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Men's hair spray

The condition of the hair and stylish hairstyle are of great importance in creating a modern successful image, both female and male. Good styling gives a man a special attractiveness and personality, so an increasing number of representatives of the strong half of humanity prefer to have men's hairspray in their arsenal, which will help maintain its original shape.

What it is

Hairspray - a cosmetic styling product in the form of a spray, designed to create a volume of strands, protect from the negative effects of the environment (UV rays, low temperatures, rain, etc.), give them shine and flexible fixation to various degrees: weak, medium, strong and super strong. Unlike foam, wax or gel, varnish can fix a hairstyle in a matter of seconds spraying, which will retain its shape even in windy or snowy conditions.

There is no particular difference in the composition of female and male varnish. These products differ only in the design of the container and the smell of the spray, so there’s nothing wrong if a man puts his strands in female varnish. But it’s still better if his hair will produce a typically “masculine” scent.

How to apply

Any hair spray, including men's, has certain recommendations for use.

  1. Applying varnish - The final moment in creating a hairstyle, so only clean hair should be styled.
  2. Shake the bottle several times before useso that auxiliary substances for spraying that have accumulated in the upper part of the bottle are evenly distributed throughout the composition.
  3. It is necessary to apply on hair from a distance of not less than 30 cm from the strands, evenly distributing the spray on all curls in order to fix the hair most naturally.
  4. If necessary You can use warm air dryer.
  5. When applying, the principle "the more the better" should be avoided, since an oversupply makes hair heavier and sticks together, which makes the hairstyle no longer attractive.
  6. During application for safety Avoid nearby open flames.

Negative impact

Male varnish has a number of negative effects on curls, which is why they eventually become brittle, dry and hard.

  • Hair structure for normal operation requires air intake, which is complicated by the applied retainer.
  • Any styling product, including varnish contains various chemicals that do not properly affect the condition of the strands.
  • There is a likelihood of an allergic reaction to this drug, therefore, before the first use, you need to test for individual tolerance of the components by spraying the varnish on the back of the elbow. Then you need to observe the reaction of the skin for several hours. If during use itching and burning are felt, you need to refuse further use of the product, and if necessary, consult an allergist.
  • You can use varnish often but in order to maintain the health of their hair, they need to periodically give a “vacation” and, if necessary, apply a nourishing mask or balm to the dry ends.

How to choose the right

When choosing a male styling product You must adhere to a few rules.

  1. To determine the optimal degree of fixation, it is necessary to objectively assess the state of the hair structure: weak fixation varnish will have a wonderful effect on thin hair, normal with medium or strong, it is better for owners of hard strands to buy an agent with ultra-strong fixation. But at the moment there are funds for thin hair, which can be considered universal.
  2. To make your hair look stylish, natural, but firmly fixed, you should take funds with a mark on the package "elastic fixation".
  3. For men who prefer traveling, small spray cans are suitablethat fit comfortably even in the smallest backpack.

Sales leaders

At the moment, shop windows offer a large assortment of men's hair sprays of varying degrees of fixation from world and little-known brands. Consider the most popular:

  • "Invisible control" by Wella SP helps to fix even the most naughty curls, without leaving a sticky feeling and traces of styling. It has a pleasant aroma and protection against negative environmental effects.
  • "Re-shaper" by Sebastian - strong fixation varnish for all hair types, which has a special moisture resistant, but light formula. It does not overload, does not stick, fixes for a long time and is easy to comb even with the coarsest male hair. This tool is widely used by professionals in men's beauty salons and to create an image for photo shoots.

It fixes strands well in all weather conditions and has a pleasant aroma.

  • "Chi Man Groom and Hold Finishing Spray"- Styling varnish, which will securely fix the hair, without weighing down and not sticking hair. Perfect for accenting individual strands.
  • "Keune Care Line Man Power Fix" - a strong fixation tool for styling, which, according to numerous user reviews and beauty bloggers, is considered the best men's hair spray. The polymers included in the composition reliably fix the strands without burdening and giving a natural volume.

Natural natural minerals and rock crystal create a natural barrier from various aggressive factors from the outside, while at the same time they contribute to deep moisturizing of the hair structure from the inside.

What styling tool is right for you - learn from the video below.


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