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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Ruby Rose Lipstick

Lips are what the interlocutor pays attention to first of all, therefore, classic lipstick is an obligatory attribute of cosmetic bags of all modern fashionistas.

Today, lipstick is used not only to create holiday makeup, but also for everyday make ap. Due to the variety of colors and shades, they change not only the image, but also cheer up. Ruby Rose lipstick is a quality that has been tested over the years, cosmetics that many people know.


Perhaps, in the expanses of the post-Soviet countries there is not a single woman older than 30 years who has not heard or at least once not tested the products of a company with an interesting name Ruby Rose For most beauties, this was their first makeup.

Brand products are produced using the latest technologies, cosmetics are regularly analyzed and checked for compliance with the requirements of modern cosmetology. The highest quality of lipsticks is appreciated by eminent cosmetologists from around the world. Production base of decorative products from Ruby rose - it is in compliance with all European standards.

Brand lipstick Ruby rose - These are means at affordable prices, which have gained great popularity and love of a large circle of consumers.

Series of decorative cosmetics RR is constantly updated and updated. Natural products of this brand have quality certificates and many diplomas.


Lipstick is a faithful companion of real ladies and carefree girls, an item without which it is impossible to imagine a fashionista's makeup bag. The modern market of decorative cosmetics is replete with a variety of colors, the company is not far behind Ruby Rose

In the arsenal of the brand you can see the color scheme for every taste, thanks to which you can create the desired image from a restrained natural to fatal. The palette is distinguished by rich colors, as well as calm and unobtrusive shades.

Even the most demanding consumer will be amazed at the variety of liquid shine, matte lipsticks, moisturizing and adding volume. Flavored, shiny, ultra-long-lasting and moisturizing - all this can be seen in Ruby rose.

Decorative products for the lips of the company meets all quality standards and the latest fashion trends.

Mode of application

Special indications for applying lipstick Ruby rose not. Apply it with a thin layer on the lips, evenly distributing them on their surface. Repeat the procedure if necessary. For convenience, you can use a makeup brush.

How to choose

When choosing lipstick, you must first focus on your color type. For example, fair-skinned blondes and red-haired beauties should refrain from buying heavy flowers and shiny textures. Owners of dark hair (brunettes and brown-haired women) were much more fortunate - they can use such shades, but they should not experiment with pink and milky flowers. According to the color type, the make-up color is selected and clothes are selected. Lipstick should ideally resonate with them.

Girls need to remember that the darker their hair, the brighter the colors of lipsticks worth choosing. In combination with light curls, any lipstick will visually appear much brighter and more expressive.

It is important to know: light lipstick increases the mouth, and dark lipstick, on the contrary, visually makes them narrower. This moment must be taken into account for girls with thin lips and owners of magnificent lips.

Also, when buying a decorative product, it is advisable to take into account age, color of the skin and even teeth, lip size, lighting, and also the time of day.


There are a lot of comments regarding Ruby Rose's cosmetics, and they are all very mixed. The brand’s lipstick is not new to the makeup market. Many middle-aged fashionistas perfectly remember the budget option, which could be bought at any food store and on the tables of market stalls.

Some women recall with horror the times when they were not able to get anything worthy because of the high cost of cosmetics, and more often than not, so they had to be content with cheap Ruby Rose. According to many, lipsticks were terrible, looked very unnatural, and their modern “descendants” did not get better in quality over time, so the products of this company are often bypassed.

Meanwhile, the brand has a fan. The girls note that there is really nothing special in the packaging of lipstick: inexpensive plastic, no style, bright design, but the inner filling of the tube pleases. Lipstick is easily twisted and hidden back, the lid is tightly closed, at the bottom there is the necessary information.

Lipstick has a pleasant smell (although some girls don't like it very much). The texture is dense, applied easily, does not cling to the skin, if the lips are too dry, does not fall into their folds, does not download with time, it lies uniformly. Holds the contour well even without using a special pencil. Due to the dense texture, there is a sensation of the presence of lipstick on the lips. It lasts about two hours, is washed off without any problems, does not leave behind a pigment that has been ingrained. Lips do not dry, but also does not moisturize. The Velvet Matte model is especially praised for its luxurious and velvet color.

Impressive consumers and a palette of colors. Company Products Ruby rose, as customers say, are characterized by an abundance of colors and shades, with their help you can create any make-up: daytime, evening, for a disco party or going to the theater. The weight of any product is 5 grams, so it lasts for several months.

This video contains feedback on the model "Velvet Matte":

Watch the video: Introducing Vice Lipstick By Urban Decay Featuring Ruby Rose. Sephora (February 2020).


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