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Waterproof eyebrow pencil

It is very important to choose the right makeup - it must be resistant, and for some situations waterproof. This applies to the eyes to a special degree - it is very important that makeup on the sea or in the pool is not tragically “stacked” from the face.

What it is?

Almost every woman has an eyebrow pencil in her cosmetic bag. Properly designed eyebrows allow the person to play with completely different colors, help to shape the look, complete the image. This is truly a universal thing. Perfectly matched, it will accompany you both in everyday life and at a festive event. It is very important that he withstands the whole day and does not disappear from the face due to an awkward hand movement or is not washed off by unexpected rain. That is why it is very important to buy moisture-resistant products.

This water resistance is provided by silicone in the composition, due to which the pigment adheres tightly to the skin and hairs. To wash off such a pencil is more difficult than usual - you need to use micellar water or hydrophilic oil marked "for waterproof products."


Pencils are, of course, divided by color, as well as by type - into mechanical and ordinary.

Mechanical do not require sharpening. The stylus extends to the desired distance. The tip of these is not sharp enough, however, it is still possible to draw clear lines diagonally, with the corner of a pencil (unless it has a rounded shape).

Conventional pencils are sharpened, which makes the stylus sharp enough to draw the tip and fill the eyebrow. Among the shortcomings, it can be distinguished that such a pencil breaks easily, and with strong pressure it can leave dirty traces or pieces of the product on the eyebrow.

Also, the pencil can be matte - this is ideal for everyday makeup, as well as with a light shimmer or reflective particles. They may also vary in texture.

  • Soft-core powder pencils. They are unusually persistent, pigmented and do not smear, most often found in ash tones without a redhead. Ideal for the summer or for owners of oily skin type. The effect of the pencil is natural and soft, the coating is similar to the eyebrow shadow.
  • Wax. Ideal for owners of naughty and sticking hairs. They are quite persistent due to beeswax and vitamin E. They often do not have a shade and are sold in colorless sticks and replace eyebrow gel. Visually make them thicker and give volume, add durability.

To design eyebrows, you only need to use pencils designed for this - because those for the lips are too soft and easy to swim, but for the eyes, on the contrary, they are too hard.

How to choose?

First of all, when choosing a means for eyebrows, you need to consider color. The right shade of the eyebrow pencil will help emphasize the eyes, give the look expressiveness and shade the hair.

  1. Pencil color for brunettes should be one or two tones lighter than the color of the hair. Gray-brown or dark brown shades are suitable, pure black is better to replace with graphite gray. If your color type is warm - autumn or spring, your hair has a red, red or yellow shade, then you should pay attention to warm shades - reddish brown, chestnut. If it’s cold - summer or winter, then discard the red shades and think of ashen, grayish and neutral and dark brown. Black unsaturated is suitable only for swarthy brunettes with an oriental appearance.
  2. Pencil color for blondes it should be, on the contrary, one or two tones darker than the color of the hair. In no case do not take black shades. Ash-blonde blondes of the summer color type are ideally suited for ashen-brown pencils, but in no case giving away a redhead. You can pay attention to medium brown unsaturated tones. In the case of ombre - dark roots and a lighter length, the color of the pencil is selected for the color of the roots. Beige and beige-gray tones are suitable for wheat curls.
  3. Light brown and light are ideal for redas well as neutral and medium brown shades, chestnut. If your shade is closer to red - you can carefully look at ash-brown saturated tones. If the color of the hair is naturally red - choose a tone-on-tone color or medium blond of the same tint as the hair. Dark gray and black shades will not work here.

Light shades are suitable for green and blue eyes, and brown for brown. When it comes to the quality of the product, you need to remember that the texture of the pencil should be dry. It should not get wet, disintegrate or leave behind pigment chips / particles. Soft and greasy are also not suitable, as they do not have waterproof characteristics. Ladies who have made eyebrow tattoo use a pencil is undesirable. Also, when choosing, the rating of funds and reviews of other customers will help you.

How to use?

A little tip - before sharpening, you can put a pencil in the refrigerator. Then it will be much easier to sharpen and not break.

Finding your perfect waterproof pencil is half the battle. You need to learn how to use it correctly. Everything is important here - it forms the stylus sharpening to the force of pressing, after all, sometimes the line can turn out dirty, smeared or be too saturated.

  1. Clean your eyebrows from dirt and the remnants of previous makeup. For example, go for a cleansing toner or makeup remover.
  2. First of all, determine the shape of the eyebrow.. You can do this this way: attach a pencil to the edge of the nostril perpendicular to the chin. The tip of the pencil will indicate the beginning of the eyebrow. Rotate it 45 degrees so that the stylus passes as if through the outer edge of the pupil. There will be the highest point of the eyebrow. Bring the pencil to the outer corner of the eye - here is the tip. The tip should not be lower than the base, otherwise the look will be overweight.
  3. Pluck out the extra hairs pay attention to the nose bridge and the tip of the eyebrow - it should be neat.
  4. Comb the eyebrows with a special brush.. Sometimes it comes complete with a pencil, sometimes it needs to be bought separately.
  5. Brush your eyebrows up. Trim eye-catching hairs.
  6. Comb your eyebrows down. Trim them the same way.
  7. Now comb your eyebrows in shape and pick up a pencil in your hands.
  8. Draw one thin and fuzzy line in shape of an eyebrow from above, then the same from below, as if outlining eyebrows with light strokes. Connect at the tip.
  9. Neat short movements start filling in the eyebrow by filling in the voids. Pay special attention to the tip, but do not overdo it with the beginning of the eyebrow. Do not press on the pencil, strokes should be parallel to each other and accurate.
  10. Comb your hair again shading a pencil along the way.
  11. Fix makeup with colorless or pigmented gel. This will give the make-up lasting and extra shine or pigment.

Watch the eyebrow styling workshop in the next video.

Popular manufacturers

  • Any pencil can be turned waterproof with an eyebrow primer "Nyx Proof It! Waterproof Eyebrow Primer". It looks like a gel and helps in styling eyebrows, prolongs the resistance of makeup and does not allow even the most unstable pencil to “escape”. This is the so-called cosmetic glue, colorless and liquid in texture. It is applied before a decorative product - a pencil can be applied only after two minutes, when the primer is fully fixed.
  • The company Artdeco there are several eyebrow pencils from the line "Eye Brow Pencil"that differ in color - the palette is really quite wide and is presented in six shades. There are both matte and light mother of pearl products. It is easy to sharpen, and the sharpener is also sold by the manufacturer. The stylus is cream, it is easily stewed. They cost within three hundred rubles.
  • A well-known brand Mary kay releases a wooden eyebrow pencil. He does not abound in a palette of colors - there are only three of them (blond, who bursts a little, a brunette, who is actually dark brown without extra pigments and grayish graphite), but the quality of the shades exceeds their number. The texture is powdery, the lead is solid. The tool is very economical, does not crumble and does not break, and this quality costs accordingly - about five hundred rubles.
  • EL Corazon represents another water-resistant pencil, which comes in 13 different shades. It is easy to apply, inexpensive (about one hundred and fifty rubles), easy to stew and grind, economical and easy to use. In the kit comes a brush, thanks to which you can perfectly comb and comb the eyebrows in the right direction, blend the pigment.
  • Eyebrow pencil "Pupa Eye Brow Pencil" also equipped with an extra brush for shading and combing hairs. Shades are natural, without impurities of red and yellow. This pencil is in almost every store and has a classic palette - for blondes, brown-haired women, brunettes and redheads. Easy to apply, has a moderately hard wide shaft and is sharpened by even the simplest sharpener. It costs within three hundred rubles.
  • Firm Sephora calls his pencil persistent, and there is a reason - he will survive the wet weather, and the sea, and the pool, and finger touches. It costs about four hundred rubles and is easy to stew, has its own brush on the lid. The texture is waxy, the pencil is quite greasy and well captures even the most naughty hairs, by pressing force you can adjust both the color saturation and the line width (you can draw both graphic eyebrows and natural ones). Three colors are provided in the lineup - "Light", "Medium" and "Deep".
  • At a famous company Lumene there is also an eyebrow pencil called "Blueberry Eyebrow Pencil". It belongs to the segment of the mass market, as it costs only three hundred rubles. Wax texture, the product is really moisture resistant. Comes with a brush. It will give volume even to the rarest eyebrows, and it will neatly color the most colorless eyebrows with the right shade - there are a lot of them in the line, by the way, and a wide range of tones.
  • Divage "Pastel" - a wax pencil that effectively fixes and stains eyebrows. Complete with it is a brush, which is located on the cap. It will give them visual volume and costs only two hundred rubles.

Watch the video: URBAN DECAY BROW BLADE Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil & Ink Stain. Review + Demo (February 2020).


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