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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Avon Lipstick

Convenient products like "two in one" have recently become more popular. Using them to create beautiful makeup with a minimum of products becomes much easier. Lipsticks combined with pencils also belong to the category of such products. Almost every brand has already released them, so girls and women with different tastes and different income levels can definitely find something interesting for themselves. This article will focus on a product such as lipstick lip liner from Avon. So if you want to learn more about budget lip makeup and their features, this article is for you.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of this product is that it is universal. Such a lip product is perfect for busy modern women. If you don’t have enough time to draw a clear outline and fill out the base for a long time, then buy such a convenient pencil.

Another important plus that distinguishes almost all products from this brand is its low cost. For little money you will get a really high-quality lipstick stick that will last you more than one month.

For many girls, the low price can scare them off, because it often happens that budget cosmetics become a disappointment and not only do not decorate the girl, but also spoil her makeup. But you should not worry about it - the products from this company are popular all over the world, therefore they are of quite good quality. And lipsticks are not an exception.

The tool lies very well on the lips. It has a soft creamy texture that allows you to distribute the color on the lips, even if you have not previously applied the foundation or balm on them. She holds well during the day. As practice shows, such a make-up is able to withstand a whole day of talking and even a light snack. But after a full dinner on your lips you will only have a light, light tint reminiscent of past beauty.

How to use

Since this tool has a fairly convenient format, it will not be difficult to create a beautiful contour and give lips volume. If you want the product to lie on your lips gently and accurately, you can use a special balm or a simple hygienic lipstick as a base. Thus, even a sufficiently dry and dense lipstick-pencil fits perfectly on the lips.

If the result you find is not enough glossy and effective, then you can always cover such a basis with gloss. As a result, you will get a beautiful rich color and the desired gloss.

Some girls also use such lipsticks exclusively as lip pencils. You can emphasize the contour, and fill the foundation with the usual lipstick from your cosmetic bag. This allows you to create new shades by mixing lipstick with other lip products.

Color palette

In the assortment of this brand there are several series of lipsticks. One of the most popular is Avon. "Ultra color". These are bright color lipsticks with an interesting palette that are well-packaged. This is very important if you constantly carry makeup with you to correct makeup. The pencil is easily twisted out of the base, so you will not have problems with a quick reconstruction of the contour of the lips.

But this line of lipsticks has become famous not only for its convenient packaging. These lip products stand out among others for their rich glossy color, so they will be a great addition to your summer look.

Pencils from this series have "delicious" names and sweet aromas. By applying the product on the lips, you will immediately feel the pleasant smell of flowers or fruits, which will last several hours. Moreover, due to the fact that the aroma is very light, it will not irritate you at all, much less interrupt the smell of your favorite perfumery.

Let's look at a few shades that are most popular among girls and women.

"Beautiful bodily"

The natural shade in this series was absolutely amazing. He does not give back to the red, does not make his lips deathly pale, but only emphasizes their natural beauty and slightly gives volume. The nude tone of the lipstick-pencil is perfect for everyday makeup, but with expressive smokey it will look good with an evening outfit.

"Ripe Cherry"

This shade turned out to be a very interesting lilac subtona. This lipstick is especially popular among dark-skinned beauties or those who like to sunbathe on hot summer days, because it is best combined with a darkish skin tone.

"Perfect plum"

And this shade will appeal to fatal ladies. It has a dizzying plum aroma, but the color of the lipstick-pencil resembles chocolate or a glass of sweet French wine. It looks in combination with evening make-up just great. The only negative - lipstick due to its deep rich color emphasizes all peeling on the lips. Therefore, it is recommended to use it only to those with whom they are almost flawless.

But if none of the lipsticks has “hooked” you, do not be discouraged, because this is far from all that the brand can offer you.


You can choose more relaxed matte tones with meaningful names. "purple secret", "spicy spices" or "mystery mauve". And if you want something more tender to create a romantic look, choose pink bouquet, "clear" or pink cashmere. A sweet tooth will appreciate lipstick with a “tasty” smell and no less tasty name - "caramel".

All shades are equally beautiful and designed for a wide audience. Therefore, you can choose exactly what suits your color type and style of dress. And due to the fact that the products from this brand are several times cheaper than those of competitors, you can safely experiment with colors until you completely find your own tone that satisfies you in all respects.


Finally, it is worth mentioning another important detail - reviews. Girls and women are happy to buy lipstick from this brand, knowing that for relatively little money they will eventually receive a quality product. It is such confidence of customers in the manufacturer and characterizes it better than any description. So if you look at bright and convenient lipsticks, collect your versatile travel makeup bag, or are just ready to experiment with something new, then you should definitely buy at least one bright stick from Avon.

In the next video, you will find an overview of Avon lipstick.

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