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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Aden Lipstick

Each woman’s cosmetic bag will definitely have lipstick. This cosmetic product helps to create any image - from a strict everyday to a bright evening. Choosing your own shade for the type of face, skin and hair color is a difficult task, and many factors must be taken into account in order to choose the perfect product. Aden European lipstick is represented by a wide color palette, among which every woman will find a product to her liking.

More than just color

Aden cosmetic products are produced in factories in Italy, Hungary, Poland. The company in a short time won the trust of customers due to the natural components in the composition of cosmetics, the absence of parabens, conducting safe tests without the participation of animals.

Aden brand is represented by distributors around the world, in the assortment there are about 800 items of decorative cosmetics, products for nails and accessories.

"Liquid Lipstick"

Liquid lipsticks on top of the fashion Olympus for a long time. These are lip stain products that do not contain wax or oil, but contain a large amount of pigment, which is responsible for the rich shade. The durability of the texture does not depend on weather conditions - it does not spread in the heat and does not crack in cold weather.

Aden brand was no exception among other cosmetic companies and released its collection of liquid matte lipsticks from 30 different colors and shades. In this way, the company compares favorably with its competitors - as a rule, in the assortment of liquid lipsticks you can find only standard shades that quickly bother and do not allow changing images.

Aden not only offers the widest line of liquid lipsticks, but also sets a relatively low price for them - up to 800 rubles from distributors.

Super-resistant liquid lipstick is applied to the lips with a light layer, which has a dense texture and an ideal matte surface. The product is applied with a convenient applicator, which ensures perfectly even application. Aden brand guarantees the protection of lips from dryness, the resistance of the product during the day, the absence of a sticky feeling on the lips.

To obtain a rich shade and visual enlargement of the lips, matte lipstick is applied in several layers. Before staining, you can apply a nourishing balm, which will provide additional protection against dryness.


  • a large selection of colors - from delicate to the brightest;
  • easy application;
  • perfect matte surface;
  • moisturizing ingredients in the composition for nourishing and moisturizing the lips;
  • Does not roll, does not grease, leaves no residue on clothing.

"Hydrating Lipstick"

A line with a moisturizing formula in addition to lasting staining provides lip skin care, prevents peeling and chapping. The composition contains natural plant wax, nutritious oils, vitamins A and E, which contribute to the healing of small cracks in the skin of the lips, cell renewal.

Hypoallergenic lipstick has a moisturizing effect and looks natural and attractive. A soft formula provides lip care, and a wide color palette allows you to change the image depending on changes in mood.

The price for a lipstick with a moisturizing effect and a soft caring formula for the skin of the lips is up to 500 rubles.


  • provides professional care;
  • has caring components in the composition;
  • suitable for women of all ages;
  • wide color palette.

Selection recommendations

Choosing the right shade, it is necessary to apply the swatch and draw a clear line along the wrist. So you can determine whether the option you like is suitable for the natural color of the skin. Also, using several testers, you can compare several shades among themselves and choose the one that is more suitable for the image and appearance features.

The lipstick tester also helps to assess its quality - does the product spread, as it appears after application, is the color even and clear, does it correspond to all the declared parameters (gloss, even layer, creamy texture, etc.) or not.


Buyers note the high quality of products that they purchase at a low price. Many people distrust the brand, which is not as popular as other advertised brands, but after trying one of the shades, they will definitely return to the store to purchase a few more copies from the palette.

Aden lipstick design is distinguished by the rigor of forms and laconic design. Liquid lipstick in a rectangular thick bottle looks great in a cosmetic bag, is devoid of any pretentiousness and adds to the owner of elegance. Convex letters emphasize the laconic style, do not erase with time with active use.

Moisturizing lipstick in a blue rectangular case also confirms a simple truth - modesty adorns not only the girl, but also her accessories and cosmetics.

Delicate colors are ideal for daytime makeup, while bright colors make you feel like a queen at any party and do not worry about the persistence of makeup. Lipstick lasts more than 12 hours subject to active pastime. It does not clog into the corners of the mouth and small cracks on the lips, rolling in lumps, but simply becomes lighter throughout the area of ​​application.

In windy weather, you can not worry about loose hair - liquid lipstick does not stick and will not spoil a single detail of the image. After application, there is a couple of minutes to correct the mistakes made during staining with a cotton swab, after which the product dries completely on the lips.

The soft applicator of matte liquid lipstick is long and fleecy, its size allows you to use the entire bottle, even if there is very little left. The dispenser allows you to dial the required amount of texture to apply one even layer.

Before applying to thin lips, it is better to use a pencil to draw a contour, since it is difficult for a beginner to apply a liquid texture perfectly the first time, there is a chance of going beyond the borders.

Aden Moisturizing Lipstick is at the same time an excellent caring balm and protects the lips from the harmful effects of the environment. It retains moisture and guarantees protection against dryness. Made in the form of a standard pencil, it is easily applied to the lips without the threat of breaking or losing shape.

Due to its high resistance, liquid lipstick is very difficult to remove from the surface of the lips, for this you need to use a special make-up remover, milk or micellar water. Before removing, you need to wet your lips with a paper towel, then gently wipe the resistant pigment with a cotton pad moistened with a removing agent, and at the end of the procedure, apply a caring balm or nourishing oil.

Given individual characteristics, taking into account seasonal trends and the condition of the skin of the lips, finding the perfect lipstick is not difficult. Aden brand offers European quality at an affordable price for a wide range of customers.

In this video, you can watch a review on Aden lipstick:

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