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Powder eyebrow pencil

It is the eyebrows that give expression to the feminine appearance and require increased attention. Many decorative products make it possible to correct or ask them the correct shape, among which a pencil is in great demand and advantages. Conventionally, all eyebrow pencils are divided into wax and powder according to the key element in the composition.

What it is

An eyebrow powder pencil is suitable for girls with an anatomically regular shape and an insufficiently pigmented eyebrow tint, it will give them a natural shade that is as close as possible to the color of the hair. With this decorative tool you can slightly adjust your own shape and literally create a new one from scratch, and for the convenience of applying and distributing pigment, a small brush often comes with the product.

The powdery base of the pencil is easy to apply and shade, so it is suitable for girls with soft, supple hairs.

Powder Pencil Features

  • The soft texture of the composition allows you to achieve the most natural shade when applied;
  • With it, you can create a contour and fill it with pigment from the inside, with the right shade, the eyebrows will look natural;
  • The light texture of the pencil is ideal for filling the eyebrow - it evenly lays on the surface of the skin, does not roll off even if the epidermis has increased fat content;
  • The powder foundation is not the most persistent, so decorative makeup will have to be adjusted more often;
  • Among the shortcomings of such a product, it is worth noting that it is recommended to use it in the cold season, in the warm it will "go" faster.

Among the features of the product, it is worth noting that sharpening a pencil is recommended in a dry form, and you need to do this every time to get a smooth contour.

Powdery powder is a favorite among women who use pigment to create natural makeup. In order not to encounter the problem of sharpening a pencil, makeup artists recommend using mechanical analogues.


Powder eyebrow pencil is in the line of each self-respecting brand in 4-6 shades.

Essence "Make Me Brow Powder Pen"

This is a budget version of a powdery product with delicate pigments for even distribution. It is sold in two shades, has a wide applicator for applying the product over a wide area.

Eva Mosaic "Ideal Brow"

On a powder basis, the pencil is available in three shades. It contains kaolin and special waxes for uniform application and lasting effect.

Bielita-Bitex "Luxury"

Available in shades of "gray-black" and "brown" in mechanical form. According to reviews, this is an excellent analogue of a powder pencil made in Belarus.

Relouis "Brow Wow"

It has a mechanical format and is a joint product of Belarus and Italy. It has a high rating due to the powdery texture, which does not require additional shading. It allows you to create natural eyebrows without the use of additional funds, in addition, it has a low cost.

Nouba "Brow Powder Waterproof"

Mechanical shadow pencil with a convenient latex applicator, presented in 4 shades. The soft texture of the product is ideal for creating eye and eyebrow makeup, does not roll and holds for a long time.

Cascade of colors

The company produces a pencil with a powder effect in 10 shades, however, the series is difficult to access due to removing the collection from production.

Dior "Powder Eyebrow Pensil"

This is the best powder mechanical pencil in the opinion of experts and ordinary consumers, for whom makeup is not a simple word. As part of a French luxury product - powder and talcum powderthat allows you to achieve the most natural coating without saturated pigment. By the way, about shades: in the Dior lineup there are 6 tones from blond to black.

Maybelline "Brow Satin"

Combines eye shadow and a powder-based pencil for natural fluffy eyebrows. The manufacturer produces the product in three shades: blond, light brown and dark brown. The width of the contour is 2 mm, which allows you to create a fashionable shape without unnecessary movements due to the soft sponge and filling powder.

Givenchy "Eyebrow Show"

Another leader among powder pencils, which is available in three shades. Easy application is achieved using a classic slate pencil, while its texture is weightless and natural. Use of this product is possible in dry and wet form.

How to apply

Before creating eyebrow make-up, it is necessary to prepare the area and first degrease it with a soft tool for the eye area and lightly powder with a little natural powder. This step will allow the pencil pigments to lie in a uniform layer and create a clear contour using a decorative product.

Powder dye for eyebrows is applied in the following direction:

  • To adjust the natural form, it is enough to work out the area in which there is a lack of pigment or hair. The powder-based product perfectly copes with this task due to the light natural pigment and its instant shading;
  • Creating a new eyebrow shape for this tool is not a problem. It is enough to draw a contour and fill it with one pigment or with the help of a dark and light shade. Darker it is worth emphasizing the lower contour of the eyebrow, and fill with a pencil a tone lighter.

How to make the right eyebrow makeup with a powder pencil - in the next video.

Watch the video: NYX Eyebrow Powder Pencil - Review & Demo (April 2020).


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