case with each new collection, produced in limited quantities. It got to the point that the Internet resource simply could not stand such a huge number of visitors per minute and temporarily stopped working. The business began to work for Kylie and she began to earn a lot of money on her shine line. Later, the products became more affordable and did not need to be hosted on the Jenner website in order to wait for the appearance of the desired product.

Features and Benefits

It should be noted that Kylie Cosmetics gained popularity thanks to the statement of its founder that plump and pronounced lips were the result of proper use and application of lip glosses in combination with a plain contour pencil. Of course, few people believed in the statements of the star, but the lipsticks on the lips themselves looked so attractive and bright that everyone wanted to get them in order to get such a matte color. Actually, the dullness of these shine itself has become the main feature of the products, now all the smart girls want to look like Kylie.

Before Kylie lipstick, either bright glossy glosses or ordinary lipsticks were produced, she also became a pioneer in this area, followed by all the others, including cosmetic giants such as Chanel, Dior, Lancôme and many other luxury cosmetics labels .

Each product is packaged in a small box of thin cardboard. Basically, all the boxes are white, but there are also gold from limited collections. On a white background, chubby parted lips are printed, through which the upper white and lower golden teeth are visible. The very part of the face is, as it were, doused with liquid of the color that lies inside, that is, it is already visible on the package what color the product will be. The color of lipstick can be determined by the side faces of the package, which are also painted in the desired shade. On one of the sides is a description of the product, its shelf life and composition.

The peculiarity of lipsticks is that in appearance they resemble an ordinary shine with a bottle and a special long sponge for applying funds on the lips, and they must be used accordingly.

But once the product gets on the lips, after a while the shine dries, leaving behind a dense matte finish. By the way, Kylie lipstick dries very quickly: in just thirty seconds, the shiny coating turns into a matte finish. You can forget about the sticky shine - as soon as the color dries, the unpleasant stickiness goes away.

As a rule, the stability of lip products often becomes a decisive factor when choosing and buying. It is worth paying tribute to the manufacturer, because the original shine from Jenner's younger sister is incredibly persistent and literally break all records. Their initial appearance lasts up to eight hours, and the color does not fade, even if you constantly drink water, eat food or even kiss. By the way, the last point will surely appeal to young people. Makeup will not wash off and you will wash your face.

Most often, goods are sold individually, but you can also find whole sets of 6 or 12 lipsticks. In addition to the shine, you can also buy a contour lip pencil, which will be a similar shade. With these two products, you can create great makeup and at least a little, but get closer to the icon of youth - Kylie Jenner.


As mentioned above, Kylie Cosmetics products are sold both individually and in sets. The most common option is a combination of matte lipstick and contour pencil, similar in color. It was this ensemble that made its founder famous and allows you to create optimal lip makeup.

In addition, there are other sets. One of the most popular is a set with six different colors of liquid lipsticks. Its price is affordable, and the amount of products inside is optimal for creating original, and most importantly, non-repeating makeup for every day or evening.

There are also sets of eight or twelve colors.

Some stores offer already established shades, but there are sellers who give the opportunity to choose the necessary tones. Special mini-sets with reduced copies of lip glosses and lipsticks are also offered. They are ideal for traveling and fits perfectly even in small evening bags. It should be noted that mini-goods are sold individually.

Some kits include Kylie mascara, which gives eyelashes an unprecedented volume and length. But the largest are 4-in-1 sets, which exist in two types: the first set includes ten matte lipsticks, a set of matte eyeshadows, a lip and eye pencil, the second set includes eight matte lipsticks, two shimmering shines, a set of nine shades of eyeshadow eye and three shades of liquid shadows.

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The color scheme of Kylie Jenner liquid lipsticks is incredibly wide and varied. Each girl will surely find a shade for herself. In a huge palette of colors you can find all shades of red, pink, purple, beige, brown, peach, as well as blue and gray colors, which became the novelty of this year. Each shade has its own name. "Posie "," Maliboo "," Candy K "," Koko "," Exposed "," Dolce "," 22"There are also shiny lipsticks with a visual metallic effect, among them the most popular is the shade 08 metallic.

Shade Overview

Kylie Jenner lipsticks come with pencils of a similar tone to create even more beautiful makeup.

"Maliboo Matte Lipstick"

This remedy can be called light-date, and that is how Kylie herself presents it. Very light and pleasant color.

"Candy K"

This color resembles a mixture of beige and dairy colors. A gentle shade is perfect for daily use. He is considered one of the most popular.


Incredibly warm, soft and feminine light pink shine will emphasize the beauty of the lips and give them even greater attractiveness.


A warm and light beige shade is an excellent choice for every day, especially in warm summer weather, when you really want a little tenderness and romance.


Saturated beige color is a great alternative to other original shades, but with a claim to classicity.


The warm delicate color of this lipstick looks very beautiful and will be enjoyed by romantic natures. The color itself gives the impression of combining two tones: pink and beige.

Birthday edition

This limited collection, which includes the six most popular shades in mini-performance, in addition to them there is also mascara from Kylie, which makes the eyelashes incredibly long and fluffy.

"Holiday Edition"

This set is of three types: "Holiday edition 6", which includes 6 lipsticks, and "Holiday edition 12", which includes twelve colors. Another view is a limited set, which includes eight of the most popular shades of lipstick, two glosses, a lip liner, a set of shades of nine shades and three colors of cream texture shades. This kit will be the perfect gift for every girl.


The most sought-after soft pink tone. Great for all girls and fits perfectly with any clothes.


This gentle peach shade drives many girls crazy with its originality and beauty.


The color of milk chocolate. This lipstick will be a favorite in your makeup bag.


This product is a shine of light coffee color. It contains a special brilliant powder that gives Valim lips an unprecedented radiance.


Bright and rich terracotta product will be the perfect acquisition for extraordinary personalities. With such lips you will not get lost in the crowd.


This color resembles a ripe pink flower with its incredible charm and beauty, it will give the lips an attractive and romantic look.

"Mary Jo"

This shade has always been considered classic, so it should be in the makeup bag of every woman. Bright scarlet color with a slight overflow makes the lips sensual and combines with any way.

"Love Bite"

The deep shade of ripened plum is very fond of many girls, as it is universal in color and is suitable for almost any outfit and any situation.


The saturated and bright burgundy color perfectly holds on the lips and creates a unique and unforgettable image of a vamp woman.

"Xo Xo Kylie Valentine Collection"

This collection includes the six most beautiful shades of lip gloss with diamond powder, which contributes to an extra shine.


This product has a saturated eggplant color, which will not leave its owner without attention. It will be perfectly combined with fashionable lacquers this season in tone.


This color is called warm pink nude, it will give the image femininity and tenderness and is perfect for all girls.

"So Cute"

Light beige color will not leave indifferent any woman. It is incredibly soft and very attractive and gently smiles on the lips.


A bright and rich product from the limited collection has a special powder to give a bright gloss to your lips.

"True Brown"

Chocolate color is incredibly “tasty” and seductively looks on the lips and suits almost everyone.


The velvet red tone will look great on the lips and emphasize their attractiveness.

Which shade is better?

Choose a shade based on your appearance and place of visit. For example, the tone "Mary Jo" is suitable for any type of hair and skin color, and the red color itself is universal. Shades such as "Cany", "Dolce", "Posie" and "Koko" are also universal and are suitable for absolutely all girls, regardless of their color. Dark and rich products are intended for sultry brunettes, while other light and delicate colors will look great on girls with fair skin and hair.


The price of original lipstick Kylie Jenner - from 17 US dollars. Sets of lipstick and contour pencil will cost $ 27 plus shipping. The price of the kits varies from 50 to 200 US dollars depending on the configuration and products included in it.

Of course, you can buy non-original products from Jenner, Chinese counterparts will cost several times cheaper - about two or three dollars, but the quality of such lipsticks will be significantly lower than that of the original. Therefore, when buying this or that product, you should decide for yourself what exactly you expect from it.

How to distinguish an original from a fake?

The Chinese market is unique in its functions. Every day, millions of fakes on various labels go off the assembly lines of Asian factories. Literally copy everything: from branded bags, clothes and shoes to cosmetics. They did not pass by the young brand Kylie Jenner, whose goods sold like hot cakes. Naturally, the original and the copy are different from each other, but in order to determine the real product from the fake, you need to know a few nuances that should be checked when buying funds.

First of all, you should pay attention to the packaging of the product. The original cardboard box has a convex pattern of puffy lips, on a fake, the manufacturers did not bother and made the picture completely flat. The lipstick bottle itself is longer and thinner than the copy, and a hologram is applied at the bottom.

As for the pencil to create the contour of the lips, then the original is shorter, and the series number is squeezed out at the bottom.

The counterfeit number is not squeezed out, but simply stamped on top of the case. When used, the original softer and sharper draws the outline.

The original lipstick has a more fluid texture, a lighter tone, is easy to apply and does not leave stickiness. The fake is thicker, and when applied to the lips, it can darken a little and will look rougher. If you have sensitive skin of the lips, then a fake will definitely dry them out. In the original, there are special moisturizing elements that do not harm the skin.

In order not to make a mistake and accurately purchase genuine Kylie Cosmetics products, you should purchase them exclusively from trusted sellers or on the official website of Kylie Jenner. In any other case, you risk spending money on a fake, which will not only be worse in quality, but can also damage the skin of the lips.

How to apply?

To create the perfect lip makeup in the style of Kylie Jenner, you should follow a few rules and paint your lips in a certain way. So, for starters, you should remove the keratinized layer from the lips to ensure even coverage from the first layer. To do this, use a special scrub and exfoliate the skin.

Next, you need to thoroughly moisten them to create the desired base under the main layer. To moisturize, you can use various lip balms or ordinary oils. A couple drops of one of the base oils in combination with an essential oil will create optimal hydration. You can use olive, almond, peach and other oils.

After that, a concealer or foundation is applied to the lips, which will even out the tone and will allow you to increase the contour of the lips, if desired, and also contribute to a greater firmness of the product. The so-called "canvas for drawing" lips is ready, now you can proceed directly to applying lipstick.

To begin with, a well-sharpened pencil is taken and a contour is drawn for a more accurate outline of the lips.

If you want to enlarge your lips a little with cosmetics, then you should go beyond the boundaries of the contour. Then the lips are completely shaded with a pencil and shaded with a brush. This technique will give your lips even more volume, it is great for evening outings. The final step will be the careful use of the lipstick itself. Using the applicator, the product is applied with gentle movements from the middle to the edge. To create a more glamorous look, you can paint your lips with a second layer.

How to rinse?

Flushing so resistant lipstick is far from easy. Neither micellar water, nor makeup remover milk, nor even ordinary tap water, will help here. To easily and without additional efforts to erase the product, you need to take a cotton pad, a little oil and wipe this lips. Lipstick will be erased in a matter of seconds. To completely remove makeup after these steps, you can use any makeup remover. After this, slightly moisten the lips with oil or a special wax-based balm.


Before you start reading reviews, you should make sure that they are talking about the original Jenner cosmetics. Unfortunately, the risk of running into a fake is so high that finding reviews about the originals is not so easy. But still they are, and without exception, all positive.

Girls are delighted with the beautiful and rich shades, and most importantly, of the variety of colors presented by Kylie Cosmetics, among which everyone can find something for everyone's liking and taste. The persistence of lipsticks, which is considered a huge advantage of funds, is also noted.

Another plus is the very pleasant smell of lipsticks and giving the lips a matte shade, which has become the main trend.

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